My Project Life PLANNER

Sad to say I will not be able to show you the details of Cobalt Edition Core Kit this day since I just can't remember where the camera charger is.  As soon as I find it I will charge my camera then upload pictures.  If you are interested in having a closer look of Childhood Mini Kit Bridgeport Edition, just hop in here.  And for the other Childhood Mini Kit : Wellington Edition hop in here.

Are you taking seriously your Project Life?  I do!  Two days ago I just decided that I truly need a planner for Project Life.  Thank God for kind souls who were providing freebies because of them I was able to print and assemble a simple Project Life Planner that works best for me.

That's my desk that day while printing and assembling the planner and at the same time cooking dinner =)

Here's the inside of my Project Life Planner and links to the site where I got it for free!

This is the very first page of my planner and I got it from this great site blog.worldlable.com,  offering so many cuties plus most of their planners are fillable!  Click here =)  Yeah, I added monthly full page tabs/divider and I just found it in my stash.  I remember I bought it at LundQ bookstore, school and office section.

 For the monthly calendar spread I got it at ellinee.com and just click here =)

After each monthly calendar spread is a page sort of  a daily review in a week's glance.  I write what happened in bullet forms.  You may grab this page here =)

For the Project Life Planner spread, the erraticprojectjunkie created a compact planner page and believe it will work great for me.  You may grab it here =)

The Layout Spread Planner I printed back-to-back just in case I need an extra which I'm sure I will be using.   Knowing me who at times is fickle-minded.

For now I'm using a plain black binder and Smash accessory to hold pens.  I have plans of altering the front cover of the binder but that will happen over the week-end instead.

I'm actually impressed of myself coz I write details of what happened everyday now.  In a way this Project Life Planner I assembled serves as a diary, too.

Do you have a planner for Project Life?  Do you also use one?


Elle C said...

I'm glad that the layout planner will be helpful for you. I'll be following your blog to see how your Project Life pages turn out. I look forward to seeing the wonderful pages you make!


Thank you so much for dropping by. It was a wonderful surprise for me. Oh boy, I'm a newbie in Project Life but will keep in touch with you coz I know you have been doing PL for a long time now. Thanks again Elle =)

Ceci V. said...

I love it Jerosha! The daily cards are adorable and sure me it easier to write down what's going on on your week, perfect organization!


Oh yes Ceci it surely does make my life easier when I started using this project life planner. There are a lot out there but one has just to choose and combine which one works best for you. I made 2014 and kind'a like the same but changed a few for my convenience =D Thanks for dropping by here =)

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