Re-storing All My Embossing Folders and Brass Stencils

Really the problem of all problems for every paper crafter is storing all materials and tools.  With so much yummy goodies out there and never-ending newbies sold in the market we really can't avoid to change every now and then our craft storages.  The pain of organizing goes with it.  I truly neglected things that I have ...sometimes forgetting what I have which we all call hoarding!  As I slowly organize my items, I just have to deal with all my embossing folders and brass stencils.

This is how I store mine last 2010 http://scrapbookingwithjerosha.blogspot.se/2010/03/entry-19-ncm-2010-my-embossing-folders.html

During one of our lunch in the city months ago, the restaurant gave me a big wooden wine case and luckily it works fine for my purpose.  Yeah, I know, someday hopefully NOT soon I have to find another way to store my embossing folders and brass stencils.  But as long as I don't buy more the case I have for now serves its purpose.

 One of this days I will alter the wooden case because just now I'm not done with cleaning and re-organizing :(  Yeah, I did use the same tags from my previous storage =)


Flower Burst N Butterfly Theme: Nail Art

I have almost all the colors of KONADStamping Nail Art and late last night I decided to play with the colors.  I chose bright colors instead of the pastel shades.  Once again, let me remind you that I'm not a professional manicurist and I'm so scared of using nipper so you will definitely noticed that each nail is not perfect at all.

Combining 2 stamping plates and few colors really is awesome but of course it took almost 2 hours for me to finish all nails since I was at the same time watching horror/thriller film "The House at the End of the Street".  Plus I was too excited to take a picture that I forgot to remove the excess colors on my fingers.  Nevertheless, I'm so thrilled when I finished my nail art for this week.  Hhhmmm I wonder what I will do with my nails next week.


Nail Art Play

Eversince I got a Nail Art Stamping Kit from my batchmates in Dubai, I got sort of addicted to it. Whenever I see shops selling nail polish or plates I would buy. Then every week I would change my nail polish and nail stamp. Igot the hang of it but as I've mentioned before my first and second try was terrible. Now, it's easy as a breeze =)

My victims so far: my step-daughter and yes my mother-in-law hahahahahahahahha 

Oh I'm not professional in applying nail polish so asked them to apply it on their own and will just do the stamping myself.

 My step-daughter chose gumamela flower =)

My DMIL chose a budding rose with stem and leaves =)

 Have you tried Nail Art Stamping yet?


Decoupaged Luggage

One of my greatest worry when traveling abroad is when checking-in luggage then upon arrival we have to wait for our luggage(s) then all of a sudden you'll realize one luggage is missing.  The stress of asking the information counter on what to do when luggage got lost.... filing of documents ... then the waiting.   One has no idea how many days it will take for the luggage to be delivered.  Thank God that such annoyance never happened to me ... yet. 

What to do to avoid such thing to happen?  First of all pray, claim, and believe that it will not happen.  This really works for me ALL the time.  Secondly, don't buy the usual color of luggage but if you have no choice put a mark on your luggage.  As for me 2 days before our trip last June, I decoupaged my luggage as well as my son's.  Too bad I forgot to take a picture of my son's luggage.  Thirdly, just for sure, take a picture of your luggage(s) then print out so if anything happens the airline has a visual copy of your luggage.

Look what I did to my new bought luggage =)

I used a paper napkin then sprayed fabric paint on different stencils.  I did this at the front, back, and both sides =)


Project Life, Envelope Punch Board and few More New Goodies for this day!

Whew!  I really missed craft shopping for a month.  I was totally deprived of shopping such items while we were in Italy for a month BUT I admit I did buy few cutie items in Rome and loads of handbags and dresses from other parts in Italy.

This day my hoarding paid off - goodies has arrived, yippee!!!  I'm sssssssssoooooooo happy that Project Life is now available in few of my fave Swedish craft sites.  I used to order direct in UK but really the shipping costs a fortune :(  Now, just a click away I can avail of PL items if they are not sold out.

The truth is I'm actually looking for the We R Memory Keepers 3x4 punch card and ALL SOLD OUT anywhere :(  I'm eyeing the straight corner punch coz I have a corner chomp tool should I prefer a round edge but very very hard to find coz mostly what I have seen is the rounded corner :(  PATIENCE is a virtue so I will wait patiently until next month for such tool to be available once again in Sweden.  Heniweys, while searching for the said punch I came across a lot of items like the Project Life then the Envelope Punch Board then the dies then SMASH book journal which after checking I still don't have in my stash.  Yes, I hae ALL the SMASH book journal but not the mini nor the large ones - just the regular size =)  I have the Enveloper but just can't find it anywhere so the Envelope Punch Board saves my day.  Haist!

I had to pick up 4 packages at DHL point near our home and one is super heavy since I ordered almost all the Core Kits available at Scrapbruket.com =)  I say almost all coz I have other core kits and mini kits which I ordered from UK months ago.

I rarely show in my site my new craft goodies but this time I just thought I'd share it.  Here's my hoarding for this week =)

 I really wonder if my  envelope punch board has the right measurements coz I have read reviews that first batches had errors in measurement .... crossing my fingers that I bought the updated version if ever there is.  Well, if not then hopefully someone out there posted the right measurements =)

Oh see that accordion album die?  I almost cried and got exhausted finding it coz anywhere it was sold out then on my last try of searching I encountered a Swedish craft selling site which states "in stock" =)

That's it fellow crafters. 

Handmade Paper Beads - Jewelries

After a month of fun, sun, and sailing in Italy, I took a lot of effort to clean my main craft room.  I noticed that I just shoved a lot of crap under the drawers and tables.  One of my findings were some digital papers I printed which sad to say I don't remember the designer .. sorry :(  Trying my best to recall why on earth did I printed few digital papers and after few hours I realized that it was meant for a hybrid project specially for TDS Lifestyle which long ago for few years I was one of the hybrid designers.  Now, what to do with the printed digital papers?

Luckily sun has been shining bright and high here and it's best to stay outside specifically at the garden drinking wine and crafting of course!  Well, I decided to create paper beads and give a go in creating 2 sets of jewelry.  Not bad I should say for doing it the first time =)

Hhhmmmm one of these days I will dip each bead in my UTEE but for now I let it be ...

This is the green set - butterfly theme=)

The blue set - forever friends theme =)

 PS.  Any paper will do if you plan to make this kind of project.  You may even use pages from magazines which I believe my son and I will be rolling lots of papers tonight.

Happy crafting!


Hello Kitty Paper Baby Shoes

Who doesn't love Hello Kitty?  I guess every girl went through the stage of going ga-ga over Sanrio products particularly Hello Kitty items.  I, for one, was part of that rage =)  In fact I still have my HK items here in Sweden but not all.  Oh but I don't buy such items now ... just appreciating I should say since I don't have a baby girl but truly blessed with a son.

Anyway, when a friend of mine in Philippines saw my ladies paper shoes, she contacted me and asked if I can make baby shoes since her daughter will be turning 1 come August.  I couldn't say NO coz she a friend of mine for years.  So, in between grief and sorrow, I patiently created 50 pieces of baby shoes with the requested theme of Hello Kitty.  Geez!  I'm thankful I have the HK Cricut Cartridge and found an easy baby shoe template.  I had to find the right size of template so it took a while and tinkering the enlarge button in my printer.

I sent the package 2 days before we left for Italy last June and yesterday she informed that finally it arrived, whew!  I got worried for a day coz we were in vacation for 1 month and based on tracking it was out of Sweden 17th of June and has been in the Philippines since 24th of June.  I'm so glad that they love, love, love the baby shoes and can't wait to see pictures of the party.  Hhhmmm, I wonder what candies they will fill-in in every shoes =)

All the shoes before packing.

The white series.

The printed series.  All cardstock I sued are by Tilda.

 The Process:

1.  Trace, cut and assemble the pattern.  You may print out your desired size by of course twitching the enlarge button of your printer to print out a pattern. 

2.  I opted to emboss the outer sole of each white baby shoe to add texture before assembling the shoe.

3.  Cut HK heads then assemble each one.

4.  Added stickles on every nose =)

5.  Punched flowers.

6.  Used pearl maker (black) for the center of each flower.

7.  Now once you have fully embellished each shoe to your liking, don't forget to add an inner sole for every shoe so it will look clean and flawless.


Thank You Butterfly Cards

I admit I opted to be out of the craft world circulation and even getting in touch with friends and relatives.  Months before and fter our trip in Dubai I started helping my DMIL and DFIL pack all their things as in ALL items in the house since they will be moving to a smaller apartment for elderly.  DFIl has been really sick for a year ... in and out from the hospital for series of check-ups.  Then less than a month that they have moved to the other apartment DFIL passed away.  It was a big blow to all of us but I can personally say I was totally affected.

The death was so painful but deep in my mind I know he is in a better place and he has finally met both my parents.  For weeks I can smell him especially when I'm creating something or watching TV in the afternoon.  There was no burial since he opted to be cremated ... we just had a very simple last respect gathering before he was cremated on that one fine sunny day last May.

A week after he was cremated, DMIL asked me to buy Thank You cards so she can send it to all their friends who supported her during the family crisis.  I, on the other hand still grieving refused to buy cards because I want to make the cards instead as my very last respect to my kind-hearted DFIL.  It was a complete shick for my DMIL when I delivered all the cards since she really had no idea that I will be able to make cards while I'm grieving ... crying almost everyday.

Here are the set of cards I made:


And the National Craft Month 2013 Begins!!!

Oh it's National Craft Month once again and I would like to share with you all what I did this day.  It's not paper crafting nor painting nor something with needles and threads nor crocheting BUT Stamping Nail Art using KONAD =)

During our 1 week trip in Dubai last week ... a winter escape for us since it's a week long school break of my son, one of the highlights of our trip is meeting my high-school batchmates who were living and working in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  We haven't seen each other for 30 years and it was an awesome fun-filled evening at Dubai Mall =)  We ate P.F. Chang then we proceeded to have a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  before we all parted our ways and call it a night, they gave me gifts and one of it is a Konad Stamping Nail Art Starter Set, cool!

This day after work I finally took the guts to try one of the plates.  Since it is my first time, I opted to stamped motives on a cardstock.  Bhoy oh bhoy!  It's not easy at all BUT practice makes perfect.  I'm actually having a hard time using the large motives but I love playing with small motives like the butterfly - it was easy as a breeze!

As to when I will apply a motive on each of my nails, well, hopefully next week-end but that I cannot seal with a promise =)


Colorful Christmas Owls (Upcycle)

Finally I found my camera charger and it will take an hour to be fully charged then I can show you on of Becky Higgins Core kit.  While waiting let me show you one of the Christmas ornaments I did for Christmas 2012.  I love owls and that's a secret no more.  I collect owls that I find really really really cute and my collection is slowly growing.  Normally I buy one whenever we go to other countries coz it's more expensive here in Sweden.  Being a fan of owls, I made few pieces for our Christmas tree.  Isay only few coz I made use of well-pap soft boards when I get a package.  Sometimes, inside the package the items are wrapped with well-papp and I save those.

It's very easy to make coz you cut the width to your liking then roll and secure.  Afterwards you just decorate it.  I mainly used what I have in my stash like the eyelash yarn, 3D eyes, did cut randomly beaks using leftover yellow cardstock and halfmoon in black cardstock that serves as eyebrows then added stickles.  I made use of the different feathers I have and I found some plastic hats, too =)  So easy indeed!

 A close-up look:

Aren't they cute? 

 As for the back, I punched round scallops to cover the messiness of the feathers and punched and adhered 2 small circles before securing the ribbon to hang.  yes, I did use well-papp to make it stable.

A sample of one of the owls hanged in our Christmas tree.

Thanks for viewing =)

Have a great week-end and happy crafting!


My Project Life PLANNER

Sad to say I will not be able to show you the details of Cobalt Edition Core Kit this day since I just can't remember where the camera charger is.  As soon as I find it I will charge my camera then upload pictures.  If you are interested in having a closer look of Childhood Mini Kit Bridgeport Edition, just hop in here.  And for the other Childhood Mini Kit : Wellington Edition hop in here.

Are you taking seriously your Project Life?  I do!  Two days ago I just decided that I truly need a planner for Project Life.  Thank God for kind souls who were providing freebies because of them I was able to print and assemble a simple Project Life Planner that works best for me.

That's my desk that day while printing and assembling the planner and at the same time cooking dinner =)

Here's the inside of my Project Life Planner and links to the site where I got it for free!

This is the very first page of my planner and I got it from this great site blog.worldlable.com,  offering so many cuties plus most of their planners are fillable!  Click here =)  Yeah, I added monthly full page tabs/divider and I just found it in my stash.  I remember I bought it at LundQ bookstore, school and office section.

 For the monthly calendar spread I got it at ellinee.com and just click here =)

After each monthly calendar spread is a page sort of  a daily review in a week's glance.  I write what happened in bullet forms.  You may grab this page here =)

For the Project Life Planner spread, the erraticprojectjunkie created a compact planner page and believe it will work great for me.  You may grab it here =)

The Layout Spread Planner I printed back-to-back just in case I need an extra which I'm sure I will be using.   Knowing me who at times is fickle-minded.

For now I'm using a plain black binder and Smash accessory to hold pens.  I have plans of altering the front cover of the binder but that will happen over the week-end instead.

I'm actually impressed of myself coz I write details of what happened everyday now.  In a way this Project Life Planner I assembled serves as a diary, too.

Do you have a planner for Project Life?  Do you also use one?

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