Re-storing All My Embossing Folders and Brass Stencils

Really the problem of all problems for every paper crafter is storing all materials and tools.  With so much yummy goodies out there and never-ending newbies sold in the market we really can't avoid to change every now and then our craft storages.  The pain of organizing goes with it.  I truly neglected things that I have ...sometimes forgetting what I have which we all call hoarding!  As I slowly organize my items, I just have to deal with all my embossing folders and brass stencils.

This is how I store mine last 2010 http://scrapbookingwithjerosha.blogspot.se/2010/03/entry-19-ncm-2010-my-embossing-folders.html

During one of our lunch in the city months ago, the restaurant gave me a big wooden wine case and luckily it works fine for my purpose.  Yeah, I know, someday hopefully NOT soon I have to find another way to store my embossing folders and brass stencils.  But as long as I don't buy more the case I have for now serves its purpose.

 One of this days I will alter the wooden case because just now I'm not done with cleaning and re-organizing :(  Yeah, I did use the same tags from my previous storage =)


franzesjoi said...

wowow handamiiii!!


Naku Joy for more than a year na I stopped buying embossing folders coz the way I see it I really have enough to cover any events. I don't know how many I have now so don't ask hahahahahahahahahahha.

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