Cards for Cancer Patients

When we were in Marbella, Spain, last summer, a fellow crafter from Central America asked me if I can make cards for cancer patients. I said YES but unfortunately along the way we had miscommunication with regards to address and details. I was waiting and waiting for a very important message from her but I never got any ... and so I thought.  She did emailed me but it went straight to spam folder.  Lesson I learned:  I need to check my spam folder, too, from time to time.

Last Friday, on my way home I felt so heavy in my heart coz I was not able to make any cards at all :( I contacted her immediately and asked when is the deadline and said that all cards from all over the world should be in by 1st week of October since October is the month we honor cancer patients and victims. I worked so hard until midnight of Friday just to finish all the 10 cards and envies then the next day I had to write something inside each card which was very difficult for me coz both my parents died of cancer.  I sent the package Sunday morning just in time for the main post box will be emptied.


Materials Used:

Panduro Stylish blank cards - Blue Flowers
Panduro Clear Stamp set - Single Insects
Sweet Pea Rubber Stamp - Come Softly 
Tim Holtz Dies - Sewing Room
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad - Spun Sugar
Just Rite Stamps for all the sentiments used inside and out
Washi Tape - Clouds
Pearl Maker - Pastel Pink
Band (dark Pink)bought from Divisoria
Pro Marker - light grey
Cupcake Doilies
paper flower bought in Thailand
Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic by Daler Rowny - SunUp Blue and Sundown Magenta
Stampin' Up Puncher

Simple Process:


My Heart Beats for Art Journaling

My Very First Art Journal Page

It's been six months now since I started art journaling officially. It was 18 March 2012 when I took the plunge =D

After a year of wanting to do art journals I finally did it! It was a day when I just took all the magazines we have at home and started tearing out pages to my liking before throwing the magazines. That day I was able to conceptualize and created what I truly felt. Oh how I love art journaling and in a way I can say I'm crazy about it.  I love the feeling of cutting, pasting, coloring, writing plus all the goodies that goes with it.

Well, what about you? Have you started doing some art journals? I hope so =)


His and Hers Masquerade Masks

A last minute project I made yesterday for a client.  We met last Wednesday after lunch and she mentioned that she has a big problem.  Naturally I asked what it is and she told me that this Saturday, which is tomorrow, she with her husband will be attending a masquerade party and it requires masks of course.  She had no idea where to buy masks and she has a feeling that it cost a lot.  I, being a crafty person told her I will make for her instead and that we have to buy the basic materials for the masks immediately.  Off we went to Panduro and luckily base masks are available.  After discussing the main color of her masks, we bought some embellishments that I know I will be needing and that I don't have any in-stock.  Other added materials I told her I have a lot at home.

Yesterday, although I'm in so much pain and feel weak due to my monthly thing-y I devoted my time in finishing the project because I promised her that the masks will be ready for pick-up this day, Friday.  I'm so happy how both masks turned out.

 These are the base masks we bought!

Materials I used aside from the base masks are the following:

Gold paint (Allmoge) - I used this kind of paint because it's thick in consistency, applied twice
Stickles (Crystal) - which was painted after the gold paint has dried
Pearl Maker (black) - filled in the gold flower band
Gold Rose - from an old plastic bouquet
Black Fabric Flower
Peacock Feathers
Jewelry Ornament - dabbed with black Staz-On stamp pad
Multi-colored Beads
Flower Sticker beads
Black square beads with crystals
E6000 to adhere all embellishments securely

Hhhhhmmm I believe I will be making few more for personal happiness hahahahahha =)


Time Management? Huh?

Some people are so well organized in life especially when it comes to daily activities.  They know which time they have to eat, take a break, leave home for work and so on and on and on.  Well, when God showered that kind of blessing I was asleep and snoring, I bet! (lol)

I live on a day to day basis, hour by hour, which means I drink coffee when I want to .... I eat lunch when I feel hunger .... I clean the house when I'm in the mood ....  I watch TV when I know that the show/movie is something I will enjoy.  The only thing that is fixed is the time I have for my son and hubby plus I started reading the Bible again and that is my devoted quiet time.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not stressed or always cramming just to beat the deadline.  I just have my own phasing in my life's activities.  I only have a simple mini calendar book which I use exclusively for my son since he has so much activities going on at school plus adding his hip-hop dance lessons as well as tennis lessons.  Other than that I do crafting, go to work every other day for few hours, cook meals, and the usual taking care of husband and son =)

Time Management?  I wish I knew beforehand what that means hahahaahahahahha and maybe my life will be different.  It's not I'm saying I have a difficult life due to less time for this and that. No!  What I'm saying is that maybe, just maybe I would have accomplish more.  But nah, how I use my time now is just perfect ... so far.  I think I have enough time everyday but the problem is when laziness strikes ... aahhhh hhhhmmmm which happens most of the time hahahahahahahhaha.  Also, some of my activities I just get overboard!  You know like I can watch movies the whole day ... go shopping the whole day till I remember that I have  a son and I need to get him from school .... read a book wherein I'm lost in time - into another world or dimension ... and yeah, my addiction to crafting..... oh and of course dwelling at Facebook =)

I have to slap myself twice just to remind myself that it's almost mid-September, and I'm late in conceptualizing /creating handmade Christmas items.  Now that is serious!!!!!  I will not promise myself anything as far as that one is concerned.  It all depends on my mood.  Would I consider selling handmade Christmas items this year like every other year or not?  That is the main question!  One thing for sure and as usual I will be creating Christmas decors for our home =)

How about you?  Do you apply time management in your life?


Growing Old Together

Do you have that sweet feeling when you see really old couples still holding hands while they walk?

Do you find it awesome when real old couples still have that look of love when they stare at one another?

Do you ever wished that you and your husband/wife will be blessed to grow old together?

Do you ever wonder why and how  some real old couples have kept the fire burning all these years?

Do you find it super duper sweet when real old couples feel incomplete when one is away doing an errand?

Growing old together and still loving/caring for each other is one of the blessings in life.  Everytime I see real old couples still holding hands, kissing, embracing, and caring for each other I am truly mesmerized.  I giggle like a little child when I catch them giving stolen kisses, haist!  I actually don't have to look far because my parents-in-law are just like that =)

Both of them are in their mid 80's now and DFIL is not as healthy and fit as before.  They both depend on each other and I have witnessed a thousand times that one is restless when one is away.  DMIL is stronger in many ways but rest assured that when we're together shopping in the city and DFIL is left behind, we have to do things in a hurry all because she is worried about DFIL.  I have a strong feeling that each of them don't feel whole when they are apart.  The feeling is so intense for short!

A classic example happened yesterday.  Hubby had to drive DMIL to the police station to get her ID card then they proceeded to the hospital for a checkup.  They left DFIL about 9am.  When they got back after 1 1/2 hour, DFIL is sitting on a bench with their dog, Casper, on a bench waiting and waiting for DMIL to come home.  He has been sitting there the same hour hubby and DMIL left.  This incident happens all the time and when they see each other again, it's like one of them were gone for a year!  If both my parents were still alive I know the situation will be the same because both my parents were exactly like that =)

Love grows for those who are truly in-love.  And as love grows everyday, our physical appearances changes, too, and that's called ageing hahahahahahahhaha.  As the saying goes ... The journey is never truly over, it just changed course".

Aw, I actually hope and pray that hubby and I will grow old together free from illnesses and diseases.  I told him few times that may God let me die first because I can never-ever handle life again if he goes first.  I have witnessed my parents' deaths and the pain is unbearable that even up to now I shake and cry when I look at their photos.  How much more if your other half dies!  May God grant me the grace, strength and wisdom if such horrible day comes.


F O R E V E R!!!

10 years. 10 years?  10 years!  It was just like yesterday that hubby saw my picture at internet ... then he flew to Philippines ... then the proposal ... then we got married .... then less than a month I flew to Sweden ... then after more than a year I gave birth to our son ... and lived happily until this day.

Thank you Lord for making it possible for me to meet the right man.

Thank you Lord for keeping us so much in love even to this day.

Thank you Lord for all the trials and victories in our relationship.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord, for I truly love my husband.  I can never ever live without him for without him I am not whole.


Me Mad? Yes, Mad! That's Good.

Have you lost your temper once, twice, or zillion times?

Have you ever got tired of being nice to everyone that you felt they took advantage of your kindness?

Have you ever thought that deep inside you, there is a volcano than can erupt at any given time ... or maybe when it's really hot?

Have you ever realized that you can actually get mad and see the other side of you?

Have you ever decided that for once I will get mad and be mean so they know that I'm not MS. Stupid Nice All Year Round!!! ?

Have you ever felt relieved that you got mad and was able to say what you have to say?

Well, if you answered YES on all above questions then I congratulate you because you are human after all AND you are indeed NOT perfect =)

In my case, I do my best to keep myself cool in any given situation.  Sometimes I succeed and sometimes not.  But over the years I really learned to balance every bad situation before saying anything.  I laugh and try to accept things with a balance mind.  But since I am human and NOT PERFECT I can also be mean and unforgiving.....one can taste my wrath that's for sure.  Unforgiving for a day or a week but once the hurt is over I forgive but never forget.  I can never forget coz I have to look back and learn from my experiences.

I try to avoid really in a boiling mad situation because I know I will say things that I will regret or things that will really and deeply hurt the person.  I have a big heart that can tolerate situations but when it's too much and all lies then that's another story.  Oh well, as I've said I'm an imperfect person so things happen.  The truth is it's a nice feeling when others get to see the angry/mean  side of me because I am capable of that.  Besides I have a heart and it can certainly feel!

How about you?


Nature Needs Heroes

Something is really REALLY wrong with our mother earth :(  Weather is topsy-turvy :(  The nature is crying for help for more than a decade now!

Having friends around the globe is such a blessing because I get to virtual travel with them.  In our daily conversations we are all worried about what's going on in every corner of the world regardless if one belongs to a third-world country or the so-called rich countries.  The bottom line is we all suffer the same fate!

Here in Sweden, we had a bad summer - cold and raining literally everyday but my family were lucky to experience a month-long sunshine while in Spain.  When we got back from the trip, I was hoping I will be able to harvest a LOT of cherries ..... and of course plums and summer apples from our trees.  Duh!  That didn't happen :(  Our cherry tree had only 2 cherries!  Plum tree is super late!  No summer apple at all!  The winter apple is ready for harvest?????  That's so unusual!!!!!

Every country launches projects to save the earth.
People are very much aware on what to do and what not to do.
Political groups, NGOs, and even upper class honchos are continuously advocating to save the earth.
One will get to read ... hear ... watch everything we all have to do.
People suffer when mother earth lashes her anger and that we have witnessed around the world.

Still, but still, very few from the earth population lifts a finger to be part of saving the earth :(   One doesn't have to join any groups or organizations to save the earth simply because one can start at home! 

Will you be a hero for this cause? 
Let's all be heroes =) 


Sewing Madness!

Sewing.  I admire when I see a lot of women who can sew anything under the sun at any given time.  When I look I drool and wishing that I can do that.  Hhhhmmm but I am not actually a hopeless case coz I can make curtains and pillow cases as simple as that.  When I say simple it really means just straight stitch but of course I try different stitches since hubby gave me an embroidery/sewing machine years ago anyway.  I don't think I will ever try the embroidery machine because I get intimidated but as the saying goes "Never say Never" .... who knows, right?

Obviously I'm an amateur when iy comes to sewing.  It takes a long process for me to finish a curtain.  Why?  I have to measure and cut .... then fold, iron, and pin .... then I have to make sure that everything is even.  I also have to take it easy when I start sewing coz I have the tendency to sew uneven sticthes.

Every change of season I sew new curtains for the whole house and yesterday was a nightmare.  My goal was to sew 6 curtains and 6 body pillow cases.  Guess what?  I finished 1/2 curtain the whole afternoon.  Oh but I did get to finish the other half two hours ago and the curtain is neatly hanged at our living room.

As for the rest, well, will do my best to sew all the body pillow cases tomorrow.

These are the only fabrics I was able to measure and cut.

 I fold ... iron a bit .... and pin!

Oh darn!  Something went wrong with the embroidery/sewing machine all because of my stupidity not to check clearly.  There goes the uneven stitches heheheehehehehehhe.  I had to sew 3 meters x2 ... can you imagine how long each is just for the living room?  I had to make sure that it has the same measurement.

I hope I have the energy and lust to continue tomorrow, my free day.


Quick Masculine Birthday Card and a Surprise BD Card

A Swedish family male friend turned 60 last Friday.  Like anyone else having a hard time creating a masculine card, I, had a difficult time much more when you only bought a gift and totally forgot to make a card on the day of the party.  How forgetful of me!!!!!

On the way home I was already thinking on what to do and how to do it.  First thing I did was to check my tools which I may use for the project then gathered scraps ... double check which sentiment(s) I will be using.

I was so in hurry creating this card since I have to get my son at school ... shower him ... then my turn before hubby arrives to get us.  Well, it turned out just fine and I guess I'm content of the outcome since creating a masculine card has never been my forte.


Oh yes he got a session for Thai Massage =)

Before I end, I would like to show you all a beautiful handmade birthday card given to me by a fellow crafter, Frances Joi.  I was totally surprised when I found it at our mailbox last 29 August 2012.  Even the envelop/box  was handmade and I really had a difficult time opening it hahahahhahaha all because I was too excited to open and see what's inside.   Besides, I really didn't want to destroy it.


Just B U !!!!

In life one has just to be who you are .... no pretentions .... no lies ..... and no expectations.  I say no expectations because when you expect and it didn't materialized then you will fall and be discouraged.  
Oh but if you are being YOU, one must not forget in life to be polite and respectful at all times.  Besides, we got only one chance to live to make the first impression and hopefully it's a good one if not the best.  Being YOU is advocating your personality.... and it takes years to know and develop that ... and to some it takes a lifetime.   Being YOU doesn't mean that you have no boundaries and that you can do anything ... say anything you want.  We have to remember that we humans have feelings ... with different perspectives, culture, background, traditions, and beliefs.  If we show who we really are then think twice before you make a move because whatever the outcome would be then be prepared for the circumstances and embrace the situation.

Are You Being You?  On the creative side, can you say with all your heart that you have your own style in crafting?  That you are indeed being YOU?  Can you relate yourself to the outcome of your creations?  Do you feel satisfied when you look at your own finish project - you say "it is me"?

In my creativity I can attest that I'm just being me.  I know my strengths and weaknesses.  I try something and see if I'm comfortable.  With my mistakes I learn and along the way perseverance is my key to succeed but it is not easy so few times I give up and just improve more my strengths and manage my weaknesses.  I admire fellow crafters who can create things that I know from the beginning that I can't.  To admire is good for me coz it nourishes my creative soul =)


Do You Feel Special?

Everyday ... everytime you wake up in the morning ... everytime you go to bed and call it a night, do you feel special?

Everytime you're in a difficult situation, do you feel special?

Everytime you're in trouble, do you feel special?

Do you ever think that people around you ... like friends, family, and relatives, think that you are special?

I, for one, feel that I am special ... I know that I'm unique ... and that no one can ever take that confidence in me.  God has created us uniquely and in HIS eyes we are special individually ... so, who can be against that, right?

BUT REMEMBER: the special feeling you have must stay in your heart and not in your head. Otherwise that's not being special anymore coz that's what you call arrogance =)

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