Sewing Madness!

Sewing.  I admire when I see a lot of women who can sew anything under the sun at any given time.  When I look I drool and wishing that I can do that.  Hhhhmmm but I am not actually a hopeless case coz I can make curtains and pillow cases as simple as that.  When I say simple it really means just straight stitch but of course I try different stitches since hubby gave me an embroidery/sewing machine years ago anyway.  I don't think I will ever try the embroidery machine because I get intimidated but as the saying goes "Never say Never" .... who knows, right?

Obviously I'm an amateur when iy comes to sewing.  It takes a long process for me to finish a curtain.  Why?  I have to measure and cut .... then fold, iron, and pin .... then I have to make sure that everything is even.  I also have to take it easy when I start sewing coz I have the tendency to sew uneven sticthes.

Every change of season I sew new curtains for the whole house and yesterday was a nightmare.  My goal was to sew 6 curtains and 6 body pillow cases.  Guess what?  I finished 1/2 curtain the whole afternoon.  Oh but I did get to finish the other half two hours ago and the curtain is neatly hanged at our living room.

As for the rest, well, will do my best to sew all the body pillow cases tomorrow.

These are the only fabrics I was able to measure and cut.

 I fold ... iron a bit .... and pin!

Oh darn!  Something went wrong with the embroidery/sewing machine all because of my stupidity not to check clearly.  There goes the uneven stitches heheheehehehehehhe.  I had to sew 3 meters x2 ... can you imagine how long each is just for the living room?  I had to make sure that it has the same measurement.

I hope I have the energy and lust to continue tomorrow, my free day.


franzesjoi said...

hehe ndi naman halata ate ah! pati ba naman iron mo ate ang cute, hayyy :) para lang naglalaro..


OO nga hindi naman halata kaya I didn't care anymore. The mini iron is my craft iron - it's the nearest for me that moment instead of getting the real iron. Thanks Joi for the visit =)

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