Mickey Mouse CD Cases for Give-a-ways

Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!  All these years I thought I posted this project together with all the Mickey Mouse projects I made for my nephew's first birthday party.  How can I miss this project in sharing with you all. 

In every kiddie party there will always be give-a-ways. Most of the time a kid will get a bag of candies before leaving the party.  As for my very first nephew's birthday last February 2010, which I have mentioned was a Mickey Mouse themed party, I created a CD case for all the kiddie guests and naturally with a Mickey Mouse soundtrack.  This is how it looks like:

The MM ears were cut using Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge.
The words "Thank You" were cut using New Arrival Cricut Cartridge

Once again I would like to thank the following people who made it possible for me to make and finish this project:

Maryann Laursen - for lending me the Mickey and Friends Cartrdige that works hand in hand with my Mickey Font Cartridge. And of course for helping me with the Mickey Mouse Classic Soundtrack plus providing me withe Mickey Mouse Christmas DVD's.

Connsue Diaz - for finding free links on Mickey Mouse Soundtracks.

Gomitras - for the Mickey Mouse images.

As of last month I was able to acquire the Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge so I no longer need to borrow from a dear friend when the need arises =)

Storage for My Flower Soft and Embossing Powders

I have not much flower soft nor embossing powders but I can say that I have the colors that I like.  I rarely buy such items coz a small container goes a long, long way.  The reason why I bought these items is just to have a safe feeling that when I needed it I can grab anytime.

The original containers are just too small for me that everytime I use it rest assured I will spill some and an irritating feeling spoils my mood plus I will waste time cleaning the mess before I can continue with my work.

My first attempt to organize both the flower soft and embossing powders was just to transfer each on tupperwares.  It worked fine for me for a year but early this year I decided to upgrade my craft room to save more space since every quarter my tools and materials just grows and grows.  Who doesn't right?  With all those never-ending yummy goodies being introudced in the market all for the love of crafting.

Let me share with you all the then and now .......


My flower soft on mini tupperwares with labels last 2010.
The same way I kept my embossing powders but can't find the photo.

These are magnetic spice cases from IKEA as well as the magnet plates.  
I still have to fill in 7 cases more.

For now I'm contented on how I store the embossing powders and flower soft but who knows a year or two from now I will decide to change it.

How do you store yours?  It would be great to have new ideas and maybe even better than mine =)

Thanks for the visit =)

C is for .....

* candor
* caring
* caution
* charity
* chastity
* citizenship
* cleanliness
* commitment
* compassion
* confidence
* conscientiousness
* consideration
* contentment
* cooperativeness
* courage
* courteousness
* curiosity

But most of all C is for Cecil, grand-daughter to a very dear friend of mine.   I altered this wooden alpha for her as a Christmas gift last year.  She's the only one I was not able to meet when I went to visit them in Denmark last summer.


  1. Painted the base with shimmering Pink the let dry.
  2. Painted the very front with shimmering green and let dry.
  3. Covered the alphabet with artist crackle paint and let dry.
  4. Applied Tim Holtz distressed crackle paint - broken china, and let dry.
  5. Added ribbons, flower with ladybug, and felt butterfly.

An Alternative To Tulle

There was a time early last year wherein I was going crazy finding tulle in our area.  I was not exactly into it but it became a fad in the paper crafting world that I decided to find and buy.  I found fabric stores that do sell tulle but it was only in black.  I contacted a friend from Multiply site who lives in Vienna and that in one of their stores tulle was available for a very cheap price.  Unfortunately I was too late ... the store doesn't sell it anymore and they have no idea when they're gonna have it again. Out of frustration, I tried searching on-line stores in Sweden but no luck!  Days, weeks, and months passed by and I still have no tulle at all.  I gave up and just decided to try finding tulle some other day. 

One day while I was cleaning the smallest storage room down the basement, I came across some old curtains way back when I was still living in the Philippines.  Being an adventurous crafter I decided to try one of the curtains as my alternative to tulle.

I did this project last September 2010 and totally forgot about it.  Yes, I was able to find all the colors of tulle available in one fabric store here last October 2010 and I bought yards of each color they have.

Here's the old curtain ....

cut into circles (free-hand) .....

added stickles around .....let dry .....

blasted some heat from heat tool.  These became part of the paper flowers I made =)

My Yarn Keeper

Hi everyone!  A very very dear and true friend of mine in Denmark will have her back surgery this day or maybe it's done already this morning. I tried calling their home but still no one answers so maybe her husband is still in the hospital with her.  Will be calling again tonight and find out update.  Crossing my fingers that someone is at home when I call.

After spending hours of silence this day for her, I was still restless after making that call.  I ended up going down the basement in my extension craft room and try to find what I can organize.

Oh yes indeed, I found something that needed organization and that is organizing all my yarns I usually get from my Step-mom who is into all kinds of needleworks.  Over the years I accumulated different colors and shades of yarns and for many years I just kept each inside a bag. 

I remember I have a shoe case that has never been used and decided to try it as my yarn keeper/organizer.  The shoe case has compartments and handles on all sides so it's easy to grab anytime I want. It was a relief that it works fine for all my yarns and I think it will be like this for the years to come until I get tired of it hehehehehehehehhe.



How do you keep your yarns?  New ideas will surely be appreciated =)

Winter Hearts 2

By this time you have read how to make the base hearts for this project but if you missed that entry you may read it here  http://scrapbookingwithjerosha.blogspot.com/2011/02/winter-hearts-1.html

Once you have the base hearts you may accentuate each with anything. In my case I played once again with my Love Struck cricut cartridge and this time it was a success. The very first time I played with the said cartridge - creating all the hearts was early last year and it was not successful coz the cuts are too intricate and I suggest that the ideal size is to cut from 3 1/2 inches or bigger. For these hearts found at Love Struck cartridge, I cut each by 4 inches.

I created this hearts last January and a dear friend of mine was teasing me why I call it Winter Hearts - she insists that winter is soon over. I, on the other hand knows that winter is not over yet. Lo and behold, I was right!!!! We felt spring early last week - hitting +3 and +5 degrees but this week is horrible coz snow, snow, snow plus we're -10 degrees once again ... we were -16 degrees this morning and I had to freeze going to work since hubby can't drive for me this day :(

Anyway, when I'm tired looking at these hearts hanging in my craft room, I will definitely use each in some of my layouts this year ... hopefully.

Let's see the hearts one by one =)


Winter Hearts 1

A very simple hanging accent on this month of February - highlighting valentine's day.


Cut hearts on a specific size you prefer either freehand or Cricut or with the help of a stencil and cut as many as you wish. You may use glittered cardstock or ordinary cardstock.

Sew hearts together ( as seen in photo so you have an idea what I mean).

Add handmade tassle at the end and of course a loop at the other hand.

Hang your hearts =)

So easy, right?


Happy V-Day. Everyone!

Here's wishing you all a day be filled with unconditional love =)

Here in Sweden it's already past 8 in the evening ... almost 9 I should say.  I could have greeted you all this morning but since Joseph is sick and I had to go to work while Hubby stays with Joseph, I just had no time to open my computer ... sit and relax.  You were all in my thoughts (even those who have hurt me) all day long and rest assured I have whispered a prayer of love to everyone =)

I'm not really fanatic when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day coz for me EVERYDAY is Valentine's.  So, yes, this day was just an ordinary day in the Äretun household with lots of teasing hehehehehehehehehehehhehe.

Why I believe  EVERYDAY is Valentine's day?  Here's my simple answer - It is a day of love for showing that we care and if we read the Bible, God describes what love is and it can be  found at .................
I Corinthians 13 :

If we speak like celestial angels

From heaven up above,

All our words mean nothing

If we don’t have Christian love.
Love is patient, love is kind;
It doesn’t brag or boast;
Love conquers pride and envy;
It is never self-engrossed.
Love is not rude or angry;
Forgiveness counters wrong;
Love stays away from evil;
It sings a truthful song.
Love is full of trust and hope;
It always perseveres;
Love never fails; It’s faithful;
To the Bible it adheres.

Happy Valentine's to ALL of you not just today but everyday!

Embellishment Keeper

Yipee!  I have the perfect storage for my embellishments.  These acrylic cases are very very special because DH gave them to me.  DH literally saved it one by one for the whole year of 2010, everytime a specific eyeglass brand was delivered in our stores.  He told our staff to save it for me and they did.  Can you imagine my reaction when I got 150 pieces in one day?  I still have a lot at the basement but naturally I'm saving it for future use .... like .....more embellishments to come hahahahahahahhahahahahahah.

I'm ssssssssssssoooooooooooooo happy with these cases!


Prismacolor Storage Solution (temporarily)

See I told you I'm really slow when using my latest toys.  If I started using my Cricut Expression after nearly a year after I bought it then I honestly say that I haven't used my Prisma Colored Pencils for more than a year now since I bought it.

As long as I breathe there is a chance for me to try this brilliant tool, right? hehehehehehehehe  Top on my list is "Try using PrismaColor when coloring a stamp image!".  I will and that's a promise meant to be fulfilled.

Let me show you how I store my Prisma babies now.  I bought the case at IKEA and it's so far perfect coz it has 8 holders plus a storage for my cardstock exclusive for stamping.  The previous solution I had just occupies too much space and the bottles I used are kind'a big for each color/shade.

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