The Daily Scrapper (TDS) : Issue # 1

The very first time I got an exposure ... meaning published as guest designer was at The Daily Scrapper (TDS). The owner featured my altered clock creations summer of 2008 which by the way you can find here.
The newspaper type crafting pages were awesome. Then come June of 2009, the owner, Alice Koh invited me to be part of the Hybrid Team which made me so happy after blushing for so many days. In my mind I was wondering if I can do it ... or if I'm ready for such adventure in crafting world. Yup! I accepted the offer and start of July 2009, I was creating 2x a month for TDS.

The Daily Scrapper is now called TDS Lifestyle. I would say the new look vis-a-vis new concept is tremendoulsy awesome. Actually I can't find the right words to describe it so I suggest you all take a look and browse the e-magazine. Starting this year TDS will come once every month as compared to last year 2x a month.

For the first salvo of 2010, I did not create any hybrid project for TDS Lifestyle but was tasked to write an article on "Lucky Foods". The owner knows that I do catering from time to time and how I love to experiment on food (Lol). Here's the article I wrote :


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