Closer View : Project Life Wellington Edition of Childhood Mini Kit

As promised here I am again to show you another Project Life Childhood Mini Kit: Wellington Edition.  If you are interested to know what's in the Childhood Mini Kit:  Bridgeport Edition, go check out my post yesterday =)

Let me show you the Wellington Edition:

When you buy the above kit, aside from a very compact packaging, Becky Higgins herself has a note card explaining Project Life and at the back you will read how many pieces of journal cards in the box.  For this kit you will get:

10pcs  4 x 6 Title Cards ( Horizontal and vertical Use)
10pcs  4 x 6  Journaling Cards
40pcs  3 x 4 Prompt Cards 
40pcs  3 x 4 Journaling Cards

All 100 cards are double sided so you just have to choose which side you want to use for your layout.

 10 pcs 4 x 6 Title cards :  horizontal and vertical use

 4 x 6 Journal cards :  horizontal and vertical use  Note:  you'll get 2pcs of each card

3 x 4 Prompt Cards and the other side is for journaling - your choice.  You get 2 pcs of each card.

3 x 4 journal cards vertical and horizontal use

3 x 4 journal cards vertical and horizontal use

There you have it =)

Tomorrow I will show one of the Core Kits.  See yah!


Closer View : Project Life Childhood Mini Kit (Bridgeport Edition)

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I'm here to actually show you what you'll get when you buy the Childhood Mini Kit:  Bridgeport Edition.  You see, before I finally decided on buying Becky Higgins Project Life Kits, I did my best to browse and see what I am actually getting but then I didn't find any.  yes, there are video clips showing their kits but not on a deeper scale.

Here goes .....  When you buy the above kit, aside from a very compact packaging, Becky Higgins herself has a note card explaining Project Life and at the back you will read how many pieces of journal cards in the box.  For this kit you will get:

10pcs  4 x 6 Title Cards ( Horizontal and vertical Use)
10pcs  4 x 6  Journaling Cards
40pcs  3 x 4 Prompt Cards 
40pcs  3 x 4 Journaling Cards

All 100 cards are double sided so you just have to choose which side you want to use for your layout.

Now let's see the designs showing both sides per batch:

10 pcs 4 x 6 Title cards :  horizontal and vertical use 

4 x 6 Journal cards :  horizontal and vertical use  Note:  you'll get 2pcs of each card

3 x 4 journal cards vertical and horizontal use

3 x 4 journal cards vertical and horizontal use
I forgot about this, sorry.   Also 3 x 4 cards =)

3 x 4 Prompt Cards and the other side is for journaling - your choice.  You get 2 pcs of each card.

3 x 4 Filler Cards or a Journal card - your choice.  You get 2 pcs of each card.

So there you have it!  Take a look and maybe it will help you decide if it is the right kit you need =)

Tomorrow I will show another kit, promise!


Project Life Orders : Delivered, Yippee!!!

Oh yes, after a lot of thinking whether I should buy Core Kits from Becky Higgins or not, I took the plunge as part of hubby's Christma gifts.  it took a little while before it was delivered because as far as I can remember 2 core kits will be available sometime latter part of January.  Well, it's worth the wait =)

Yes, I did try my best to create few journal cards while waiting for my package to arrive but I haven't posted it yet coz it's all over my craft place.   It's a different feeling to actually have the original core kits from Becky Higgins so I know anyone can imagine how happy I was when I got my package last 28th of this month.  I almost hugged the UPS man when I opened the door and he was holding a big and kind'a heavy box.

 As a trial, I bought 4 Core Kits and 2 Childhood Mini Kits.  I will be showing each kit to all of you so you know what's in every kit before you place an order.


Hanging Storage for My Washi Tapes et al

Have you seen my previous storage for all my washi tapes?   It's what I used last 2008 for all my ribbons but my ribbons grew and so I stored my ribbons another way.  Well, since I have been buying washi tapes from time to time, my previous storage ain't useful for me anymore.  I prefer to just have one storage where I can instantly see what I have and what I can use.  In my heart I know washi tapes and the like will forever grow in my craft room, I might as well use a hanger.

Here's how it looks like now:

The rings which is 5" in diameter I bought during the flea market here in town and the next fela market is scheduled on September so I will surely buy a dozen by that time.  As for the hanger, I still have one not being used and I'm gonna save that for more washi tapes in the future.

How do you store your washi tapes and the likes?


Re-Upholster : High Round Chair

What's your very first project/challenge for 2013?

As for me, it was really a difficult one!  Why?  I'm not good in sewing because I can only do the basics BUT how can I say NO to my everdearest hubby, right?   The look in his eyes when he requested it sparkled with "I really believe you can do it, honey".  Whew!  Really?  Me?

Oh well, there's a first time for everything!

Story behind:

While we were at work and I was having my lunch break, he came in at the kitchen with a chair and says that it's perfect while he plays one of his guitars.  He found it somewhere and wants it.  In my mind I felt that NO WAY he's gonna sit on that chair.  I went home early and lo and behold he took home the chair.

Here's the sit of the high chair  after he removed it from the base:


The very same day he took home the high chair, I began working on it.  We both decided that a camouflage is perfect coz he wants it to look tough!

Please remember that I'm not into sewing so the procedure I did is what came into my mind using my common sense for short.

1.  I did cut a circle using an ancient method hehehehehehehe

2.  Yup, I did cut another circle, a black fabric and pinned together before sewing.

 3.  Being half-ignorant in sewing, I used an ordinary thread to secure the cover and so when it was nearly at the end the thread broke.  Yes, I had to find the thread for upholstering.  I'm so glad that hubby inherited his grandma's sewing kit and in it are different threads ... and one of it is a thread perfect for my project.

 4.  Yipee!  I did it =)  I had to put on the cover while at the finishing stage coz I was securing the cover with thread and not a garter.  A thick thread is perfect because to secure the cover you will have to pull and oull the thread until it looks ruffled.  Here's how it looks like without the base yet.

 5.  And hubby is proud to have his high round chair newly covered!

 All in all, I can say that even if you are half-ignorant in sewing complicated items, with a little common sense, you will be able to re-upholster a round chair high or low!


My Silhouette Portrait Cutting Machine Has Arrived + REVIEW !!!!

Super elated!  that's how I felt when I finally got my Silhouette Portrait plus accessories last 10th of January.  I bought it at Scrapbruket, a Swedish on-line store.  One thing nice about my unit is that it's perfect for Swedish sockets since it has a cable for such. 

Oh yeah I did play with it as soon as I was able to set-it-up in my craft room.  Why I bought the machine when in fact I have the Cricut Expressions and 120 cartridges to date?  All because of one simple reason :  I will be able to use all the fonts I have in my PC, cool!  I'd rather invest on Silhouette than invest on font Cricut cartridges.  I really promise myself that I will refrain from buying cuts for my Silhouette unless of course a specific cut I can't do nor find in my Cricut cartridges.

Lessons learned:

Don't be too excited when trying out the machine for the first time hahahahahahaha coz you will end up making few mistakes!

*  I actually tried one of my fonts and I was in awe but remember:  Relax while removing the cuts coz you will get a kind'a rough result even if you used the right pressure in cutting =)

*  Read calmly the things you have to click before cutting.  I made a mistake by just pressing the cut button - forgetting that I'm using the inks.  See, I got lines!  I have to click some buttons for adjusting but was too excited!

So far I encountered only 2 mistakes which I will avoid next time.

See how compact it is beside my Cricut Expressions and it's not bulky at all :

My Silhouette has a cover so one of these days I have to make a cover for my Cricut, too.


Pre-start of My Project Life!

Nothing much to do last 18th of January but to be at home due to the -25degrees weather that day.  While doing the laundry, I just decided  to check out all the photos I have and thank God it was properly organized per year.  Hhhmmmm, I may start Project Life, right?  Geez!  it's from 2002 to 2012!!!!

First thing I did was to choose photos I like per date and inserted each on pocket sleeves.  Afterwhich, I check which photos I don't have in-hand so my computer was super-duper busy starting that day =)  By night time, I was totally into printing photos =)  I just had the feeling of securing each photo on designated year album.  I can just adjust along the way when I start adding fillers and notes.

Honestly that day I was awaiting from Becky Higgins counterpart store in UK with regards to my core kits.  I did placed an order for 6 kits and I'm so excited to know whether they shipped my order already or not.  It's really difficult when one item or 2 of your order is in "pre-order" state, right?   haist!

Anyway going back to my Project Life mode ......   I actually included all my traditional scrapbook and digital scrapbook layouts in each PL album.  Hubby was even happy and excited to browse each album once I'm done.

Are you into Project Life?


Valentine Wine Bottle Accent Plus Home-made Bailey's Recipe

In every occasion one of the most popular gifts to give is a bottle of wine. Valentine's Day is fast approaching and maybe you have time to concoct your own Bailey's but wouldn’t it be great to give a bottle of wine or home-made Bailey's with a handmade cover or tag to accentuate the bottle?  I created these wine bottles cover-tags for TDS Lifestyle ages ago ... hmmmmm I believe it was the year 2010 January for TDS Lifestyle Valentine's Edition.  I was one of their hybrid designers for 3 years. I also made my own Bailey's since I truly LOVE Bailey's especially the original flavor.  Anyway, down below you will find the supplies and instructions how I created these hybrid project PLUS my own recipe of Bailey's.  Let me know if you are interested to grab the templates I have made for both bottles.  Just leave a message =)

Supplies Needed:
• Digital Kit by Gemini Creationz
• Sterilized Bottle (2L)
• Recipe for Homemade Baileys
• White Cardstocks
• WACO Pearl Maker – Gold
• Stickles – gold and red
• 3D Foam Adhesive
• K&Company Pearl Brad
• Accent 1 Template (Round Base)
• Accent 2 Template (Necktie Base)
• SU Scallop Punch
• Sun Burst Punch

1. Open your editing software and begin creating a layout from Gemini Creationz Queen of Hearts kit that you want to use and print on a draft mode.
2. To make sure that the placement of elements you chose were in proper places, I suggest you make the templates in transparency so you have an idea how the wine bottle accent will look like. It’s easier to see with transparency before making the final print.
3. When satisfied print your design in high quality mode.
4. Using your transparency accent template, trace and cut.
5. Make a score line on the top side of your cut cardstock and fold. This depends on the size of your bottle. You have to make a fold that will serve as the neck handle of the wine bottle accent.
6. Punch in the middle portion of the folded area using SU scallop punch.
7. Make a slit so it will serve as an opening when you hang the accent. Most bottles have a clean neck and simple cap so after punching there is no need of making a slit. In this project I used IKEA’s 2L bottle and it has a different style of cap.
8. So there you have it. Now, all you need is to prepare the homemade Baileys

Home-Made Bailey's!

Who doesn’t love Baileys? No one I guess. Baileys has been on top of my list when it comes to something to drink. A sip gives me a different kind of joy that I tend to savour the taste every second of it. The sad part is we all know how pricey it can be. After few tries I was able to make my own Baileys based on my liking and satisfaction. My family and friends have tried it and they say it sure does taste like real Baileys. The best part is it can be kept in your refrigerator for 1 month but I doubt if it will last that long because you’ll never stop drinking this concoction. The recipe here is good to fill 1L of bottle.


1C Cream - I use ordinary whip cream that I find in the grocery store. I have heard about UHT ('ultra heat treated', or 'long life') cream so that their drink lasts longer, but I have learned that UHT cream has a funny taste to it that might not be good to use in a recipe as special as this.

1C Condensed Milk – Forget about evaporated milk because the condensed milk will surely give an extra-rich, creamy taste. If you’re not much into condensed milk, reduce the amount add maple syrup or caramel syrup instead.

1T Instant Coffee – Baileys has a coffee flavour so just mix the granules in a tiny bit of boiling water. Coffee essence is also an alternative if no instant coffee is available.

1T Vanilla – To have a vanilla flavour use extract and not flavouring.

Almond Extract – (optional)

2T Choco Syrup – Use chocolate syrup like Hershey’s or any brand available in your supermarket.

Whiskey – An Irish whiskey is a must. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive bottle since the taste will be softened by the cream.


Combine all ingredients in a blender and set on high speed for 30 seconds and no more. If you blend it too long, the cream will thicken and you will end up eating a dessert instead of having a great drink.

Bottle in a tightly sealed container and refrigerate.

Shake before using and serve with ice.

Note: To make a mint flavoured drink, dribble in a little creme de menthe or peppermint essence. To have an almond flavour Baileys, add few drops of Almond extract. Bitter Almond drops can also be used but not more than a drop.


Happy Drinking!
Happy Crafting!


If The Shoe Fits! (Ladies Paper Shoes)

.... of course it's handmade with love! I made these 41 pieces of hybrid paper shoes last Christmas, 2011, for a vintage store and for our staff at Specsavers but unfortunately I got sick the day I had to deliver. Each shoe is unique since I don't make duplicates. I still have few pieces but don't know where I kept it hihihihihihi.

Each shoe pattern was cut manually then embossed using assorted embossing folders. I printed out digital pictures from The Graphics Fairy (under the Christmas Category) then highlighted with stickles before adhering to each shoe. I used lots of edge punchers ... some flowers were handmade by me, too, which you may find under Flower Making Category!
What to do with these shoes?  Use it for gift-giving purposes coz the shoe itself is a beautiful way to pack your small gifts.

Next time maybe I'll make some using fabrics or felts.

Thanks for viewing =)

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