Nature Needs Heroes

Something is really REALLY wrong with our mother earth :(  Weather is topsy-turvy :(  The nature is crying for help for more than a decade now!

Having friends around the globe is such a blessing because I get to virtual travel with them.  In our daily conversations we are all worried about what's going on in every corner of the world regardless if one belongs to a third-world country or the so-called rich countries.  The bottom line is we all suffer the same fate!

Here in Sweden, we had a bad summer - cold and raining literally everyday but my family were lucky to experience a month-long sunshine while in Spain.  When we got back from the trip, I was hoping I will be able to harvest a LOT of cherries ..... and of course plums and summer apples from our trees.  Duh!  That didn't happen :(  Our cherry tree had only 2 cherries!  Plum tree is super late!  No summer apple at all!  The winter apple is ready for harvest?????  That's so unusual!!!!!

Every country launches projects to save the earth.
People are very much aware on what to do and what not to do.
Political groups, NGOs, and even upper class honchos are continuously advocating to save the earth.
One will get to read ... hear ... watch everything we all have to do.
People suffer when mother earth lashes her anger and that we have witnessed around the world.

Still, but still, very few from the earth population lifts a finger to be part of saving the earth :(   One doesn't have to join any groups or organizations to save the earth simply because one can start at home! 

Will you be a hero for this cause? 
Let's all be heroes =) 


franzesjoi said...

ang GANDA ate!! paper or stamps ba ung face? ang ganda ha... :)

JEROSHA said...

Hi Joi! After I painted the base, I adhered a magazine page then added a butterfly stamp and sprayed a paint using a stencil.

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