Project Life, Envelope Punch Board and few More New Goodies for this day!

Whew!  I really missed craft shopping for a month.  I was totally deprived of shopping such items while we were in Italy for a month BUT I admit I did buy few cutie items in Rome and loads of handbags and dresses from other parts in Italy.

This day my hoarding paid off - goodies has arrived, yippee!!!  I'm sssssssssoooooooo happy that Project Life is now available in few of my fave Swedish craft sites.  I used to order direct in UK but really the shipping costs a fortune :(  Now, just a click away I can avail of PL items if they are not sold out.

The truth is I'm actually looking for the We R Memory Keepers 3x4 punch card and ALL SOLD OUT anywhere :(  I'm eyeing the straight corner punch coz I have a corner chomp tool should I prefer a round edge but very very hard to find coz mostly what I have seen is the rounded corner :(  PATIENCE is a virtue so I will wait patiently until next month for such tool to be available once again in Sweden.  Heniweys, while searching for the said punch I came across a lot of items like the Project Life then the Envelope Punch Board then the dies then SMASH book journal which after checking I still don't have in my stash.  Yes, I hae ALL the SMASH book journal but not the mini nor the large ones - just the regular size =)  I have the Enveloper but just can't find it anywhere so the Envelope Punch Board saves my day.  Haist!

I had to pick up 4 packages at DHL point near our home and one is super heavy since I ordered almost all the Core Kits available at Scrapbruket.com =)  I say almost all coz I have other core kits and mini kits which I ordered from UK months ago.

I rarely show in my site my new craft goodies but this time I just thought I'd share it.  Here's my hoarding for this week =)

 I really wonder if my  envelope punch board has the right measurements coz I have read reviews that first batches had errors in measurement .... crossing my fingers that I bought the updated version if ever there is.  Well, if not then hopefully someone out there posted the right measurements =)

Oh see that accordion album die?  I almost cried and got exhausted finding it coz anywhere it was sold out then on my last try of searching I encountered a Swedish craft selling site which states "in stock" =)

That's it fellow crafters. 


franzesjoi said...

wow ate!! i love your new toys!! lol gandaa ng camera stencil at house die ate mas naappreciate ko na cla ksi kilala ko na sila, funny! ate why may wax paper?


Hello Joy =) Thanks for dropping by iha. Oh as for the wax paper, I can do a lot of crafting with that and will soon experiment on it so watch out =)

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