Handmade Paper Beads - Jewelries

After a month of fun, sun, and sailing in Italy, I took a lot of effort to clean my main craft room.  I noticed that I just shoved a lot of crap under the drawers and tables.  One of my findings were some digital papers I printed which sad to say I don't remember the designer .. sorry :(  Trying my best to recall why on earth did I printed few digital papers and after few hours I realized that it was meant for a hybrid project specially for TDS Lifestyle which long ago for few years I was one of the hybrid designers.  Now, what to do with the printed digital papers?

Luckily sun has been shining bright and high here and it's best to stay outside specifically at the garden drinking wine and crafting of course!  Well, I decided to create paper beads and give a go in creating 2 sets of jewelry.  Not bad I should say for doing it the first time =)

Hhhmmmm one of these days I will dip each bead in my UTEE but for now I let it be ...

This is the green set - butterfly theme=)

The blue set - forever friends theme =)

 PS.  Any paper will do if you plan to make this kind of project.  You may even use pages from magazines which I believe my son and I will be rolling lots of papers tonight.

Happy crafting!


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