Stamping On Candles

Excuse me but I have to transfer some of my posts from my other craft site before I close it down so hope it's alright with you guys =)  Before I share with you all how I did stamping on candles,  you may view the first batch of candles I did last 2008, here
and 2010 candle stamping http://scrapbookingwithjerosha.blogspot.com/search/label/Nat%27l%20Craft%20Month%202010%20Entries

Adding some stamped images on candles can transform a plain candle into something really special. Stamping on candles can be customized to match a room or table decor, personalized for a wedding or birthday, given a festive make-over or simply transformed into your own unique work of art.

A Candle
Heat Gun
Tissue Paper (Can be wrinkled, doesn't matter)
Ink Pads (whatever color but water-based stamps works easier coz it dries faster)
Stamp Set(s)
Clean Scratch/Scrap Paper (yeah, it's important!!)
Parchment Paper OR Wax paper (wax paper works really fine with me)
Glue Stick
Embossing Powder (if you want to emboss images)

* Images can be stamped and embossed before being applied to the candle.
* Glitter embossing powders look particularly effective..
* Colored tissue paper will give different effects.
* The stamped images can be colored by marker pen, chalks, inks and paints.

1. Either solid or open designs can be used. Phrases and word stamps work well if they are fairly large and bold.
2. Metallic and opaque embossing powders works best.
3. Adding a small amount of glitter to your embossing powder gives extra dazzle.
4. Glitter Glue works beautifully for this technique. Just allow it to dry completely on the tissue before applying it to the candle.
5. Loose Glitter makes an interesting texture. With no tissue paper apply heat to the surface of the candle until wax begins to melt. Quickly sprinkle glitter onto surface and apply more heat. It can be messy because you will have no control over where it goes, but it is very pretty. Don't worry coz a tissue image could then be applied on top of the glitter layer before heating.

I suggest you experiment on some old candles first to get the feel of it, and then move on to your elegant holiday or party project. I've tried different brands of candles and some would melt so easily and ruins your project. Usually the very cheap candles is so bad that I prefer to use the not-so-expensive but not-very cheap candles. Some candles burn easily but some when when you light it takes ages before it melts and that's a great candle especially when you have stamped the candles coz friends and families will enjoy the candles for a long time =D

Thanks Claire, a fellow crafter for sharing this kind of art. During my trial session in using different mediums, I learned a lot in personalizing my candles :D

I sold lots of these candles hehehehehehehhe and still selling =)

Here are the materials I used when I first tried stamping on candles last Dec 2008

Stamp the images you like on a craft tissue paper and color your image(s) if you like.

Cut the images but at least leave a little ... teeny-weeny space around the image.

Dab a little glue on the stamp image but it's optional.

When cutting a wax paper, make sure it's long enough so you can hold tight the wax paper.
Use your heating tool =) With the help of the heating tool, it takes images that have been 
stamped onto tissue paper gently melts onto the surface of the candle.
You will know if the image has been successfully transferred 
coz you will see a kind'a like shiny effect when heating.


CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [21 Apr 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria


Oh Thanks so much Maria =)

♥ ♥ ♥ Cold Porcelain by Erika Alvarado said...

I enjoyed this tutorial about stamping on candles!!! such a nice idea!
I have one Q, can we chalk color or design? or does in need to be inked?


Hi Erika! yes you may use any color medium for this project. In fact some of my candles were colored with chalks. I tried coloring it with copics and it went well. You may also use a color printer if you have no time to color at all. Hope this helps =) Oh thanks for dropping by leaving love and kindness.... I truly appreciated it.

Anonymous said...

where can i buy craft tissue paper in phils?

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