Kiddie Placemats (TDS project - Issue #11 2009)

This set of kiddie placemat is my very first project created for The Daily Scrapper (TDS) now TDS Lifetyle. You may still see my project at TDS - http://www.thedailyscrapper.com/2009/issue11afc/hybrid_placemat1.html

Going out for a picnic is one of the activities being done by families and friends especially during summer. Using Hot Feet Cold Treat Kit by Amy Sumrall and Pamela Donnis, I was inspired to do 4 Kiddie Placemats and a set of matching Tablecloth Weights. But I would like to show first the placemats then the tablecloth weights.

Now, let me walk you through the steps in making this project and let’s start with the:

Supplies Needed:
• Digital Kit Hot Feet Cold Treat by Amy Sumrall and Pamela Donnis
• A4 Matte Photo Paper - Canon (150g/m2)
• Laminating Machine – Peach Silverline
• Laminating Pouches - Peach
• Pages of Kiddie Mind Games

  1. Open your scrapbook software or any editing software.
  2. Open Hot Feet Cool Treat Folder and create layouts by using different papers and embellishments.
  3. When satisfied with all the layouts, one has the option to create or add word art for each layout.
  4. I made word art for each placemat using fonts that I have in my laptop.
  5. Print your layouts using matte photo papers making sure that the back part of the photo paper is also printable.
  6. Scan few kiddie games that you have at home and print it onto the other side of the matte photo paper. Adding kiddie mind game will help the kids do something while in transit or simply waiting for the food to be served.
  7. Laminate each layout and ready to use.
Simple to create and my son with his friends enjoyed using the mats when they eat at our garden.


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