Completing My TH Ranger Distress Ink Pads

DH is free from work and we usual wait until 10am before we can make plans for the day.  When phone rings before 10am, we are both kind'a nervous - crossing our fingers that it's not from any of our stores having problems like a staff is sick or the printer is going crazy, etc. 

For this day right after lunch, hubby helped me to continue my shopping with regards to hand towels and towels.  I told him I will buy it within the week but he got worried that these items will be too heavy for me to carry.  Well he is right coz I have to buy sssssssssssoooooooooo much and of course I need strong arms with muscles to carry up to the car hahahahahahaha.

After buying the much-needed house items, he was kind enough to join me in just looking around at craft stores which by the way are few here in Uppsala.  I was really planning to buy more distress ink pads and guess what?  It drove me crazy coz there are 12 new Ranger Distress Ink pads by Tim Holtz!!!!  Gggggggggrrrrrrr, just when I'm planning to complete my collection comes a new batch for 2010.

The sad part is that all the new colors were sold out but was able to grab 1 new color called "crushed olive".  That's the only thing I bought ... for now hahahahahahaha.  There were other colors not part of 2010 but I just don't remember which ones I have:(  Anyway, we had to rush home coz DH has to get Joseph from school.

Those marked with "OK" - I already have and will complete the pads as days go by.  Yup!  I have an A5 size guide chart that I will bring next time I go down the city =D


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