Crochet Dare !!!

10 April 2010

Joseph woke up with a slight fever and he stayed at home with his half-brother while I went with our usual Saturday grocery day.  Sad to say we were not able to have lunch at my in-laws which we always do every Saturday for 5 years now coz I have to rush home and be with Joseph.

Since Joseph wants mamma beside him all the time, I decided to take out the Crochet box I bought and dared to try.  Hhhhmmm, all i know about crochet is the chain stitch which we did during our elementary days at Holy Spirit (Cubao branch) in the Philippines hahahahahaha but the kit I bought was meant for 8yrs old above so I was kind'a successful doing some flowers which I know I can use when I do some layouts.  I say kind'a coz I have to learn to relax my hands when crocheting.  I was so stiff that it hurts at the end plus the stitches turned out to be too tight in some areas.

Here are my works but remember I'm a first timer =)

 The square project is just a trial and called "Single Crochet"
The mini flowers (top right pix) is called "Small Crochet Circles"
The next flowers (middle right pix) is called "Crocheted Flower Shape"
The last flower (bottom right pix) is called "Fancy Circle"

The Small Crochet Flowers didn't turn out the way it is as seen on the instruction manual but will try again next time.  Will also try "Fancy Square" if I have time.


liargao said...

nice parang di first timer...i remember my mama....haaay


Thanks Chez! But i really need to relax my hands when crocheting so it will not be too tight. Thanks for dropping by =D

thecraftyladybug said...

cool... mag-e-enjoy ka nyan lalo :)


hehehehhhehehehehehehhe medyo kaso hanggang flowers lang kaya ng powers ko :(

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