Laser Game Party Invites and Giveaways

A very unusual thing happened to me.  My son didn't have a party during his birthday last October simply because the Laser Game is fully booked and the next available date is 1st week of December but then we will be out of the country by that time to celebrate hubby's birthday for a week.  And so we booked it for 2nd week instead, which was last Sunday.

When we arrived from Gran Canaria, I was totally exhausted then come Monday, the 10th, I suddenly remembered that I haven't done the party invitations yet!!!!  How can I forget that, right?  I have barely a week!!!!

The whole morning of Tuesday, the next day, I created something fast (20 pieces) plus stamped images on every envie then the same day before getting my son from school I mailed all the invitations.  The next day I created the packaging of give-a-ways, too, and bought all the goodies for the give-a-ways!  Yeah, I made spaghetti for the kids ... ordered a cake since I can no longer make my own .... and the special request of my son :  homemade ice cream =)  Whew!

The party was a success!

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