Blog Award for Me

What a surprise when I opened my site ... got a blog award from Ails this day =D Thanks so much Ails =)

I'm forwarding this "Beautiful Award" to the following who I know in my heart derserves one, too:

1. Thanni
2. Ardilla
3. Lia
4. Orlis
5. Avelyn
6. Maryann
7. Connsue
8. Cris
9. Joanna
10. Joan
11. Leslie
12. Ghie
13. Faith
14. Joyce
15. Carmen
16. Cat
17. Andy
18. Clarise
19. Milly
20 Vicky
21. and of course Claire

They are great fellow crafters that never stops creating awesome projects =)

For the "Beautiful Blogger" award, the nominated needs to:
~ Thank the person who nominated you and make link to their blog.
~ Copy the award and paste it to your blog.
~ Pass this award on to fantastic bloggers you have discovered.
~ Contact your nominations and let them now they've won.


Joanna said...

congratulations ate!
you deserve it naman talaga. :D

<3 Joanna

thecraftyladybug said...

Hello there, beautiful, I nominated you as Beautiful Blogger because you are such an inspiration to me... http://journeywiththecraftyladybug.blogspot.com/2010/03/wow-im-so-happy-to-received-this-award.html


Thank you so much Joanna =) You deserve a blog award, too, that's why I'm giving it to you =)


Thanks Jas for the award, too =)

Maryann Laursen said...

CONGRATULATIONS sweetie, you sooo deserve this if any does, and thanks sooo much for the great honor to recieve it from you too, as I´m not even close the level you are, but Í´m very proud to recieve it. Thanks sooo much dear.

Unknown said...

You and Maryann certainly deserve these awards!! Not only for the incredible crafts you do but for the great inspiration and help you give to everyone!
Thank you both so much for the nomination but I am so far away from being in yours and Maryann league that it is the distance from the earth to the moon!! But I will keep trying because of your inspiration!

ninotchka said...

Congrats!!!!!! Really happy to see that you received this award; your work is awesome, I like it very much.

Thanks a lot for the nomination!!!! It is a beautiful surprise.

best regards and keep the good work!!!!

cat said...

u deserve the award. thanks ms jerosha for the nomination :) god bless!!!!

Thanni said...

Thank you so very much for the nomination - such a wonderful surprice! :)

Papercrazy said...

Thanks for the nomination, my friend!!! I have added your link to my blog :)) Hope you'll stop by and look around.....

Vickie (papercrazy)


Hi Vicky! I went to see your site and now you have a great theme hehehehehehehe. Oh by the way, thanks for including me as your link but then I hope you don't mind if I correct the spelling hehehehehehhe - it's scrapihapilicousme. See you around dear =)

clarise said...

HI Jerosha! :) I can't believe I'm just seeing this! :) Thank you so much for the award, I appreciate it immensely. Thank you, thank you! You're wonderful! :)

Clarise :)


I keep on getting confused of your real name :( Is it Faith or Cöarise? I'm sorry if I got confused:( Anyway, I have been admiring all your creations and too bad we were not able to meet when I visited Philippines last May 2009 but there will be next time.

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