Entry #47 - NCM 2010 : Sympathy Card

I made this card last March 13 but we were so in a hurry to see Swedish couple who are very close to us, Anders and Agneta. Agneta lost her mother due to cancer then a week after Anders father died of unknown illness. It was too much for all of us and I had a hard time creating this card since I was crying.

Obviously due to the situation I totally forgot to take a picture and show you but hehehehehehehehe I called her and ask if I can drop by and take a picture so it wil be included in my National Craft Month celebration. They live 10 blocks away and I don't mind taking a walk in this wet, cold, crazy weather we have today just to take a picture - yeah, yeah all for the love of crafting hehehehehehehehe.

Anyway, while I was searching for Joseph's Spiderman winter boots at the basement, I found my long lost cross-stitch project. I started doing this early part of 2000 but I never had the chance to finish it due to work then my dad got sick then he died. This is the last project of mine and never dared to finish it due to memories. Hhhhhhhhhmmmmm, maybe one of these years I will finish this project but first I have to finish that super small project I started while I was in Thailand ... remember? hihihihihihihi


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