What are Scrap Sketches?

Running out of Layout Ideas?
Are you a beginnner in scrapbooking and confused how to make your first LO?
So in a hurry to transform all your pictures stored in a box or CD or even hard disk?

Scrap Sketches will surely help you!

Sketches or blueprints are a great way to get your scrapbook pages jumpstarted.
Sketches can help you get design and photo placement ideas.
Sketches can even help you use your embellishments.

When using a scrapbook sketch, you need to apply common sense. Sometimes a particular sketch idea will not work exactly for your photos and available supplies. Maybe your photos are landscape instead of portrait, maybe you don’t like journalling on your pages, or maybe you don’t have exactly the right size or shape of accent. This doesn’t mean you can’t use the sketch idea. It simply means you need to do a little improvising!

I don't use sketches because I enjoy the painstaking creative process hihihihihihi but surely if you're struggling with the creative process and just can’t focus on what you want your end result to look like, sketches are an absolute Godsend.

Btw, there are other sites who give sketches as freebies so have fun searching. You may use newspapers or magazines or catalogues as inspirations, too.
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