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Good day to all of you !

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Never Underestimate the Weather

Darn!  I literally froze this afternoon all because I underestimated the weather this day.  From the inside the weather seems fine ... sun is shining bright and not much wind.  Thinking that it would be a great sunny weather like last week hitting 25 degrees, I just wore a leather jacket over.  Hubby took me to the church since it's been a habit of mine to do that every Monday, before going to work.  My morning session at work went fine and I was in fact looking forward for my lunch break coz hubby and I would eat at the restaurant every Monday before I continue with my activities for the rest of the day.

Lo and behold!  When hubby and I went out of the restaurant the weather was too cold!!!!  Aside from the fact that it's only 7 degrees, the wind comes from the north which I later found out when I got here at home :(  Hubby went home while I have to go to the gym for my 3x a week session.  Geez!  Instead of just window shopping for at least 30 minutes before I can actually begin my gym session, I had to buy a scarf and soft gloves.  It took me half an hour to find the right scarf and that's when it dawned on me that I should have brought the scarf I patiently made last February.  Well can't sulk much so at the end I grabbed a black soft scarf with tiny prints of flowers in orange and pink hues and sad to say no soft gloves available anymore.

Everything went fine at the gym and I enjoyed the heat from the bastu before taking the shower and head home.  While waiting for the bus I was literally freezing coz of course the scarves one can buy at the stores nowadays are thin.  When I got home I changed my clothes and wore the scarf I made ... which by the way while writing this I'm actually still wearing it hahahahahaahhahahahaha.

Here's the scarf I made and it's actually the very first scarf I ever made ... maybe the last =)


Spring: A Fresh Start … A New Beginning

Hello everyone!  For 2 months I have been totally out of the circulation here but I can say with all my heart that I enjoyed every second by just being a wife and a hands-on business partner to my husband plus of course a mom to my little boy and my grown-up step-son plus a daughter to my DILs.  Hoping that my back-to-normal working schedule will be smoothly implemented so that I have at least few hours to play in my craft room.  Would you believe I don't even remember where I kept some of my tools and materials that yesterday I had to familiarize myself once again in both my craft rooms?  It was a funny feeling hahahahahahah.

It's awesome that Spring is finally here. One doesn't have to just long for such weather coz we can actually feel it and see it. The air has a special sweet scent that comes with the wind and the sweetest of all is after the Spring rain scent. From the greeneries that are sprouting all over around us to the animals who have been hibernating during the winter months are out completing a perfect scenery for the few months to come.
To some Spring is a time when parties are being held everywhere. Friends and families take their bikes and drop by to say hello. A lot would travel somewhere to experience a different kind of Spring, witnessing how beautiful indeed Spring is. It is a season when we could hear laughter in every corner and children playing until they get exhausted. Money can never buy the laughter you hear all around and the sun is shining longer than usual that anyone enjoys going out for a walk regardless if there are days when the wind bites or even a little drizzle doesn't count as a hindrance to bask in such a weather.

As for me, Spring is a season full of hope and wonders. It is the time of the year when we all feel that it is a season of change(s) in our lives and all the living things. As every petal blooms slowly we simply grow with it side by side. Looking at every budding flower anticipating what it would look like is a special feeling. The bushes and the trees suddenly brings life to a once brown and wilted living thing. For short, Spring is magical and a miracle at itself!

I do love Spring eversince I get to experience it in a 4-seasons country far far away from my native land, Philippines. There are moments that tears would roll down because of joy and gladness. God created a wonderful place for all of us to live in but sad to say each one of us one way or another have contributed to now a dying place called earth. I guess people took advantage of the gift God has given us. But glad to say that a part of the world-wide population is advocating on how to save the earth. Small things we do in saving our planet contributes to living longer in this wonderful place to live at called EARTH.

Here's wishing you all a joyful and glorious season of hope this springtime =)

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