(Week 07) - Journal 52 : When I Grow Up

It's time once again for my weekly journal under Journal 52 and it's all about what I want to be when I grow up.  All of us I believe had dreams when we were a kid about what we ant to be.  I also believe ALL parents asked their kids about the same question, right?  When I read the prompt which says "
When you were a kid, did you know what you wanted to be when you grow up? Maybe you wanted to be a teacher or an astronaut for example.
For this week’s prompt, create a page about your “dream job” – what would you do if you do if you could do anything? If you already do work you love, make a list of the things you enjoy about the work that you do. If you’re not sure, then think back to being a child – what activities did you enjoy or what did you hope to do when you grow up?"

I, of course had an immediate answer to such question even up to now when someone asks me and that is for me to :be a STEWARDESS.  I remember I'm always in awe when I see flight attendants in their clean and crisp uniforms and all of them I must say are beautiful indeed in their own way.  I do have a cousin who was a stewardess and I adore her.  Imagine, they get to travel all over the world and even when they are serving food in the plane they stay elegant until one leaves the plane either for next flight or just going home.  Yes, I tried applying and I humbly say I got accepted but it was really my dad against the whole idea.  He told me horrible and possibilities that may happen to me so at the end I pursued my career in Fine Art major in Advertising plus music.  I stayed in the private world for a decade and joined the government as one of the Presidential Staff Officer concentrating on Social Media and Advocacy for 2 Presidents.  My last stint in the government was being the Chief-of-Staff in a prestigious PR agency.  I have no regrets on the path I chose for I met my hubby at the right time, gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Aside from being a Stewardess, I dream to of course be married to a loving, kind-hearted, understand, patient, good provider, and God-fearing man .... then have a child ... be a fulfilled woman in a lot of ways that I don't have to go into detail about that .... grow old with my husband and die peacefully.  ALL of which God has given it to me except for the fulfilled woman part coz I'm in the process as well as the dying part AND being a Stewardess hehehehehehehehehe BUT I'm thankful for that because for many years now I get to travel to see the world with my family anywhere I want PLUs I'm the one being served in the plane and not the other way around.

The main technique I used here was clear packaging tape transfer which I will share with you later.

What was your childhood dream when you grow up?

Happy week-end everyone and God bless!


Mini Post-It On-the-Go Keeper

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Don't you just love post-it notes?  Oh, well maybe I'm the only one who is addicted to post-its and it's really embarrassing to take a picture just to show you how many I have for now.  While I was cleaning one of my make-up drawers, I found hubby's I.D. card he had during one of his conferences in Stockholm.  Upon seeing it I knew what I'm going to do about it.  Surely it would be handy for me coz I love sticking post-its in my filofax, the Bible, my Project Life planner and the likes.

Here's what I did:

I think I will look for more plastic I.D. cards here at home and use it as my post-it keeper.  The next project I have to make is my washi tape on-the-go keeper so I don't have to take the whole bunch everytime I needed it.

Oh my!  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I know millions of people will be celebrating it tremendously.  As for me, I really do not dwell much on this event eversince I was a kid and luckily hubby feels the same way because for us EVERYDAY is really a Valentine's Day =)

 So to all of you celebrating the V-Day :  Have a great day with your love ones =)


(Week 06) - Journal 52 - The Lost Art of Love Letters

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Aw, what a sweet prompt this week - The Lost Art of Love Letters!

I was giggling all the time when I was conceptualizing my art journal page for this week much more when I was making it happen.  It brings back memories - the time my hubby saw me at internet and he sent a letter to me.  From then on we exchange love letters everyday until the day he came to Philippines and proposed marriage to me.  Although we exchanged love letters thru internet I feel that it was best in our situation coz we were both not getting any younger.  Imagine the waiting and anticipation when the letter will arrive from mail posts!!!!!  I think it would have been a total longingness that one cannot breathe hahahahaha!

Here's the prompt I got at Journal 52
With it being Valentine’s Day this week, I thought I would bring up a lost art: Love letters.

For this week’s prompt, take inspiration from a love letter. Use a love letter quote or try writing your own love letter to a friend or family member, your sweetheart, secret crush, or even to yourself.

Receiving this prompt we hurriedly read and read ALL our letters to each other and it made us both laugh and blush like teenagers!  YES!, I printed out and compiled ALL our letters a week after I migrated here in Sweden.  Hubby wrote touching letters that I had to close my eyes and randomly pick one for me to use in my journal page.  I picked the letter dated June 28, 2002.  Every element in my page has a meaning =)

Materials Used:

Sizzix Tim Holtz Alteration Die :  Vintage Typewriter
Foil Cardstock - silver
Crystal Beads
Wooden Beads which I took from old bracelets
Leather string
Postal Washi Tape
Sweden flag Washi Tape
Fabric hearts
Fabric were I cut and adhere the tree and woman in blue
Felt hearts and bird with branch
Handmade envelop using shrinkie plastic

I still love receiving love letters from hubby.  For me, writing a love letter is something very deep instead of sending love text messages - it's one of the setbacks in this new age.  I guess I'm still old-fashioned.

Week 05 (Journal 52) - Abstract Art Inspiration

Abstract Art is our week prompt for Week 05/52.  When I got the prompt I was excited coz I just love abstract art.  It was a funny moment for us who participated in Journal 52 because a lot got confused on Abstract Art and so one of the participants took a kind effort on explaining the difference between Abstract art Non-Objective Art.  Just in case you get confused, too, here is a simple explanation to which I quote Ms. Tina Grimes "I think many people are confusing Abstract vs. Non-Objective Art. This came up in college a time or two, and when I was teaching high school art my students often struggled with it. So I just wanted to offer some explanation, in case it will help anyone here who is struggling with it. Abstract Art has recognizable images/objects in it, however they are distorted from reality by the artist. Cubism is a great example of this, as is Picasso's art. Non-Objective Art, on the other hand, has no recognizable objects in it; it's all about the treatment of the surface, the colors, etc. The art of Jackson Pollock is a very good example of this. When you look at Non-Objective art, you simply don't see anything recognizable in it. When you look at Abstract art you DO see recognizable objects, they just are not depicted in a realistic way. This is how I was taught to understand Abstract vs. Non-Objective in college. I hope it will help someone here."
Ok, back to Journal 52 ...... as what is written:
"Abstract art is defined as art that does not attempt to represent external, recognizable reality but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures.

“Abstract artists tell their stories with shapes, color, edges, movement, and value – just like when one is painting a beautiful scene. The difference is, of course, there is no scene. The scene is within the artist.” – Gwen Fox
For this week’s prompt, create an abstract art page in your journal. Use colors, shapes, lines, textures. You can choose whether to paint, draw, or collage."

What I created for this prompt?  Well, I worked on it only last night coz I had to find my Spritzer which I bought last November 2013.  I really wanted to try the tool and luckily I found it just when I almost gave up.   I admit I need to learn more on how to use the tool properly coz I felt uncomfortable but I love what I achieved after playing with the tool and the Sharpie pens.  Spritzer by Perfect Paper Crafting says one can use any pens/markers but with all the pens/markers that I have the Copic Markers and the Pro-Markers wouldn't fit at all :(  I ended up using my Papermania and Sharpie pens.  How I wish all as in ALL pens do fit!

 Here's my journal page - Abstract Art Inspiration:

After looking at it thoroughly I entitled it "Moodswing" due to the faces with different emotions that I see.  Yes, I added glass beads  at the edge and used the alphabet beads to spell my title.

Happy crafting!


Burlap Christmas Cutlery Holder

Just two days before Christmas I went to a Flea Market and there I bought vintage silver-gold cutlery which was perfect for our planned Christmas Äretun gathering.  I got vintage silverware from my DMIL.  It was hers given during their wedding day and the whole set was super elegant - white with gold sidings and gold small flowers on the side.  Anyway, when I got home I hurriedly looked for my green burlap and started sewing cutlery holders.  I accentuated each holder with poinsettia which I patiently removed one by one from an old wreath.  Aside from the vintage cutlery I bought at the flea market, I bought different colors of band with tassel effect but for this particular project I used the white one.   I'm not really good in sewing but what the heck! I love how it turned out given that it was a last minute project.

 Here's the process:

 Yup, that's our very old dog, Kasper.  He always wants mamma =)

Fray the edges =)

Adhere the plastic poinsettia flowers using a glue gun =)

That's it!


Elegant Crosses from New Testament Cricut Cart

Soon almost the whole world will celebrate the Holy Week month and what a great way to add some crosses in our paper creations.  I played with my New Testament Cricut cart and I was in awe when I laid all the crosses that the cart can cut.  The rosary is super cute!  Some crosses need patience in assembling but over-all it was worth my time this very early morning.

Just in case you are wondering what crosses can be cut in the said cartridge, here they are all 40 of it:

Here are the Bible Verses in the said cartridge: (50 verses)

Matt. 4:17
Matt. 4:19
Matt. 5:4
Matt. 5:5
Matt. 5:8
Matt. 5:14
Matt. 5:16
Matt. 6: 9-10
Matt. 6-11
Matt. 6:24
Matt. 11: 28
Matt. 22:37
Matt. 25:40
Matt. 26:26
Matt. 26: 27-28

Mark 16:15
Mark 16:16

Luke 2:7
Luke 2:10
Luke 2:11
Luke 2:14
Luke 24:36
Luke 24:39

John 1:1
John 3:5
John 3:16
John 8:32
John 11:27
John 14:6
John 14:15
John 15:12
John 15:13
John 7:3

Acts 7:56
Acts 16:31
Romans 1:16

1 Cor. 10-13
1 Cor 13:8
1 Cor 15:22
Gal. 1:13
Eph. 6:11
Phil. 4:13
2 Tim 3:16
2 Thes. 2:2
James 1:5
James 2:17
1 John 4:16
Rev. 14:7 (2x but different line from the verse)
Rev. 19:6

Aside from the crosses and Bible verses there are tons of images equivalent to each verse =)  One thing I'm so sure of is that almost all the images found in the cartridge aint  hard in assembling! I think I know where I will use all the crosses from this cartridge.

Happy crafting!


My Lost and Found FiloFax

During my Advertising days in the Philippines, I always have my Filofax with me.  It was given by one of my first cousins (father side) when I was just 28 years old.  For years I have been wondering where in the world did I put it.  Deep in my heart I know I brought it here with me in Sweden when I migrated but tried to look for it in all those boxes several times but to no avail. Well, luck came last Saturday evening while I was thinking of my hubby who was in Stockholm for 2nights and 3 days. 

My poor over-used Filofax is really old but I know with TLC I will be able to do something about it which by the way I haven't decided yet.  I feel that I have to do something about the over-all look of it and either I will cut some beautiful cardstocks or maybe buy fillers if it's on sale.  Will I transform it into my blog planner?  Hhhmmm but I already have one using right now.  Oh maybe a handy art journal or maybe a diary.  Hhhmmm but I don't do diary coz I have a Project Life planner.  I know there are lots of things to do with Filofax but I just need a little time on deciding what exactly will I do with it.  All I know is that I'm so happy to finally found my Filofax after 18 years!

 What do you use Filoax for?  Any suggestions?


Impulse Buying to Cure the Blues

With so much going on in my craft zones I totally forgot that I've got 3 NEW Cricut Cartridges which I got last 23rd of January this year.  The truth is it was a snowy day and I'm all alone at home feeling blue and buying something normally makes my mood glad and such gladness would last the whole day feeling the excitement as to when the package will arrive.  Well, I'm glad I did buy it out of impulse coz looking at the cuts one can make is really awesome.  I even had no idea that new cartridges being sold does not have the overlay and having said that one has to buy a separate Universal Overlay.  Whew!  I actually bought it,too, because it was on sale - practically paying nothing at all and thinking that maybe someday I need it.  Little did I know that I really need it to use my new bought cartridges.

Small Talk Frames & Tags is actually my favorite now that I have scrutinized every page in the booklet.  It is just so perfect for my Project Life.  The question is will I not be lazy to make some cuts soon?, haist!  I'm not really lazy - it's just that so much going on in my life that I tend to do easier craft tasks with my limited free time.  Yeah, I have to dwell on making cuts from this cartridge for one day sooner or later coz the images are truly perfect for Project Life.

Edge To Edge -  it's very inspiring to cut my own stencils using this cartridge.  Each cut is truly unique in it's own way.  Well, the same way with my Paper Lace 1 and 2 cartridges I can cut stencils but in edge to edge the images I see are truly different.

When I Was a Kid Cricut Circle Membership - I bought it because it's been 4 years now that I don't do scrapbooking.  Bad, right?  I'm just tired everyday that conceptualizing my layout I end up falling asleep.  So, maybe just maybe with this cartridge scrapbooking part of my son's childhood years will help me.    Oh my I didn't even know that there are 2 kinds of this cart :  the Cricut Circle Membership and Cricut® Everyday Cartridge, When I Was a Kid.  The one I bought states that Digital Version included and Cricut Membership logo.  Hhhmmm so does it mean my cart has more cuts than the other kind?  I don't know - I have to find that out one of these days.

So there you go!  What winter blues can do to me!!!!

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