My Lost and Found FiloFax

During my Advertising days in the Philippines, I always have my Filofax with me.  It was given by one of my first cousins (father side) when I was just 28 years old.  For years I have been wondering where in the world did I put it.  Deep in my heart I know I brought it here with me in Sweden when I migrated but tried to look for it in all those boxes several times but to no avail. Well, luck came last Saturday evening while I was thinking of my hubby who was in Stockholm for 2nights and 3 days. 

My poor over-used Filofax is really old but I know with TLC I will be able to do something about it which by the way I haven't decided yet.  I feel that I have to do something about the over-all look of it and either I will cut some beautiful cardstocks or maybe buy fillers if it's on sale.  Will I transform it into my blog planner?  Hhhmmm but I already have one using right now.  Oh maybe a handy art journal or maybe a diary.  Hhhmmm but I don't do diary coz I have a Project Life planner.  I know there are lots of things to do with Filofax but I just need a little time on deciding what exactly will I do with it.  All I know is that I'm so happy to finally found my Filofax after 18 years!

 What do you use Filoax for?  Any suggestions?


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