Impulse Buying to Cure the Blues

With so much going on in my craft zones I totally forgot that I've got 3 NEW Cricut Cartridges which I got last 23rd of January this year.  The truth is it was a snowy day and I'm all alone at home feeling blue and buying something normally makes my mood glad and such gladness would last the whole day feeling the excitement as to when the package will arrive.  Well, I'm glad I did buy it out of impulse coz looking at the cuts one can make is really awesome.  I even had no idea that new cartridges being sold does not have the overlay and having said that one has to buy a separate Universal Overlay.  Whew!  I actually bought it,too, because it was on sale - practically paying nothing at all and thinking that maybe someday I need it.  Little did I know that I really need it to use my new bought cartridges.

Small Talk Frames & Tags is actually my favorite now that I have scrutinized every page in the booklet.  It is just so perfect for my Project Life.  The question is will I not be lazy to make some cuts soon?, haist!  I'm not really lazy - it's just that so much going on in my life that I tend to do easier craft tasks with my limited free time.  Yeah, I have to dwell on making cuts from this cartridge for one day sooner or later coz the images are truly perfect for Project Life.

Edge To Edge -  it's very inspiring to cut my own stencils using this cartridge.  Each cut is truly unique in it's own way.  Well, the same way with my Paper Lace 1 and 2 cartridges I can cut stencils but in edge to edge the images I see are truly different.

When I Was a Kid Cricut Circle Membership - I bought it because it's been 4 years now that I don't do scrapbooking.  Bad, right?  I'm just tired everyday that conceptualizing my layout I end up falling asleep.  So, maybe just maybe with this cartridge scrapbooking part of my son's childhood years will help me.    Oh my I didn't even know that there are 2 kinds of this cart :  the Cricut Circle Membership and Cricut® Everyday Cartridge, When I Was a Kid.  The one I bought states that Digital Version included and Cricut Membership logo.  Hhhmmm so does it mean my cart has more cuts than the other kind?  I don't know - I have to find that out one of these days.

So there you go!  What winter blues can do to me!!!!


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