Recycling Old Christmas Tablecloth

I bet you guys don't have any idea how addicted I am when it comes to fabrics. Yeah, I'm not into sewing like you guys do but I know how to sew simple curtains and tablecloths. When I go out for shopping either craft goodies or shoes, clothes, bags, jewelries, decors, and kiddie items, I would buy fabrics whenever I see that attracts my attention. I also have a habit .... bad habit maybe ... that after using the fabrics specifically as curtains or tablecloths I just DON'T WANT to use it again. Bad of me, huh?

To be honest, I tried many times to use it again whatever fabric that I have but it just gives me the unhappy feeling so I end up buying new ones to bring back the smile on my face.

What do I do with "I don't want it the second time around fabrics?" Well, as I've said I give it away ..... or just hidden in the basement. BUT, things change and now I started recycling them.

To start with, I played with my christmas tablecloth I used once 4 Christmases ago hehehhehehehehehhehe. It's a waterproof fabric and the designs are so joyful that I decided to turn it into a wall decor for this jolly season.




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