Entry #5 and #6 - NCM 2010 : Mini Lampshades

I couldn't sleep last night coz there's too much to clean but body is weak to do more chores. Went to my craft room to spend a little time but ended up altering 2 more plain mini lampshades. I have created lampshades before but the truth is I will never get tired of it coz it's very useful and it's a great gift to give on any occasions.

I accentuated the RED mini lamps with eyelash bands and gold Pearl Maker plus Prima flowers, leaves and bows bought in Thailand. I did remove the yellow center from the flowers and replaced with gold roses instead.

As for the Blue lampshades I used gold zigzag band then accentuated with gold glittered fabric flower and centered it with mini flower bought in the Philippines.

My Previous Mini Lampshades:


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