Entry #4 - NCM 2010 : Simple Organization for My Latest Prima Flowers

Before we left for our R & R trip to Thailand, I was well-informed by my dearest friend and fellow-crafter that Prima Flowers are actually made in Thailand. Aside form that she also told me to open my eyes for hand-made papers coz each piece is amazingly beautiful. Hearing that I started drooling coz Prima Flowers here are way too expensive and I get to buy when it's on sale which is very rare.

Can you imagine me searching and searching for Prima Flowers in Thailand?
Can you imagine my face so desperate to find and buy?
Can you imagine me under the heat sweating and starting to give up the search?
Can you imagine me not minding the oh so cutie clothes that I caneasily buy but refused due to Prima flowers as my top priority?
Can you imagine me asking around and always they get shock coz they thought I'm Thai but when I can't understand them and try to comminicate in English they then realize the truth?
Can you imagine me everyday ... at the end of the day I have sadness in my eyes?
Can you imagine me that I cried a little and hubby saw then asked the reason why?


Can you imagine me with joy and gladness when I've finally found Prima Flowers?

During our last week in Thailand, hubby rented a car and driver all for my sake just to go to the main city of Phuket which is about 45mins. drive .... up and down the mountains, just to reach a claustrophobic market and buy what I want. I left hubby and Joseph at 8.30am and off I went with a Thai woman who became a good friend of mine.

Geez! The market is sssssssssoooooo big and everything is in there : wet goods and dry goods =D First stop is the toy section and I bought ALL different TRANSFORMERS to complete Joseph's collection. MY GOODNESS!!!!! It's sssssssssooooooooo cheap!!!! Transformers here cost 250 kronor and above for one but in Thailand I bought 7pcs for only 20kronor each!!! Second stop is Joseph's much needed sleevelss clothes and shorts - accomplished! I took a picture of the market but had to stop coz police approached me and says it is forbidden to take pictures inside. I immediately apologized coz I don't want to be in jail - not in Thailand!!!!

I didn't care about the other sections coz I was so eager to reach the Office Supplies and that is actually my last stop since I stayed long. I literally bought all the prima flowers they have at the rack then picked the handmade papers (Rolls!) I saw. I checked more and saw some stamps but Thai alpha is what they have. I bought envelops for cards ... checked ribbons but they have ugly ribbons (hihihihihihi) ... then I saw partly hidden more rubber stamps and shockingly they only have 2 designs but bought one each. On my way to the cashier, I asked if they have more of the paper flowers in stock but sad to say no new deliveries yet :(

All in all I'm just happy to have my prima flowers =D

This day as I continue on my project : CLEANING the whole house - I spent a little time actually during my resting moments, I organized my newly acquired embellishments. And this is how I did it: I remembered I bought 6 jumbo album rings and I used 2 rings to hang my prima flowers. Of course I had to remove it first in it's original packaging and re-packed it with zip-lock. The rest of the rings I used it when I organized my necklaces, bangles, and earrings =) My flowers are now neatly hanged at the corner of my craft room.

Want to see what other goodies I bought in Thailand?
Click http://jerosha.multiply.com/photos/album/203


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