Entry #19 - NCM 2010 : My Embossing Folders Guide

Ha! After much thinking on what to do with all the embossed papers I have done using various embossing folders, I have finally decided NOT to use the embossed papers but instead I chose it as my guide a.k.a swatches.

I was torn between just use an album ring like what I did with "My Edge Punchers Guide" or secure each paper on an album. This time I did not laminate each but utilized my acid-free photo album that fits perfectly in any of my bags. I accentuated it with the ring given to me by Maryann. She gave me a necklace with blue beads secured on a ring which she made last year but since she made it, I guess it's just perfect to be part of my craft world.

As I've mentioned in my previous blog about "Heaven With Textures", I did categorize each embossed paper. I applied it in my embossing folder album so I know which category to look at when doing a project. Few pages in the album are still empty but once my latest batches of embossing folders will arrive then I know where to put each. Oh yes, I did leave few pages in every category just in case I buy more hehehehehehehehehehehehe.

Isn't it great to slowly organize my things?

Here it is:

Those are the tabs I made using Stampin' Up Tab Punch then used some stickers, mini punchers and freehand drawing.


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