Entry #21 - NCM 2010 : Flower Soft Labels

I only have few Flower Soft and if you have the you know how a flower soft is packaged. It's in a small acrylic case that when you look at it one will think that not much per case. Well, I was wrong on that matter coz when I used one for the first time last year, each case contains a lot. I had to make sure I have a plastic hard case like lunch box of Joseph hehehehehehehe when I use one coz I don't want to waste even a small amount. I got tired of such procedure so I bought mini lunch box cases for each of my flower soft then labeled each on one side which I made in the computer. The problem was I find the covers too plain. Accidentally, I found out that the original labels from the original flower soft containers were removable and that made me happy. Why?

Simple Procedure:

1. I used the ever helpful MS Circle Cutter to make the right size of circles since nothing fits if I use my round nestabilities.
2. Used the scallop nestabilites as the outer layer of my labels.
3. Green stamp pad for the edges of the circles.
4. Assembled the labels using powertape.
5. Adhered each label also using powertape.


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