Entry #3 - NCM 2010 : Organizing My Buttons

Ha! Organizing and cleaning are so much in my blood for the past few days ... whole house - hey isn't that something to celebrate? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I guess it's early Spring cleaning for me eventhough it's snowing everyday here I'd rather think that Spring is just around the corner.

As far as I can remember I have only used buttons in any of my creations about 3x. Bad of me! It's kind'a crazy coz I have been saving buttons most of the time. In fact, I was able to bring here in Sweden my mom's sewing kit and took out all the buttons from the kit and naturally as my instinct dictated I kept all her buttons. I noticed my mom's buttons were so intricate and would pass for vintage category. Now, the hideous (hahahahahha) part is that I just throw it in a vase or cases so you can just imagine how mixed up the buttons are. Eeeeeeeeewwwwww!

Since I'm in a cleaning/organizing mood I took a fancy on doing something about my colection of buttons both old and new. All I did was:

- find the perfect case that will fit well in my craft room plus taking into consideration that I don't have tons of buttons.

- segregated the colors/shades

- then of course placed each batch on it's space.

I vowed myself that I will make use of my buttons when I create something from time to time.

Well, this is just what I did for this day as far as National Craft Month celebration is concerned. My whole body aches and my eyes is just a slit now since I'm dying to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day and that means I will spend few hours cleaning one room at the basement. If I finish one then 3 1/2 rooms more to go, haist!


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