2009 How I Organized My Room :D

Being the last day of the National Craft Month, I decided to totally dedicate this day by organizing my room. Meaning, I spent the whole day fixing my room and did it up to the last important detail. But of course, from time to time I will be revamping something but as it is now, it is really an organized room. After I have accomplished my goal for the day, I tried to work and see if things are indeed accessible. Oh YES it is :D

I am really happy, contented and fulfilled that I dedicated my whole day by showing how much I cared about my craft materials and tools - and that is by having the discipline of cleaning my room and keeping them safe.

Now, the question is?
Will I be able to maintain the cleanliness? The answer is NO! Simple because I create things and naturally it will be a mess hahahahaha.

Let's re-phrase the question, Will I have the discipline to clean my room after I have crafted for the day? The answer is YES! I will do my best to return things where I got them immediately after I use it because I WILL NOT allow another major organization of my room because it's sssssssssssssssssoooooooooooo tiring!!!! hahahahahahaha I promise myself that everytime I have a new tool or material, I will put them where it belongs.

So there my dear friends and fellow crafters, I, Jerosha Äretun, finally know and learn the true meaning of ORGANIZATION :D

Aren't you guys proud of me? hahahahahahahahahahaha
I did it all by myself without anybody helping me hahahahahahahahahaha

Love you guys!
Thanks so much for the love and support you all gave me and giving me :D

Cheers to our friendship and may God bless us all!

Let me show you the BEFORE and AFTER shots =)

Thanks for viewing =)

I know soon I will be re-organizing again simply because I just can't stop buying things  :P


How I Organize and Store My Stickers

Hi again!

ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh just when the National Craft Month is almost over, I get so preoccupied with lots as in LOTS of things, aaaaaaarrrrgggggggggggghhhhh!!!.

What have I been doing this day while my son is in school?

Well, my DH and I have been looking for nice tickets at the internet for our up-coming trip next month. Since last night we have been searching for a good price and it drove us NUTS!!!!! We're so amazed how prices can change every hour and we'll never understand how travel agencies really works hahahahahahahaha :(

Before lunch time, we both agreed that if we find a good price will take it immediately. Luckily, we found the best price and bought it.

Immediately after buying the tickets, I went back to organizing my room. This time I concentrated on my stickers. I never thought I have sssssssssoooooooo much hahahaha. I knew all along that I have lots of stickers but had no idea the bulk of what I have. From this forward, I promise myself that I will not buy more stickers hehehehhehe. In fairness, I got most of my stickers from loving crafty friends hehehehheheheheh. I sorted out my mess and separated any stickers that I found ... categorized .... packed each category .... labeled .... put each case back to the plastic crate .... and BREATHE hahahahahahahahaha

I found a 12.5 x 12.5 inches plastic envelopes and bought all they have in the store. Sorry for those who were planning to buy such coz I bought everything ( 20 pcs.) and plan to buy more when they have it again. I'm proud of myself coz I'm learning what organizing means hahahahahahahahaha. Applaud! applaud!! Am I getting a standing ovation for this? hahahahahahahahahahahaha


Ring Markers

Good evening everyone!

I just found this morning that effective today, Sweden is using Summer Time. Meaning to say our clock moves 1 hour forward. So, my time difference to Philippines is no longer +7hours but you're just ahead of 6 hours.

I woke up a little early today coz very early this morning when I got thirsty and went to the kitchen, naturally I passed by my craft room and noticed that all the mini lampshades I made looks so plain. I felt something is lacking. But I was sleepy so after drinking water, I went back to bed and an idea pop into my mind :D Remember the wine markers I made last year? If you don't remember just click this - http://jerosha.multiply.com/photos/album/31/Glass_Marker_using_Shrink_Film so you'll have an idea what I'm talking about.

So for this 29th day of National Craft Month, I made 3 different sets and added some beads in every ring :D
Here's how I did the rings :D
Stamp the image(s) that you like. You may color the images using colored pencils, chalks, or paint, or stamping pens.

Cut each image about 2 cm away from the image.

If you want a hole, now is the time to punch a hole before baking.

Set your oven to 130 degrees C and bake for 3 -4 minutes only. You may also use your heat gun if you don't have an oven. I have not tried using a micro oven so really have no idea how it works :( I always use oven hehehehehehehehe.

See each set below :

So easy to make and we can make our own personalized embelishments :D

3 Birthday Cards for the Day

Hahahahahahahahahaha I almost forgot to upload what I created for this 28th day of National Craft Month. I have been working in my craft room the whole morning since 9am then I finished all the cards around 2pm. My little boy want candies coz he knows he is allowed to eat candies on week-ends. We don't have any :( So, we have to walk and go all the way to the grocery. He prefer to walk instead of riding in my bike or take the bus so it took us 1 hour and 30 minutes to go and back at home. When my husband came, he told me I have to prepare for a 1 month trip and that we have to look for tickets with good price. I nearly forgot you all coz I was so focused looking for the best price :D

Anyway, for this day, I created 3 birthday cards. I don't know why hehehehehehehehehehehehe. Maybe to get away from organizing my craft room hahahahahahahaha..... just kidding :D I created birthday cards because I will be needing it hahahahahahahahahaha simple as that!

Green Birthday Card With Flowers:

Silver glitter ink stamp pad by HobbyCrafts
Punched mini flowers and mini sun
Polka Dot Ribbon by Panduro
Green satin ribbon by Panduro
Silver glitters for the cenetr of each dlowers
Tag by Panduro
"Happy Birthday" stamp by Printworks

Purple with Cake Birthday Card:

I used the cuttlebug embossed paper with ink which I did several weeks ago
Green Satin Ribbon by Creative Hobby
Violet Satin ribbon from my mom 28 yrs ago
"Birthday Cake" stamped image by Printworks
Stickles of different colors
Stampin' Up Ticket Puncher

Spring Colored Birthday Card:

Left-over cardstocks
Cuttlebug Embossing Folders (4 kinds)
Stampin' Up Photo Corner Puncher
Prima Flowers
Brad by YouDo
Green Satin Ribbon by Panduro
"Happy Birthday" stamped image by Inkadinkado

Have a great evening everyone!

Now I have to go and look for our tickets :D

Mini Easter Baskets Using Empty Tissue Roll

National Craft Month is almost over :( I'm gonna miss the excitement of creating something or contributing something everyday. I'm gonna miss most the bonding I had with my crafty friends who are also creating for this month :(

For the 27th day of this month, I created Joseph's request hehehehehehehe. He chose the colors he like in creating these baskets plus he chose the cuttlebug embossing folder, too :DHe really wants me to create bags where we're gonna put candies for Maundy Thursday. Here in SWeden, every Maundy Thursday, kids go around and knock and ask for candies. They wear costumes but not halloween type costumes. They wear like witches instead both boys and girls. He also wants to give candies to his classmates before the Esater break. So, how can I say NO to my little boy ... almost pleading with hazel shaped eyes and super long lashes plus a sweet smile .... with hugz and kisses, too. Of course I said YES and he was REALLY glad and excited. I almost said NO coz I had to make 48 baskets hahahahahahahahaha. 25 pcs for his school then 23 will be here at home just in case kids come and ask for candies hehehehehehehehehehe :D

At first I was thinking of using my Cricut Machine plus the Tags, Bags, and Boxes cartirdge but then I know that kids are only after the candies and it will break my heart if I see my creations just at the bin. I also have to consider that I can't give them much candies coz it's forbidden in their school. Few candies I think will pass hehehehehehehehhe. So, I thought of creating a mini basket that can be filled with 4-5 candies (depending on the shape). I also used ordinary kiddie cardstocks.

The main base is empty tissue roll :D

I had to tell my son that I added a grass green cardstock to have a spring color. He chose blue and yellow coz it's the color of Sweden and that I agreed of course. I wanted to add more like stamped spring chickens and hang it around one end of the handle but he doesn't like. Maybe I'll try to ask him again next week hehehehehehehehehehehe :D

Here's a closer look of the Blue basket and Yellow Basket:

Materials :
empty tissue rolls
yellow, blue, and green cardstocks
Big ShotCuttlebug Embossing Folder (??? - forgot the name)
Scallop Round Nestabilities
Scallop ScissorCutter
Glue Stick3M Scotch Dual Applicator
Of course you can design the mini baskets according to your preferences. This is just my son's idea combined with mine :DYou may in fact cover the insides, too, but I did not coz I know kids are only after the candies hehehehehehehehehehe Besides, I just followed "orders" fom my little boy hehehehehehehehehehe :D

How To Unmount Rubber Stamps

Due to limited time for me to create anything every Thursday, I decided to slowly organize all my stamps for this 26th day of National Craft Month.

I sorted out patiently all the stamps and categorized each. After doing such, I then realized that there are some rubber stamps that I prefer to be used using acrylic blocks. Don't worry, I will not unmount my collection of Stampin Up Rubber Stamps as well as the House Mouse Stamps. By just the thought of it gives me shivers in my spine hahahahahahahahahha

A lot of crafters do unmount their stamps in order to save space. There are different ways to store acryclic and unmounted stamps but that part I have to deal with later or tomorrow or within the week. One thing for sure, before the National Craft Month ends, I at least will be able to organize my stamps. I'm slow in organizing coz there's so much in my head and so many things to attend with here at home. Oh well, I guess that's part of married life ... being a mother and step-mom ... being a wife to one of the most wonderful man in the world. I say "one of the" coz I know your own husbands are wonderful, too, hehehehe.

OK enough with the blabbering .....here's what I did with few of my rubber stamps. Few because as I have said I have no intentions of unmounting all my rubberstamps hehehehehehe.

These are the stamps I want to un-mount :D

Some rubber stamps are so easy to remove from the wood, so you're lucky coz you don't have to go to the process. In my case, not all were easy so the trick is one rubber stamp is equals to 5 seconds in the micro oven with full effect. Which means, if you're not patient enough and wants to put more than 1 in the micro, let's say 3, then it has to be inside the oven for 15 seconds regardless of the size. If ever, it's still difficult to remove then another 5 seconds will do. But I assure you, 5 seconds per rubber stamp works just fine :-)
See the result of what I did:

To show you an example of not using the micro oven and unfortunately your rubber stamp is difficult to unmount :( I did this in purpose so you will see how sad it looks like hehehehehehehehehe. As compared to the left wood block, I'd rather choose the right side block coz it's cleaner. Don't worry, I used an extra rubber stamp :-) Remember don't force it when you feel that it's hard to remove. Use the micro oven instead :-)

Ok, now some rubber stamps they have a sticker like cover design on top, right? Some are really painted onto the wood like most of my rubber stamps from Panduro. Let's not force that coz it's painted hehehehehehe. Let's deal with those rubber stamps that has an easy cover design hehehehehe.

You can actually gently peel it off and save those .... stick it to clean white cardstock so you'll have an easy reference of your unmounted rubber stamps.
See the sample :

Now, how I organized my unmounted rubber stamps? Can't tell you yet coz I'm not finish hehehehehehe. I have an idea and I have actually started organizing both the acrylic and unmounted rubber stamps. Wait and see hehehehehehhehe

OK guys, it's all up to you if you want to unmount some of your rubber stamps to save space. Hoping that the idea I shared with you all will be of big help :D

Have a great day everyone!

See you all maybe later or tomorrow :D

Altering Tea Candle Holders Into Mini Lampshades

Good afternoon everyone! 6 more days to go and the National Craft Month is over :(

For this 25th day, I altered tea light holders that is so plain and transformed it into mini lampshade. When we went out last Sunday to look for craft storages, one thing I looked for are mini lamp shades that will fit my tea light holders. The tea light holders has never been used and was just stored in the basement. Luckily at one lamp store, we were able to find the perfect size. I heard that one can actually buy mini lampshades but it's normally out of stock.

When we got home, i took out the lampshade cover Maryann gave me made of parchment and she intricately designed it in pergamano way. if you don't remember, click here. The measurements were not exactly fitting to the "lampshade" I bought but I was able to fix it by just adding 2cm.

I made 6 lampshades by decoupaging then added bands/ribbons and it will given away as birthday gifts. We have 2 great family friends plus my dearest mother in law who will each be having a big party come 1st week of April and each of them will get 2 pieces (1 set) :D

It was indeed very nice to take a break from organizing my craft room hahahahahahahaha. Decoupage Day it was for me!!!!!

The bare essentials of my mini lampshades

Technique Applied : Decoupage


Tea Light Holder
Decoupage Paper
Disposable Table Naplin
Ribbons / Bands


Restoring the Stickiness of Clear Stamps

The 24th day of National Craft Month and I'm still in the process of sorting ... organizing ... and cleaning. Tomorrow, I will take a break from cleaning in the morning and try to create something coz my hands are restless hahahahahaha.

For this day, I will share with you all important Tips and Tricks in restoring the stickiness of your clear stamps.

You see, While I was sorting and organizing all my stamps today, I found 2 packs of discolored set of stamps plus the stickiness is gone :( Oh my poor babies!!! They need love and attention from me and I will do my best to nourish them with all my might. The picture below makes me sad but I'm crossing my fingers that I will be able to use these set of stamps once again.

  1. Clear stamps will perform better the longer they are used. To speed up the conditioning process, you can rub a white eraser over the surface of the stamp, then give it a good cleaning on your stamp rubbing pad. The eraser helps to remove any residue that may have been leftover from the manufacturing process.
  2. To clean your stamps after use, a stamp scrubber misted with stamp cleaner is the best bet but an unscented baby wipes works just fine.
  3. Once in a while your clear stamps may benefit from a "spa treatment". Fill a small bowl with warm soapy water. Submerge each stamp under water and rub it gently between your thumb and index finger. This helps to remove any build-up from extended use. When you are done, rinse the stamps thoroughly and allow them to air dry before using.
I already gave them a "Spa Treatment" and I hope I will be able to use them again :D I will know tomorrow morning.

Sort ... Organize ... Clean

Hello everyone! Yeah I know this is late :( We had no internet connection here yesterday at home. I tried to use the PC at the basement then I tried Joseph's PC ... then my DH's but not one of the PC's at home works fine :( The only PC working is my step-son's but he was using it ... reviewng the whole day. I didn't want to bother him coz studying is a priority. We still didn't have the normal connection the whole day and I had to wait for my DH to come home and fix it. I was able to start writing my entry this morning at my son's room then saved it. Now, everything works fine. I thought we had to buy a new laptap for me which I don't like coz I'm not comfortable with vista.

Ok, what did I do yesterday for the love of crafting this 23rd day of National Craft month?

Would you believe that I started organizing my craft space? hahahahahahahahaha I finally got to know the meaning of ORGANIZE hahahahaha. While my DH was spring cleaning at the living room I did my share by doing same at my craft space. My DH calls my room The BLACKHOLE hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Since I love you all, I want you all to laugh by looking at the pictures of my room I have taken while I was cleaning. It was really in a mess hahahahahahahahaha NO ORGANIZATION at all hahahahahahahahaha. But, I know where to get my things hihihihihihihihihi that's the most important part hahahahahahaha.

It took me the whole day to sort and organize but the truth is IT IS STILL in the process of organization. However, one of my favorites is my collection of flowers and that I can show you how I organized it. I still need to organize more of the flowers but you can see how I made use of the empty CD cases :D I have to get more at the basement!

Now, to see my BLACKHOLE in a mess,

click here :D


Bouquet of Flowers (13 Cards)

As always it's a tiring Sunday ... a family day. I had to bring Joseph to his friend this morning just to play then little driving lessons with my DH then we ate lunch at home then we went and look for some storages that I need in my room. IKEA was full packed :( We had no patience to go and look coz we can hardly breathe. In my mind I wanted to go home instead and do my craft for the day. Anyway, at the last warehouse before heading home, we found a steel storage that'll be perfect for the cabinet I have in my room ... so we bought it coz it's the last piece hehehehehhehehehehehhe. I'm not sure yet when I can assemble the storage but hopefully tomorrow ... crossing my fingers hehehehehhehehehhehehe.

When we got home, I told everyone that I will be very busy coz I have to deliver the cards tomorrow. Luckily they all understood hahahahahahahahahaha and that includes my son :D While I was conceptualizing my cards, I was restless so I tried making a Sour Cream card using an ordinary transparency, as I have promised. It looks so plain so I used one of the foam stamps Joan gave me and my panduro foam stamp plus Staz-On stamp pad. Oh bhoy! It sure looks nice using transparency :D

Now as for the cards I made this 22nd day of National Craft Month is something cute and unique. I got a call early this morning from a kind lady and says she saw my works at www.scrapbookingwithjerosha.tk and was happy to know that I'm from Uppsala, Sweden. She ordered 12 Thank You cards. We talked a little so I can have an idea what she likes. It's just a thank you card for her group of friends who helped her in many ways and they all love flowers :D With her order, I decided to make it as my entry for the day :D I actually made 13 coz I really like keeping one copy for my portfolio :D

Tack means Thank you :D

Materials Used:

Mandy's Zoo stamp for the stem and leaves
Stampendous for the flower
CTMH stamp pads
Martha Stewart Punchers : Scallop and Embossed ZigZag
Tack rubber stamp by Slöjd-Detaljer
Unbranded plain cardstocks : Mint Green, Chocolate Brown, Dark Pink and Baby Pink
Stampin' UP Scallop Punchers
Panduro embossing Powder
Panduro Baby Pink satin ribbon
Cuttlebug Embossing Folders : Swiss Dots and Swirls
cellopane - from my kitchen hehehehhehehehe

Clean. Clean? Clean!!!!!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha finally I found the meaning of word clean hehehehehe but unfortunately up to this day I have not found the meaning of ORGANIZE :( I have looked in every dictionary plus in different languages but sad to say I have not encountered the word organize hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

This day, for the 21st day of National Craft Month, upon waking up and ate breakfast and checked emails and all my sites, I decided to clean few of my basic tools - the scissors and my cutting mats.

When was the last time I cleaned these things? Never is the answer hahahahahahahaha. Eversince I bought them, I used it immediately and never thought of cleaning them hahahahahahhaha. I bought these items last 2006, duh!!!!????? The picture below are the dirty ones. Just wanted to show you how overused and dirty my tools are :(

Now I feel proud coz I did some cleaning plus I even scrubbed my working table while drying the mats and scissors. Applaud ... appluad .... applaud! hehehehhehehehe

My husband was surprised hehehehehehhe and he really checked my room and said that on Monday we're gonna find items that I need to fix my room. I really need some things where I can store my things. He told me that he remembered very well when I started doing this crazy craft and all I had was my laptap and digital softwares plus printer and photo papers. I started digital scrapbooking coz at that time I was getting to know where to buy traditional materials and tools. Now, he can see that I have ssssssssssssoooooooooo much and he said I deserve a nice room coz he is totally impressed with my creations hahahahahahahaha. I guess he really loves me for saying those kind words hihihihihihihihihihii. Yup! I'm blushing again :D

With a little extra effort of cleaning my simple basic tools, I will be rewarded by my husband hahahahahahahahahahha. Now, I'm so damn determined to know the meaning of organization and maybe he will give me a big surprise hahahahahahahhaha. I actually took some pictures of my room so I can document BEFORE and AFTER story :D

So, fellow crafters, when was the last time you cleaned your basic tools or better yet your room?

Aw, please don't ask me how I organize my stuffs coz I have no idea what you're talking about hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Give me some time and will get back to all of you as soon as I .... what's that word again? .....ah, yeah, organize hehehehehehhehehe :D

Gotta go :D Saturday means grocery and spend time with my parents-in-law till afternoon :D I really want Joseph to spend time with his grandparents coz they're old now and my son brings pride and joy to them. Besides, I have no parents anymore and so it will be good for Joseph to have memories with his living grandparents :D

Have a great week-end everyone!

Puss o kram, Jerosha
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