Tied Up with Love

Oh it's been a year since I created a Digital Scrapbook layout and it feels so good to try it once again. For so many reasons, I think almost the whole year of 2008, I was not able to make any digital layouts. I got so busy with altering things .... family .... work .... of course my little boy and husband, too.

Since it's the 2nd day of the National Craft Month, I decided to make a digital LO. Actually, I have so little time to make any traditional crafts this day coz after a lunch date with my husband, we both had a haircut then off to my driving lessons :D Will try to create something different tomorrow but it all depends on the time I have .... we'll see :D

So, for my 2nd entry (29 more) here it is entitled Tied Up With Love :D

I got married late in life and when I say late I mean I got married at age 35 then gave birth at age 36.  It took years of prayers for me to find the right man.  I have been in few clean relationships and none of them was the right prince charming.  Yes, I almost gave up when it comes to being married someday.  Both my parents died without any idea whom I'm gonna get married with.

I grew up in a God-fearing and God-believer, close-knit family.  Prayer is part of our lives that in everything we do we pray in our own way.  To be honest, I prayed without ceasing for 10 years that God will hear me with regards to finding the right man.  In my heart I believed that somewhere out there is a man planned by God for me to spend the rest of my life.  All I have to do is open my heart and mind for me to see and hear.

Alas!  I found him .... or should I say he found me!  To know more about our love story visit our family site at www.aretun.tk =)  Many have read our story and were inspired totally!

Anyway, I truly love my husband and everyday I Thank God for a wonderful gift He has given me.  It's just one of the thousands and thousands of gifts God has given me =)


Joan Switalski said...

Very nice Jerosha :D Aba, may blogger ka na pala! Let me know how it is and what the difference is with Multiply... hugs!

JEROSHA said...

Hi Joan!! Thanks for dropping by. My blogger was created 2007 pa but totally neglected it coz got busy with Multiply. This year, I have decided to really make my blogger site active then the Multiply site serves as my gallery site. Sige will email you the difference between the 2 ... based sa aking observations and experiences :D

puss o kram dear friend :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie, here I am ha ha ha . See I found it. I love your LO and it say more than a thousand words could say. It´s sooo beautiful dear. You´re always sooo creative and with soo many great ideas. I just hope, I can fllow you all throug this month ha ha ha ha.
Have a wonderful day dear, filled with all the love.
Love and biiiiiig hugs Maryann

JEROSHA said...

Hi Sweet Maryann! Thanks for the oh so sweet message :D Thanks for always viewing my works, sweetie:-)
Puss o kram,

Con said...

You are simply amazing!
How do you get all your time??
This LO is simple terrific!
Loooooove you!

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