Digital LO and Joseph's Crafts

Hello once again! It's the 19th day of National Craft Month and it's Thursday :D

Thursday for me is the busiest day in the week aside from Mondays hehehehehhe. Short driving lessons in the morning then lunch out thne bring Joseph to His english class then go shopping/window shopping then get Joseph in his school then come home and prepare dinner then time for myself while Joseph is watching TV and playing with his toys at the same time.
So, Thursdays is spent only an hour or two creating something in my craft room.

Before anything else, I would like to show what my son did for me yesterday. He was so busy with his craft materials and I was forbidden to look hehehehehehhehehehehehehehe.

The first thing he did is this : A flower with a vase :D
He drew a flower with a stem and leaves then cut it out and took one of my left-over scrap boards so the flower can stand. He also took an empty tissue roll that serves as the vase :D
The second thing he did is he played with my clay and created a dinosaur :D The dinosaur is awesome! And he did it without any guide at all :D He painted the dinosaur early this morning and I really love it very much!!!! I really don't know what kind of dinosaur it is. One thing for sure, the spikes at the back and tail are ssssssssssssooooooooooooo great! This is his second time to create a dinosuar clay but the other one is at his english school.

Now for my creation this day, I just re-designed a previous Digital LO. The original LO was created last year when I attempted to create my own multiply theme. I know some of you have read my blog entry about it and seen my theme creation and once again THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments. I removed that theme from another site coz I wanted to fix it a little.

The previous LO for me has a scattered effect. It gives me headache when I look at it.
This was the previous LO :
When you look at the above digital LO, I have 2 focal points : first is our family picture then the other one are the fairies. I didn't like that effect so I change it into :
Now, this is much better coz I have one focal point : the family picture surrounded by pixies and faires plus added few elements like our surname Äretun and the scroll now has the words FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, and PEACE :D

That's it for the day :D

See you all tomorrow when I have more time to create in my craft room :D

Have great evening and God bless!


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