Restoring the Stickiness of Clear Stamps

The 24th day of National Craft Month and I'm still in the process of sorting ... organizing ... and cleaning. Tomorrow, I will take a break from cleaning in the morning and try to create something coz my hands are restless hahahahahaha.

For this day, I will share with you all important Tips and Tricks in restoring the stickiness of your clear stamps.

You see, While I was sorting and organizing all my stamps today, I found 2 packs of discolored set of stamps plus the stickiness is gone :( Oh my poor babies!!! They need love and attention from me and I will do my best to nourish them with all my might. The picture below makes me sad but I'm crossing my fingers that I will be able to use these set of stamps once again.

  1. Clear stamps will perform better the longer they are used. To speed up the conditioning process, you can rub a white eraser over the surface of the stamp, then give it a good cleaning on your stamp rubbing pad. The eraser helps to remove any residue that may have been leftover from the manufacturing process.
  2. To clean your stamps after use, a stamp scrubber misted with stamp cleaner is the best bet but an unscented baby wipes works just fine.
  3. Once in a while your clear stamps may benefit from a "spa treatment". Fill a small bowl with warm soapy water. Submerge each stamp under water and rub it gently between your thumb and index finger. This helps to remove any build-up from extended use. When you are done, rinse the stamps thoroughly and allow them to air dry before using.
I already gave them a "Spa Treatment" and I hope I will be able to use them again :D I will know tomorrow morning.


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