Home.made Studio Box + Just Rite Stamps

It's the 5th day of National Craft Month and for this day I created 16pcs of THANK YOU tags which will be used for the case I'm making. I played with my Justrite Stamps for the very first time. I used the scallop nestabilities ... added chalk around ... and used 3D foams :D

After I have finished all the 16 tags, I started creating my own studio box. I saw this tutorial somewhere last year and I decided to make one for myself so that everytime I want to take a picture of things I created, I will not deal with the dilemma of which area will be nice for picture taking. Most of the time I get so irritated coz the sun is so bright or so many unwanted lights around even if I shut doen all the blinds and lights inside the house.

So, after creating my studio box, I gave it a try and I'm happy with the result coz the colors of my item is more vibrant and clear as compared to my previous picture (left photo).

For the tutorial on how to make your own studio box, click here :D


Maria said...

Hi Jerosha, I love your accordion file! YOu did a beautiful job and I love how you were able to change it up a bit to fit your needs! It turne dout fantastic.

Great job in creating your own photo box. The photo is much brighter!!



Hi Maria! Thanks so much for dropping by :D Coming from you .. the compliments really made my day. I'm so new in card making and stamping and you are one of my favorites :D Thanks again :D

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