Christmas Card Toppers in 3 Themes

Are you doing December Daily?  Is it your first time? 

I have finally decided to make my very first December Daily this year.  I opted not to buy any materials for this project to make use of what I have in stock which I can honestly say very limited indeed.  Oh well, a true artist will survive no matter how limited the resources are, right?  So, since late last week I spent hours in creating some toppers for my DD and at the same time for my Project Life pages.  I made 3 different sets and each set I created 2 because I planned to share 1 set of each theme in our RAK group at Facebook.  Oh which reminds me that few hours from now I will choosing the winners =)

Here's the RED set:

Here's the GOLD set:

 Here's the SILVER set:

 One set of each theme is mine because I added Swedish wordings =)

Thanks for viewing !

until then.....


Upcycled Pringles for Kids Advent Calendar

Last Christmas marked the last time for my son to have and to open an advent calendar.  He is now 11 years old and he understands that we will not be preparing a kiddie advent calendar for him.  He is sad but at the same time he feels like a real big boy.  Oh yeah, he still want to have a box of chocolate advent calendar one can buy in groceries but the problem would be is that he wants one pack a day which in turn serves as his advent calendar.  I don't think I will approve of that request - too much sweet for him =)

Anyway, last Christmas 2013 I gathered all the empty pringles canisters which I have been saving for 1 whole year.  Obviously we love Pringles hehehehehe.  I chose some funky and bright Christmas lightweight cardstock and wrap each canister then accentuated with heart and round doilies, using gliittered gold wrapper I punched gingerbread border using EK Success then numbered clips =)   He enjoyed opening each one everyday for 24 days and loved the items found inside, too =)  The upcycled canisters served as decors at our kitchen window =)

Simple, easy, and sparkly!

 Thanks for dropping by!


Easy Peasy Ornament for Kids

Need a simple DIY Christmas ornament?

Have a bunch of empty tissue rolls?

Your kid or kids would like to help decorate the tree and thus would love to create their own ornaments?

Well, here's a very simple idea my son created last year for our Christmas tree to complement the Angel-like ornaments I did which by the way you may find it here =)

All you need are empty tissue roll, wrapping paper or perhaps Christmas theme cardstock or aluminum tape like what my son used for this project.  He knows I collect empty tissue rolls and since he saw that I have excess embossed aluminum tape - left overs from the other ornaments I did, he kindly asked me if I can cut each empty tissue roll into 3 parts like what I did for the Easter Baskets years ago =)

Once all has been cut, cover each with your choice as I have mentioned above.

Add mosaic glass on every wrapped roll.

Glitter glue is perfect to add on top and bottom of each wrapped roll.

Don't forget to add whatever strings you have in hand for hanging purposes =)


Easy, right?

until then.....



Tip: How to Add More Sparkle for your Christmas Tree

Christmas is just around the corner we all know that and I am pretty sure that in some countries as early as September plays Christmas songs in malls or stores .... some I bet started decorating their homes and even the front and backyard BUT not here in Sweden .... not yet.  Normally the bang starts December 01 and as for me I normally start setting up decorations by the last few days of November since my husband birthday falls on 1st of December.  I also wanted to start feeling officially the Christmas season on his birthday.

In every house the Christmas tree is the center of all decors and that's were my tip comes in for me to share with you all.  When I was a kid I saw my mom decorating our tree with love, patience, and joy.  She would create simple things to hang in our tree then gets busy with her sewing machine for all the curtains in our house.

Anyway, one of the tips she taught me when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree is to first add the lights and/or small mirrors at the body stem of the tree.  It will triple the effect of sparkles one would want to achieve.  For many years I have been using lights but few years ago I was so thrilled to find a pack of mirror inchies or mosaic glass and yes I had one thing in my mind - for our Christmas tree!!!

Oh don't think that we have a Christmas tree as early as now because this was taken last 2013 =)  Yes, I will still be using the glass mosaics year after year =)

just adhere each glass on a band back to back =)

Hang each starnd at the inner part of the tree =)

Ooooooohhhhhh it sure made a big difference!  This shot was taken without flash and the whole room glowed with gladness =)

I do hope one of you will try this tip =)

Thanks for reading!


Turning Empty Tissue Rolls Into Angel-like Ornaments

Life for me for the past years have been very very busy that I just have no time to update my blog which is a shame ... I know :(  Most of the time if I can I just create things during my free time then time passes so quickly that I have to do other chores or busy at work that I had no energy anymore to sit and dwell in my craft site.  What I will be posting is one of the Christmas ornament set that I created way back 2013.  It has been a habit of mine to collect empty tissue rolls because I know that I will be able to upcycle it to something cute or useful plus my son normal uses few when he is creating something.  This project i would say is not easy due to details but I'm proud to say I did get the flow so everything went smoothly =)


Aluminum Tape
various Embossing Folders
Mirrors in 1 inch
Empty Tissue Rolls
Christmas Theme Cardstock
Eyelash yarns
various bands
Black Acrylic Paint
Sizzix (Angel Wings) Die


1. Aluminum Tape comes in a roll at about 2 inches in width.  Cut strips and emboss for the body of the empty tissue roll =)  Then spread some acrylic paint and let dry =)

2.  Wrap each empty tissue roll with your choice of Christmas theme cardstock.

3.   Wrap the embossed aluminum tape and decorate according to your liking.  I added the mirror inchies to add sparkle when hit by the Christmas lights =)

4.  As for the wings :  Adhere strips of aluminum tape on any cardstock preferably A5 in size then emboss each cardstock then use the Sizzix Angel Wings die.  Adhere wings at the back part of each decorated empty tissue roll.  Hang and enjoy the sparkle =)

Honestly, I have no idea what I will be making for our Christmas tree this year.  My whole family is looking forward to my decorations coz they that every Christmas I have a theme =)  I know time goes so fast and I definitely have to come up with a theme this week =)

Thanks for viewing =)

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