Pine Cones for Our Christmas Tree

Since the start of November my craft world became crazier. Conceptualizing then creating craft items for our home then started to accept christmas orders. Aside from that creating also for The Daily Scrapper plus pending jobs. On the side, during my break time, I sit and make list of my set menus for my catering business. So far, time is great to me eventhough when I put Joseph to sleep at 8:45pm, I fall asleep, to. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha. Darn! How I wanted to go back to my craft room when my son is fast asleep but I'm off to dreamland hahahahahaha. I thnaks God coz we are all healthy inspite of that swineflu anywhere in the world. Which reminds me that we need to look for a center to have us vaccinated. Is it necessary? I'm kind'a scared about the effect :(

Last Nov 18, I was able to finish one of the Christmas decors for our 2009 Christmas tree. It was fun (as always) and easy to make, promise!

Here's the main material needed. Would you believe that my son and I would collect pine cones along the way during the end of summer? It has become a habit of mine since I got pregnant last 2002. Yup! We have lots of pine cones down in the basement hahahahahahahha - different sizes and styles =D

I decided to use the not so small and not so big pine cones for our christmas tree decor this year. Will use the jumbo ones maybe for candle arrangement ... it depends on my mood hehehehehhehe.


TDS Issue #21 : Defining Me

Woot! Woot! I'm so proud of myself for creating this Mix Media Hybrid Collage about me as a crafter. I enjoyed every minute of it and will definitely continue to create more mix media art in the future.

To be honest, the concept of "defining me" gave worries and apprehensions. I just couldn't decide which part of me should I define. I made some list and it was endless :( At last, I just concentrated on me being a crafter and I'm so glad I did this.

Here's my project http://www.thedailyscrapper.com/2009/issue21nov/Hybrid.html Just click the picture of my project and you will be directed to the details of my project. Don't forget to read everything on my project page =)

Plus on this issue TDS is giving away a huge digital freebie kit by Divine Digital. Sad to say the first part already expired and hope you can all forgive me once again for not posting earlier - been very very very busy :( But, grab the second part of the kit coz it's reallu huge =)

Here's the link to the freebie page http://www.thedailyscrapper.com/2009/issue21nov/interview_divinedigital_kit.html

6th Challenge VCMW : Free Standing Pop-Up Card

This is the last challenge for our VCMW. It took me forever to post this set of cards due to so many things that I have to deal with. Besides, we decided to take a break due to other priorities that came along. These last challenge was created last Oct 24, 2009.

I hosted the last challenge and the rule is to simply make a Free Standing Pop Up Card of any theme. Kind'a tricky to adhere the base but got used to it after making the first card for this set.

Materials Used:

Cardstock by Panduro
Sizzix Die
3D flowers from Philippines
Polka Dor ribbon by American Crafts
SU Tab Punch
MS Picket Fence Edge Punch
Pearl Maker
White and Black Pen
Goldd Eyelet
Color Box Pad
Wooden Butterfly by Coop Forum


Recycling Old Christmas Tablecloth

I bet you guys don't have any idea how addicted I am when it comes to fabrics. Yeah, I'm not into sewing like you guys do but I know how to sew simple curtains and tablecloths. When I go out for shopping either craft goodies or shoes, clothes, bags, jewelries, decors, and kiddie items, I would buy fabrics whenever I see that attracts my attention. I also have a habit .... bad habit maybe ... that after using the fabrics specifically as curtains or tablecloths I just DON'T WANT to use it again. Bad of me, huh?

To be honest, I tried many times to use it again whatever fabric that I have but it just gives me the unhappy feeling so I end up buying new ones to bring back the smile on my face.

What do I do with "I don't want it the second time around fabrics?" Well, as I've said I give it away ..... or just hidden in the basement. BUT, things change and now I started recycling them.

To start with, I played with my christmas tablecloth I used once 4 Christmases ago hehehhehehehehehhehe. It's a waterproof fabric and the designs are so joyful that I decided to turn it into a wall decor for this jolly season.




TDS Issue 19 : Recycling

Geez! Here I am again forgetting to post the previous issue of The Daily Scrapper. It's one of my favorite issue so far coz it's all about recycling. Come to think of it, there are so many things that we can recycle inside our home and it's just a matter of looking and simply being creative.

For this issue I made my own acid-free papers from m cardstocks. My son and I had so much fun doing this project for almost one whole day and I would say my son really enjoyed every minute of it.

Here's the link to my project: http://www.thedailyscrapper.com/2009/issue19kul/Hybrid.html

I suggest you browse through the issue coz you will get lots of awesome ideas =)

TDS Issue 20 - Thanksgiving

For this issue I created Wine Glass Markers perfect for your thanksgiving gathering. Be sure to view the page where my tutorial is coz you will find the meaning of each wine glass marker that I created.

Here's the link to my project : http://www.thedailyscrapper.com/2009/issue20tme/Hybrid.html

Also, if you love cats then you will be delighted to TDS Digital Kit for the issue so hurry and download the kit while it is still available. Here's the link to the kit : http://www.thedailyscrapper.com/2009/issue20tme/interview_creativevictorian1.html

We don't have Thanksgiving celebration here in Sweden but I'm always as in always thankful for what God has given me and so I would like to greet you all HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
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