My Stampin' Up Goodies has finally arrived

I have been very very sad .... hurt ... and in pain since yesterday a little over 1pm. When I woke up this morning, the pain is still in my heart. The problem with me is that when someone hurt me so bad, I can never ever be the same again to that person. My husband got worried, too, and tried to cheer me up until he left for work this morning.

Anyway, after bringing my son to his pre-school which is just a block away, I saw the post van inside our garage. I almost run hahahahahahaha and of course I have a big and heavy package that's why he used our garage hehehehehehehhe.

I hurriedly opened the box and these are the goodies I found inside. My much-awaited Stampin' Up goodies and other tools that I ordered last December 2008. It just came in today because of some reasons.

My hands are restless but I know i can't use these items yet unless I clean my craft room :(

The 4 sets of Rubber Stamps are freebies I received from Stampin' Up during their Sale-a-bration campaign.

I so love the punchers and I will surely acquire more when they have sale-a-bration :D

I can't wait to try the Stamp-a-ma-jig :-D


Altered Things and a Handmade Frame

This set of gifts I made for Justine. She makes nice multiply sites and she surprised me by making one for my gallery. For a few days I was able to use the personalized Scrapi-Hapi-Licious theme but yesterday afternoon the background got wacky ... it says bandwidth is over. I had to remove it temporarily :(

Anyway, Justine is a school girl ... I mean lady ... i think she's 17 years old. She was the very first to invite me at Multiply for the year 2009 and I felt glad to create something for her and send it in Philippines.

I altered a stationary pocket holder and as well as the pencil case.

As for the chipboard frame, I made it myself.

I did all these things in one day, Feb 18 of this year. I hope she likes what I made for her. I had a hard time thinking on what to create for her coz I really don't know her ... yet hihihihihihihihihi PLUS I have no idea what teen-agers like nowadays hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The only thing I know from her are her favorite colors which I applied in this set of gifts.

To see details of each items click the title of this blog :-D

Materials used for the handmade photo frame are:
Kuratake plain baby blue paper
DCWV printed paper
Prima Flowers
Panduro Brads
Just Rite Stamps for the word Happiness
Plain Bubble sticker placed on top of the word Happiness
Inger Harding Unmounted Stamps
Promarkers to color the stamps:
Purple Color Box Stamp Pad

Materials Used for The Altered Folder are:
Hobby Craft Ribbon
Martha Stewart Scallop Dot Edge Puncher
Martha Stewart Doiley lace Edge Puncher
Playing Cards
Panduro bands
Panduro White and Red Flowers
Panduro brad
Tilda Stripe Paper
Unknown brand for the butterfly paper
Paper Studio Photo Corner Clear Stamp
Foams to cut the letters J and S
Stickers to spell her name (Justine)

Materials used for the Altered Pencil Case
Laced Ribbon I bought in the Philippines 20 years ago hahahahahahaha
American Crafters ELEMENTS Ribbon
Swedish made ribbon

Aside from the basic tools used in paper crafting, I also used:
ATG Scotch 700
Glue gun

Bon Voyage Card

Ok now let's go to the card I made this morning for 2 hours. It was really kind'a rush because my son is here at home with me. He can't go to his english school primarily because he is sick but thank God not really sick as in sick. He was warm last night and got so worried :( Anyway, while he is busy watching his favorite kiddie shows, I took advantage of creating something.

Two of my dear friends are going on a trip and the funny thing is they're both going to Philippines. Oh, they don't know each other hahahahahahahaha. One is living here in Sweden, Wendy, and the other one is a crafty friend who is currently stationed in Korea, Claire, but will soon move back to US (i think!) after the P.I. trip this month.With 2 people who are very close to my heart going for a trip, I decided to create a Bon Voyage card. Unfortunately I will not be able to mail the card coz I only made one hahahahahahahahah. Besides, even if I mail it, it's too late coz they're leaving next week :(I will surely miss them both but with internet, keeping in-touch will not be that as hard not unless they don't log-in hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

It may not be as beautiful as the cards you guys have been making but I admit I'm a beginner when it comes to cardmaking especially stamping. It took me a few minutes to cut and emboss the spellbinders with my Big Shot. I got worried because I wasn't sure if I need something else like special pads to use the nestabilites with BS. Luckily I was able to figure it out, Whew!

Materials I used:

Royal Opalescent Lt blue paper as the card itself
Kuretake midnight blue paper
Cuttlebug Embossed Folder "Script"
Panduro band
Prima Flowers
Panduro brad
Spellbinder Nestabilities - Scallop Rectangle #6 and #5
Versacolor Stamp Pads
Le Plume Stamp Pens
Stickles to give glitter
Glue Lines
3D Foam Glue squares
Thermo Web Glue Runner
Big Shot Machine
Just Rite Stamp for the word "Journey"
House Mouse Rubber Stamp - Balloon Journey
Martha Stewart Edge Puncher - Picket fence

Canvas Art - 50cm x 45 cm

For the very first time, I tried photo transfer using art medium glue. This technique is very tricky coz I got the technique on my 3rd try. There is another easier way in doing photo transfer by using acrylic paint and colored transparency paper. But then again, one should have the right brands of materials. Maybe someday I will do this easier approach.

Anyway, after spreading the glue using paint brush, I placed the photo and smoothen it. I don't have any "Brayer" because can't find it here. What I can see in paint sores are foamy rollers and not the hard one :( So, it took so much effort for me to smoothen the photo. I had to make sure that it's even otherwise the effect will not be perfect. Drying time is about 2-3 hours but after 2 failed trials, I let it dry longer ... about 8hrs hahahahahahahahahaha.

When it's dry, I tried rubbing off the paper using s wet foam. I have to wipe and wipe (not scrub) and wipe and wipe and wipe until all layers are gone. I almost gave up coz it was difficult!!!!!

Alas!!! The B & W is perfect. I started decoupaging the left side of the canvas and drying time took 2 hrs. Afterwhich, I started embellishing :)

My concept is to incorporate everything I know about my father-in-law. One thing for sure he loves painting and is infact one of the best oil painters here in Uppsala. Also, he loves to fix ... build things ... a handyman indeed! Plus added words that describes his personality / character :)

Materials used:
canvas 50 x 45 cm
art medium
roller foam
decoupage paper
paint chips I got from paint shop
jumbo negative strip sticker
plstic sheet to protect the photo
carpenters ruler as part of main embellishment
Handyman 3D stickers
word stickers I got from Claire
border punch I got from Maryann
grattis (congratulations) pendant
gold plated plain name plate
actual mini tool for screws I got when my husband assembled my cabinet

I will post the tutorial soon on how I made this scrapbook on the wall :D

Altered Hangers

One of the things that kept me busy last Christmas are HANGERS ordered by a client.

Plain Wooden Hangers
White Hobby Paint as base of the hangers
Decoupage Papers
Decoupage Glaze Glue
Embellishments (ribbons, flowers)
Angels I made using clay
Glue Gun


Christams 2008 Packaging

Would you believe that last 20th of December, my husband told me if I bought anything already for all our personnel? Duh?????!!!!! I panicked of course coz the answer is obvious hahahahahahahahahaha. And so we hurriedly bought giftcards so they can just buy whatever they want. On the way home I was already thinking how to wrap the gifts. It can't be just on a simple envelop, right? So after dinner that day, I started making boxes, then asked my son to help me embosse the front accent of the box. My son really enjoyed using the Big Shot coz he didn't even exert any effort at all. He's so proud and find the front covers very beautiful. I also made home-made stickers (thanks to xyron) to seal each box. To personalize each bag/box, I added their names, too :D


white paper from Kuretake
Panduro wrapping paper
cuttlebug Christmas cheer embossing folder
gift ribbon I bought in the Philippines 25 years ago
xyron sticker maker
digital scraps fro the stickers
silver 200grams board
ATG Scotch 700


MS Punchers Reference Guide

I just thought of posting here all the MS Punchers that I have so far. Why? When I was searching for MS punchers it drives me crazy to see NO samples in one site. I always see the puncher itself but not exactly how it looks after punching onto a paper. I have to browse some pictures at internet which is also time-consuming to me hehehehehhehe. With such experience, I thought of sharing with you samples of each MS puncher that I have so that when you plan to buy the MSP, then you have an idea how each looks like. Hoping this will be helpful if not to all at least to some of you :D


My Martha Stewart Punchers

It's a great feeling indeed when you get to acquire things that you really want. First came my Cricut Expression Machine then after a month comes my MS Punchers.

When all my Fiskars Border Punchers broke ... as in all .... I felt so bad and couldn't understand how such thing can happen. I'm gentle in using all my tools coz craft tools and materials are really expensive, but .....
Then I read some feedbacks that Fiskars Border Puncher are really bad in quality. Is it really true? I just can't believe that all 6 got broke. It all started when punching is so difficult.... when the orange cap separates from the body. I tried to use aluminum foil to sharpen the blades but still each got broke :(

Anyway, a dear crafty friend, Claire, told me about Martha Stewart Punchers. Oh that beacme a problem of mine coz they don't sell MS products here in Sweden... so far :( And so my friend helped me get all the MS punchers that I like. I'm so happy when it arrived. I tried each puncher ... all 13 and I'm impressed. BUT, I'm not impressed with the embossing punchers :( The Embossed Diamonds Puncher is horrible and the others except the diamond zigzag! Anyone having the same opinion?

Well, as they say, there will always be a rotten tomato amongst!

My Very OWN Cricut Expression Machine

Finally I have my own Cricut Expression Machine last early week of January :D
Sad to say up to now I havn't really tried it due to lots of organizing here in our home especially my craft room hahahahahahahahaha. Acquiring this BUG here in Sweden really cost a lot of money .... 5,500 kronor plus 1,500 delivery fee and that amounts to 7,000 kronor :(

Now I'm so happy to have my own BUG :D

The Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

Did anyone else know about this? "Excellent advice......this is a good read."

From time to time we can't help but buy something(s) on-line and we have to be careful in giving informations. Read on my dear friends :D

**The main difference between http:// <http:///> ; andhttps:// is It's all about keeping you secure**

HTTP stands for HyperText Transport Protocol, which isjust a fancy way of saying it's a protocol (a language, in a manner ofspeaking) for information to be passed back and forth between webservers and clients.
The important thing is the letter S which makes thedifference between HTTP and HTTPS. The S (big surprise) stands for "Secure".
If you visit a website or webpage, and look at theaddress in the web browser,20it will likely begin with the following:http:// <http:///>; . This means that the website is talking to your browserusing the regular 'unsecure' language. In other words, it is possiblefor someone to "eavesdrop" on your computer's conversation with the website. If you fill out a form on the website, someone might see the information you send to that site. This is why you never ever enter your credit card numberin an http website!

But if the web address begins with https:// <https:///>;, that basically means your computer is talking to the website in asecure code that no one can eavesdrop on.

You understand why this is so important, right?
If a website ever asks you to enter your credit card information, you should automatically look to see if the web addressbegins with https:// <https:///> ; . If it doesn't, there's no wayyou're going to enter sensitive information like a credit card.
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