Canvas Art - 50cm x 45 cm

For the very first time, I tried photo transfer using art medium glue. This technique is very tricky coz I got the technique on my 3rd try. There is another easier way in doing photo transfer by using acrylic paint and colored transparency paper. But then again, one should have the right brands of materials. Maybe someday I will do this easier approach.

Anyway, after spreading the glue using paint brush, I placed the photo and smoothen it. I don't have any "Brayer" because can't find it here. What I can see in paint sores are foamy rollers and not the hard one :( So, it took so much effort for me to smoothen the photo. I had to make sure that it's even otherwise the effect will not be perfect. Drying time is about 2-3 hours but after 2 failed trials, I let it dry longer ... about 8hrs hahahahahahahahahaha.

When it's dry, I tried rubbing off the paper using s wet foam. I have to wipe and wipe (not scrub) and wipe and wipe and wipe until all layers are gone. I almost gave up coz it was difficult!!!!!

Alas!!! The B & W is perfect. I started decoupaging the left side of the canvas and drying time took 2 hrs. Afterwhich, I started embellishing :)

My concept is to incorporate everything I know about my father-in-law. One thing for sure he loves painting and is infact one of the best oil painters here in Uppsala. Also, he loves to fix ... build things ... a handyman indeed! Plus added words that describes his personality / character :)

Materials used:
canvas 50 x 45 cm
art medium
roller foam
decoupage paper
paint chips I got from paint shop
jumbo negative strip sticker
plstic sheet to protect the photo
carpenters ruler as part of main embellishment
Handyman 3D stickers
word stickers I got from Claire
border punch I got from Maryann
grattis (congratulations) pendant
gold plated plain name plate
actual mini tool for screws I got when my husband assembled my cabinet

I will post the tutorial soon on how I made this scrapbook on the wall :D


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