Crafty Sanity While in Thailand

I miss my craft room and all the tools that goes with it. I'm not in the mood for any digital scrapping due to heat .... the beach ... the shopping .... and the food. In fact, I have no lust to update any of my sites like the usual way or chat with friends around the globe coz most of the time my little boy just wants to go out swimming so starting anything will totally be distracted anyway.

For emergency purposes, I packed a small cross-stitch project. I have been staring at it since we arrived at Phuket last Feb 7 and silently laughing at myself for bringing it with us. I have long give up CS for a decade due to painful memories that it brings. Well, I guess plunging into it once again will do no harm. When I say small project it's really small. I don't want to push myself creating a big one for a start ... again.

When days are really hot and Joseph is into watching films, I sit beside him and do cross-stitch. From time to time I need a breather coz tears would build up and I don't want my son to see my tears. If he does I know he will ask why and that's the part I'm trying to avoid. Explaining to him why will take a long time and I don't want him be affected by my memories.

Anyway, this day I'm so pissed off coz I did not bring some DMC threads and of course without those threads how can I ever finish my project. DMC thread is not available here coz I have searched around but maybe or should I say I bet in Bangkok they have. Going to bangkok is out of the subject coz i have to take a plane - 7am flight and have to be at the airport bt 5am! Taking the train alone all the way to bangkok will drive hubby nuts so all I can do is re-pack the project and hide.

What to do next? Well, finally I was able to buy the 4th book of Stephenie Meyers The Twilight Saga - "Breaking Dawn". Geez!, I so love Eclispe and Breaking Dawn. I have the habit of being transported to the books story and literally feel .. see ... taste what's being said. I guess I have a big crush on Edward hahahahahahahahahha. The truth is now I want to be a vampire only if I'm with the Cullen's especially Edward - maybe I can be Bella hahahahahahahahaha.

All books have been read and that reminds me of going back to Jungceylon down Patong and buy new books to read. That can wait coz tonight I will be cooking Thai food and Tum, a Thai woman who permanently resides here at Kalimbay will show me how. Yes, I know how to cook and would humbly say that a lot of people go over gaga with my meals but I want to see how Thai women cook meals upclose and personal.

We rode her motorcycle and went to the market for all the ingredients needed. In front of the market is an open shopping arcade and once again I was magnetized hahahahahaha. Both few clothes to my liking then off we went to the market.

We bought fish ... veggies ... shrimps .... shiitake mushroom ... spices =)

Dinner was served beside the pool, naturally. Our guests were coupe from Holland, Norway, us from Sweden, and of course Thailand.

Preparing the dinner was so easy coz just like my mom's cooking vegetables shouldn't be well cooked .... add Thai spices which by the way bought a lot to take home in sweden. We served shrimp soup ... steamed fish in lemon grass ... veggie with mushroom and cashew .... baked duck =)

What a lovely day and night!

A Painter ... An Elephant !

For Joseph's sake, we all went to Phuket Zoo with new friends.

We all gained new friends in Thailand and the family is a permanent resident at Kalimbay Residence, where we are renting an apartment. They live at the 2nd floor of the first building while we're staying at the ground floor very near the pool ... overlooking actually. The woman is from Thailand and the husband is from Norway so in a way speaking swedish is ok. They have 2 sons and both are now good friends of Joseph.

Much to our surpirse they invited us to go with them at Phuket Zoo so the kids can have a fun day all together. By 10am, we left and arrived at our destination after 45 minutes. First we went around ... met few elephants ... fed the elephants .... watched the elephant show then the monkey show then the last part is watching the crocodile show.

I'm here to share with you all about the elephant show. Mercedez is a big elephant and she is the oldest among the group of performers. Aside from playing musical instruments .... dancing ... amusing us the audience ... play football ... massaging a guest .... etc, etc, etc, she is a crafter!!!! Or should I say a painter!!!!

Geez!, watching her paint made time stood still. I fell in love with her painting that after she was done it was shown to the public and announced that it's for sale.


Mercedez was very thankful that she kissed me twice. After the first kiss, I started to walk but she grabbed me and kissed me really hard and wet. I was helpless coz with her beautiful eyes plus strong trunk all I can do is stand in awe =D Don't ask about the kiss coz it's really wet and with loud sounds plus the smell hahahahahahahhahaha. Hubby says his kisses from now on will never match the elephant kisses i got. In a way hubby is worried hahahahahahahahahahahah but I assured him that his kisses will always bring electricity in my body (wink, wink) hahahahahahahaha.

Issue # 2, 2010 - TDS Lifetsyle : Wine Bottle Topper

Late post again :( For the 2nd issue of TDS LIfetyle, 2010, I shared my own Bailey's Recipe. It was a big hit last Christmas and earned money by selling. I know a lot of people love the taste of Bailey's and I know how costly it can be. After few trial and error I was able to obtain the texture, taste, and smoothness of Bailye's. You may find my recipe here : http://www.thedailyscrapper.com/2010/02Feb045/cooking_article1_1.html

Aside from sharing my recipe, I created 2 designs for wine bottle topper. It's perfect when planning to give wine or your homemade drink like my Bailey's.

See my creations here: http://www.thedailyscrapper.com/2010/02Feb045/Hybrid1.html

My Latest Toys : MS Punchers (Assorted)

I'm sssssssssooooooooooo happy to have additional punchers by Martha Stewarts and I will forever be grateful to a fellow crafter who is also a very very dear friend of mine for these punchers.

Cool to have these new toys. Some of it I was able to use when I was making the Mickey Mouse Project.

I. Punch Around the Edge - good for framing but can also be used as an edge border.

II. Deep Edge Punch - very useful for thick cardstocks plus it's super cute to use in adding accent on every handmade paper cupcake holders.

III. Edge Punch - so lovely to see together with my other punchers.


Make The Cut !

Geez! I'm speechless!!!!
Check this out fellow crafters coz this is one hell of a software device that I dream to have. Will check out reviews from time to time before I make my final move hehehehehehe =D I do have a SCAL since last year but this new software seems like yummy! Based on what I read it made it's debut last December before Christmas.

It’s a software compatible to Cricut that is very similar to Sure Cuts a Lot, only from what I can tell so far, it’s been even easier to use and gives you a lot more functionality.

Imagine It. Create It. Cut It. It's That Simple. Make The Cut! allows you to easily cut virtually any shape you can imagine (including TrueType Fonts) using your Cricut™ machine without needing to purchase expensive cartridges. With its easy-to-learn interface, the possibilities are endless. Go unleash the true power of your Cricut™!

Make The Cut! Features:

* WYSIWYG Interface [image]
* Works with the Cricut™ Expression™, Create™ and Personal™
* Automated Cricut™ Driver Installation [image]
* Preview/Use Any SVG [image]
* Integrated SVG Gallery (Currently over 1000 free projects!)
* Work on Multiple Projects at a Time
* Choose From 3 Standard Mat Sizes [image]
* Use Any Installed Font or Import TTF Files [image]
* Convert Raster Images to SVG Format [example]
* Easily Create Lattices [image]
* Break/Split/Layer Shapes and Edit Them [image]
* Weld/Join Shapes Together [image]
* Create custom background shadows from any shape [image]
* Export Shapes to SVG Format or Personal Library
* Cut, Copy and Paste Shapes Between Projects
* And Much, Much More!

Here's a video to have an idea =)


Mickey Mouse Birthday Name Tags

Project : Name tags for all the kids attending.

One of the essentials in holding a kiddie birthday party is to provide name tags for all the kids. It somehow make it easier to know and call everyone heheheeheehe.

Once again I used my Mickey Font Cartridge to cut the ticket shape as base. Then cut and emboss the heads using Sizzix Die and Emboss folder of Mickey Mouse. Distressing the edges made a big difference on how the name tags will look like. I stamped the word ADMIT One using Just Rite Brayton Font then the ordinary date stamper being used in offices. Before embossing the die cuts, I swiped a white ink pad by CTMH. Added red, yellow, and black ribbons at the last part instead of blank brooches. Got worried that kids will get hurt by pins.

Since I don't know the names of the kids that will be attending, I will provide for an acid-free pen so that my DSIL can just write the names of the kids. But of course Ryan, my nephew is all set and ready to be worn. I just used acid free alphabet sticker to put his name.


Mickey Mouse Birthday Photo Invitation(s)

Project : First birthday invitation for my nephew Ryan

DSIL and DB prefers photo type of invitation to be sent to all guests. This I took with all my heart coz it's very easy to make than the traditional way. They told me they bought a new color printer so there will be no problem for them to print all the invitations they needed.

I personally like the bluish-greenish Mickey invitation than the red one. I just created 2 designs for them to choose. Got very very happy when they chose what I like most. With The Mouse in The House digital kit by Brittney of Britt-ish Designs plus my scrapbook software, I was able to design the invitation.


Mickey Mouse CD Labels

Project: One of the give-a-ways aside from coloring books, crayons, candies, et al, is a Mickey Mouse Classic Soundtrack to all the kids at the party.

I personally suggested and agreed upon by my DSIL and DB to give CD of Mickey Mouse Club Classic Soundtrack. Creating the CD labels were kind'a easy coz I used Mouse In The House Digital Kit by Brittney of Britt-ish Designs. It's a simple CD cover .... no fuzz!

The CD itself is now up to my DB and DSIL hehehehehehehehehe =D


Mickey Mouse Mini Topiary

Project : Each guest table will have a Mickey Mouse accent.

What I had in mind was to create a Mickey Mouse guest table number but along the way it turned out to be a mini table topiary which is my son's favorite =)


Styro Balls (but the sturdy ones)
Black Acrylic Paint
Ice Cream sticks
Red and Yellow ribbons

Add Ons:

MS Lattice Heart Deep Edge Punch
checkered ribbon

1. Adhere the balls on the ice cream sticks
2. Paint the balls in black and let dry.
3. Add the small balls using glue gun.
4. Paint the small balls and let dry.
5. Add ribbons just below the big balls.
6. Find a mini wine glass and add crystals so each stick can stand on its own.


Mickey Mouse Jumbo Figures

Project : Mickey Mouse jumbo figures that can be adhered on a wall at the venue.

To be honest I had my Cricut Expressions since January 2009 and it was only 2x that I tried it only for few minutes. The bug was too much for me to explore that time but with my nephew's 1st birthday, I had no choice but to use it since he has a Mickey Mouse Party Theme.

Bhoy of bhoy! I surely had a blast!!!!!! I would say my machine is my lover in disguise hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Every touch and every cut is awesome or shoud I say magical hehehehehehe.

Since Ryan really likes Mickey Mouse, I chose to cut all the Mickey Figures I find cute plus extras at Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartrdige. I maximized the 12 x 12 cardstocks so it will turn out big =)

Here are the cuts I made:


Mickey Mouse Coloring Books

Project : Part of birthday give-a-ways will be a 4 x 6 Mickey Coloring Book

A birthday party will always have give-a-ways and loot bags especially kiddie parties. With all the black and white that can be found at internet for free, I had a hard time chossing which ones to grab. Luckily, a fellow crafter, Claire and Gomitras, gave me lots of B n W photos of Mickey in action. All I had to do was select the best and the cutest with the help of my 6 year old son.

I printed the best 8 in 30 pcs then created a simple cover. My DSIL will look for crayons in small packs that will be added in the loot bag. After printing, I binded each using the normal office binder by Peach. I had not much bind-it-all ring binder but had tons of office ring binder.

Hopefully, guests will have a quiet moment while all the kids are busy coloring Mickey =)


Mickey Mouse Guestbook

Project: A handmade book where guests can write their hopes and wishes for my nephew Ryan

At first I was planning to create a big photo adhered in artists board then a craft photo border and around the border guests can write anything but I ended up creating a mini guestbook where all the guests can write hopes and wishes.


Colored Mickey Mouse figures which I got free at internet
Distress pads
Xyron Sticker Maker
Red, Black, and Yellow Ribbons
Charms from CCHobby
DCWV cardstocks
Plain colored cardstocks
EK Success Edge Puncher
Clear Stamps by Fiskar and other brands
Argyle Cuttlebug Embossing Folder
Sunburst Puncher (unbranded)
Polka Dor brad by Panduro
Bind It-All


Mickey Mouse Cupcake Toppers

Project: Toppers for the cupcakes

One of my phone conversations with my DSIL, she mentioned that she might order cupcakes aside from the Mickey Mouse birthday cake. I told her that if she will order I will definitely make toppers. Oh how she immediately said YES =D

I bought Sizzix Mickey Mouse Die & Emboss folder and created colorful cupcake toppers. I decided to use swiss dots cuttlebug embossing folder, too, since Mickey is known for polka dots due to Minnie Mouse.


Mickey Mouse Buffet Table Mini Accent

Project : Mickey Mouse Mini Birthday Hats as Buffet Table Accent

I was actually planning to create a birthday hat but it turned out that my printer can only hold A4 size as maximum :( I found the template at .... geez!, can't find it anymore :( Will try to find it later instead.

Instead of throwing out the printed hats in the size of 5 x 7 inches, I decided to add stickles and assemble each. I believe it would add pizzazz at the buffet table.


Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner

Project: Mickey Mouse Birthday banner for my nephew Ryan

The very first thing I created when I got hold of the Mickey Mouse and Friends Cartridge which was lent to me by a fellow crafter, I immediately played in creating a Mickey Mouse birthday banner. I had no idea how the bug works but along the way I got comfortable with it.

I have informed my DSIL that it's up to her on how she will arrange the banner since I have no idea how the place looks like. I also warned her to use the right adhesive so that no blemish will be left on the venue wall.


The Daily Scrapper (TDS) : Issue # 1

The very first time I got an exposure ... meaning published as guest designer was at The Daily Scrapper (TDS). The owner featured my altered clock creations summer of 2008 which by the way you can find here.
The newspaper type crafting pages were awesome. Then come June of 2009, the owner, Alice Koh invited me to be part of the Hybrid Team which made me so happy after blushing for so many days. In my mind I was wondering if I can do it ... or if I'm ready for such adventure in crafting world. Yup! I accepted the offer and start of July 2009, I was creating 2x a month for TDS.

The Daily Scrapper is now called TDS Lifestyle. I would say the new look vis-a-vis new concept is tremendoulsy awesome. Actually I can't find the right words to describe it so I suggest you all take a look and browse the e-magazine. Starting this year TDS will come once every month as compared to last year 2x a month.

For the first salvo of 2010, I did not create any hybrid project for TDS Lifestyle but was tasked to write an article on "Lucky Foods". The owner knows that I do catering from time to time and how I love to experiment on food (Lol). Here's the article I wrote :


Issue #23 The Daily Scrapper : 3D Elves Village

Geez! I had no idea that I was not able to post my project for The Daily Scrapper last December 2009 :( I was literally busy in my craft room creating holiday orders plus my party catering business.

Anyway, for the last issue of TDS year 2009, I created a 3D Elves Village. Way back in college when all my friends were mostly taking architecture and interior design, I am always amazed on how they build miniature 3D buildings. Being the only fine arts (advertising) among the group, I would watch them create up to wee hours in the morning just to beat the deadline of submission. I promised myself that someday when the right time comes I will try to create my own and of course this Christmas is indeed the perfect time for me. With Suzy Iverson (aka SuzyQ Scraps) Jolly Holiday Digital Kit, it completed the idea and design brewing in my mind.

My 6 year old son helped me assemble the village and how he enjoyed bulidng lego mini cars for the elves and adding trees around the village.

Here's a sneak peak of what I created:

To see the details and more pictures click this :


Colors and Wonders of Mickey Mouse

Who doesn't love Mickey? I know no one. One way or another Mickey Mouse has touched the many lives and I'm one of them. He is my favorite character of all time. According to Wikipedia, Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character who has become an icon for The Walt Disney Company. Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks[1] and voiced by Walt Disney.

I remember growing up seeing Mickey Mouse items anywhere and I bought very few but never collected. I wonder where my toys are now :( I guess Sanrio items dominated my collection especially Hello Kitty.

At the start of this year, my DSIL told me that she is torn between Handy Manny or Mickey Mouse for her son's first birthday party. Both characters are a big fave of my nephew. She asked me which is better. I did not answer her immediately coz I opted of searching Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse here in Sweden. Too bad that Handy Manny is not popular here so definitely he is out. I informed my DSIL that Mickey Mouse would be better coz I have in a way tools and materials to work on it plus there are tons of images that can be found at internet.

Upon agreement I immediately started conceptualizing with all the things she'll be needing for my nephew's party. I even asked help from my circle of crfaty friends around the globe. I was so touched that they kind'a helped with this endeavor. Digital Kits, images, and ideas poured in plus the best part of all is a dear fellow crafter from Denmark mailed her Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge coz the one I have is the Mickey and Alphabet cartridge.

For the half month of January until yesterday 12nn, I was able to accomplish the Mickey Mouse Birthdy Theme Project for my nephew. Since we will be leaving for Thailand this Saturday, all handmade items should be mailed today or the latest will be Friday. DMIL called and she asked me to wait a bit coz she ordered a Mickey Mouse big toy for my nephew. We agreed that if the toy does not arrive until Friday evening, I have to mail the package Saturday before noon since our flight will be in the afternoon.

Creating the Mickey Mouse by using my Cricut Expression was a total blast. I had my bug January 2009 and it's only now that I was able to use ... understand ... and enjoy the machine. Thanks to Mickey Mouse (lol) =D

Along the way I had few problems like running out of black .. red ... and yellow cardstocks that I have no choice but to go and find in some arts and crafts stores around. Then there were days when I had no more stock of glue runner and once again had to go and buy. Whew!

I'm so glad I made all the party essentials for my nephew's 1st birthday. If only we can be at the celebration but that will be impossible coz it's birthday falls on the day we will be arriving from our winter escape.
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