A Painter ... An Elephant !

For Joseph's sake, we all went to Phuket Zoo with new friends.

We all gained new friends in Thailand and the family is a permanent resident at Kalimbay Residence, where we are renting an apartment. They live at the 2nd floor of the first building while we're staying at the ground floor very near the pool ... overlooking actually. The woman is from Thailand and the husband is from Norway so in a way speaking swedish is ok. They have 2 sons and both are now good friends of Joseph.

Much to our surpirse they invited us to go with them at Phuket Zoo so the kids can have a fun day all together. By 10am, we left and arrived at our destination after 45 minutes. First we went around ... met few elephants ... fed the elephants .... watched the elephant show then the monkey show then the last part is watching the crocodile show.

I'm here to share with you all about the elephant show. Mercedez is a big elephant and she is the oldest among the group of performers. Aside from playing musical instruments .... dancing ... amusing us the audience ... play football ... massaging a guest .... etc, etc, etc, she is a crafter!!!! Or should I say a painter!!!!

Geez!, watching her paint made time stood still. I fell in love with her painting that after she was done it was shown to the public and announced that it's for sale.


Mercedez was very thankful that she kissed me twice. After the first kiss, I started to walk but she grabbed me and kissed me really hard and wet. I was helpless coz with her beautiful eyes plus strong trunk all I can do is stand in awe =D Don't ask about the kiss coz it's really wet and with loud sounds plus the smell hahahahahahahhahaha. Hubby says his kisses from now on will never match the elephant kisses i got. In a way hubby is worried hahahahahahahahahahahah but I assured him that his kisses will always bring electricity in my body (wink, wink) hahahahahahahaha.


thecraftyladybug said...

oh! this is so cute and funny :)


Thanks Jas =D Walang katumbas ang halik ng elephant bwahahahahahaha

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