Mickey Mouse Coloring Books

Project : Part of birthday give-a-ways will be a 4 x 6 Mickey Coloring Book

A birthday party will always have give-a-ways and loot bags especially kiddie parties. With all the black and white that can be found at internet for free, I had a hard time chossing which ones to grab. Luckily, a fellow crafter, Claire and Gomitras, gave me lots of B n W photos of Mickey in action. All I had to do was select the best and the cutest with the help of my 6 year old son.

I printed the best 8 in 30 pcs then created a simple cover. My DSIL will look for crayons in small packs that will be added in the loot bag. After printing, I binded each using the normal office binder by Peach. I had not much bind-it-all ring binder but had tons of office ring binder.

Hopefully, guests will have a quiet moment while all the kids are busy coloring Mickey =)


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