Hybrid Projects with TUT

What is Hybrid Scrapbooking?  It is simply the act of combining  tools and techniques of both digital and the traditional scrapbooking Either your intention is to document life’s events and memories in an artistic way or simply create something thinking outside the box.   In hybrid scrapbooking, it allows the most creative freedom one can ever have because it is not limited to just one source of material for it  involves endless imagination in using whatever stash you have combining it with the flexibility of digital print-outs from a scrapbook digital kit.  

Here are ompilation of all my Hybrid Projects contributed and published at TDS Lifestyle since 2009 till 2011, with tutorials .  But of course along the way I will add projects since I have long given up my column at TDS Lifestyle.

Simply click the title of the photo and you will be directed to the specific page.

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