Week 4 (Journal 52) - Building Character

Once again the week's prompt is kind'a difficult for me.  As what was exactly written at Journal 52, our prompt for the week is:  "  For this week’s prompt, create you own character for your art journal. Your character could be a reflection of yourself or someone you admire or even a completely made-up person. Your character can be serious or silly or somewhere in between. You can sketch or paint your character, or cut out pictures of characters or words from magazines if drawing/sketching/painting seems intimidating."  

It took a lot of thinking on my part analyzing my CHARACTER traits.  Along the way character and personality traits got twisted.  I had to remember the difference between the two.  I ended up asking a bunch of friends to check which character trait(s) I possess.  The hitch is that if they check a character(s) they see in me they have to explain why.  It was so touching to read all what they have written coz it brought back lots of memories to smile and to cry about.

Heniweys let me write down first the difference between Character and Personality Traits so as not to confuse anyone.  This was given to me by a colleague ans I'm so thankful for her kindness!

Character can be described as a set of mental and moral qualities of an individual which sets him apart from other individuals.
Personality is often referred to as the mask identity of a person. It is reflected by the outer appearance and behavior that may or may not be true to inner character.
Honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, leadership, loyalty, courage, objective, constant, and timeless.
Sense of humor, being friendly, interests and passions.

Defined by
What we are
What we seem to be
Mental and moral qualities
Outstanding characteristics
She is a woman of a fine character.
She has a witty personality that is often appreciated by everyone.
Distinctive, impact behavior and actions, good character has components of moral values, strong and persistent characteristics.
Consistent, psychological and physiological, impact behavior and actions, multiple expressions.

For short,  Character for me is deep within us that distinguishes who we are as a person while Personality is a kind of mask(s) we wear on a given circumstances / situation.

Ok, now back to my art journal entry.  I mostly used washi tape and jumbo printed packaging tape for this project.  Just added cute little hearts  on every chest of the human figure and one of them is even wearing eyeglasses thanks to my washi tape and of course a mini cake paper where I typed my sentiment.  Yeah, I did use festive Berries Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad around the cake paper.  The very base of the entry I still used canvas sheet sprayed with acrylic paints then layered with magazine sheet.  After I have adhered the jumbo printed packaging tape, I used Time Travel stencil by The Crafters Companion - sponged some black paint and wiped off with a baby wipe.  Lastly, the highlight of my entry is that I made pendants of the different character traits my bunch of friends wrote about me.  If you are interested on how I did it just go here.

This is what BUILDING CHARACTER means to me:


Making Charms for A Special Project

Ah, finally I have time this day to document what I have done this day =)  It sure is a nice feeling to be in your craft zone and let time fly knowing that at the end of the day you were able to accomplish something.

This afternoon while my son and his 2 bestfriends were busy playing outside, watching  a movie, eating snacks, and simply checking funny stuffs at you tube, I went on to my plan of making charms for my art journal entry at Journal 52.

A sneak peek were I used the charms:

Here are all the charms =)

 Here's how I did the set =)

Yes, every cardstock adhered on every pendant was hand-cut coz I don't have the exact size and shape of punchers  =(

 I used Barrel Swivel with Interlock Snap to hang each charm on my project.  I find it so cool and unique =)

I'm happy and fulfilled as I end this day.  Hhhmm, I'd better do some organization later while the night is still young.

Have a great week-end everyone and God bless!


Week 3 (Journal 52) - You Make Me Smile

So ashamed to say that this entry is really late because it was a difficult prompt for me.  The week's prompt is "You Make Me Smile" and as it was literally written at Journal 52 blog - "For this week’s prompt, I want you to think of the quirky, silly, happy things that make you smile or the people in your life that you love imperfections and flaws and all (because none of us are “perfect”.) A smile is a universal language each of us speaks – a simple gesture of kindness that can really change one’s day. Life is not always all smiles – but remembering the little things that make you smile can really help!"

I'm an easy to please person and smiling is free from me regardless what the season is plus my laughter is contagious as everyone says.  So, to pick one that makes me smile is DIFFICULT!  It will take forever for me to write down things and/or people and/or situations that makes me smile because everything is intertwined.  So, this day I made my last decision and I bet you can still clearly see that the glue is still wet as well as the paint hehehehehehehehe.

What makes me smile?  The answer is YOU!

You who is currently reading this =)
You who appreciates what I made for this entry =)
You who never forgets to leave some love and kindness =)


Finally I have a Typewriter

I'm just in Awe! Sometimes asking around really helps!

Just 20 minutes ago I bought a TYPEWRITER to an old lady and I paid her only for 100 kronor. My happiness is just too much right this moment because for years I really wanted to have a typewriter. Buying a new one which by the way one can only buy electric ones costs a lot of money. If ever you see ordinary typewriter for sale you have to go through bidding which I really hate.  Last December I bought 2 items at second hand market in Gottsunda and I told the old lady that I really wish for a typewriter. She asked for my home number and says she will check her dead husband's typewriter if it is still working. This morning I got a call from her and hurriedly went out to meet her. Amazingly the typewriter is just like a brand new one and all keys are working even the bag is in perfect condition. Now, as for the ribbon - it is still being sold in office supplies thru internet but I am not worried about that because my dad taught me how to re-ink old typewriter ribbons using india ink. Now, I can use the typewriter for my Project Life albums, yippee!! No measuring or waste of ink and cardstock using printer.


Christmas Napkin Holders (Upcycle)

Accessorize your table napkins!  

Don't throw those empty tissue rolls but instead SAVE each as much as you can.  I have been doing that for more than a year now because there are so many things to do and re-use the rolls.  If you will go over my Upcycle/Recycle page I know you will see some projects wherein I used empty tissue rolls.  

Last Christmas I did use almost all the rolls I saved because I made few batches of Christmas projects for said material.  Here's one of those:

This oh so simple project can be used in lots of different occasions =) Btw, you might wondering what I used for the silver effect.  Well, first I cut strips of aluminum tape then embossed it with one of my favorite embossing folders then to add shine I used glitter on the edges.


Wood Burning : Kiddie Racquet and a Ball

Officially in Sweden Christmas celebration is over.  All trees were thrown and all plastic trees were packed.  The only remaining one will see in every house and garden are tiny lights to brighten the cold winter nights.  Before it was officially and celebrated the ending of Christmas season, I gave Joseph and his dearest friends a surprise toy each.  It was a last minute project because I wasn't sure if I have time to do each racquet ball.  Luckily, our little dog Kasper didn't crave for my attention and he instead just want to be in bed and sleep.

The materials I used of course I had to buy the kiddie wooden racquet and started drawing some funny faces that will somehow reflect each boy's personality.  I know for some they don't have to draw before wood burning but in my case I really want NO mistakes.  Anyway, the kids LOVE the surprise toy I made for each of them but sad to say two of them were nowhere insight that night when I picked up Joseph from his friend's house. . . . . . . and here it is:

 And here are few of the boys that night!


Week 2 (Journal 52) - Somewhere A Simple Place

Sleep, sleep, sleep!  That's what I NEED!  It's been almost a year now that I am deprived of goodnight sleep.  I'm so good in sleeping - leave me under the tree and I will fall asleep no matter how noisy it is.  It's one matter that a lot of people envy me about.  But then, when we adopted Kasper, a yorkshire terrier who turned 14 years old last Christmas, I can't get a good sleep like I used to.  The thing is he is very old and has stomach cancer.  Kasper is my parents-in-laws baby but they are very very old and my DFIl died a month after we took Kasper.  He would wake me up few times in the middle of the night just to make pee or poop at the garden OR he would wake me up because he ha to drink water.  Our bed is too high for him and considering his age, bones are definitely fragile.

For the second week of Journal 52, the prompt is as literally stated at the blog :" For this week’s prompt, think of places you love. Maybe it is the library, your home, the kitchen, a garden, the place where you create, a travel destination or being surrounded with family or friends. Maybe your place is imaginary. Think of things you enjoy that are related to places and spaces in your life – or maybe a place you wish existed."

Ha!  When I got the prompt I knew what my heart desire is as I have explained above.  For this entry I decided to make a tri-fold journal and the materials are:

Canvas Sheet
Let The Sun Shine Kit ( I used the black and white illustration)
Pan Pastel for the woman
Daler-Rowny Pearlescent Paints for the crown
Glimmer Mist - the blue area where I wrote "Simple Place I Dream Of"
Signo White Pen
Paper Flowers
Handmade Transparency Flowers which I made last 2010
Dragonfly Brads, Key Brads, and Tim Holtz Bingo pieces
Beads that I sew around

Let's start with the Cover:

For the cover I printed the image on a canvas sheet then experimented with coloring mediums.  I ended up using Pan Pastel, Pearlescent Paints, and Glimmer Mist

The next page is:
I also did scan a lovely door that says 2Welcome to the Green Room".  A door that when you open will lead you to my Simple (dream) place. 

Here's another angle for you to see the dimensions:

 Now, for the main journal page:

 and here's another angle for you to see where I added the beads:

 Haist!  If only I can be in such a place for me to sleep and regain my strength =)

Are you also a member of Journal 52?  Head on to their blog and join the weekly fun.  I guess it is not too late to join.  Who knows you might gain new friends.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Happy Crafting!


Week 2 Journal 52 - In Progress

It's Thursday now and haven't submitted my entry for Journal 52, Week 2, haist!  Our dog Kasper got sick so everything is topsy-turvy.  I somehow managed nearly 2 hours of doing my journal entry.  Yes, Kasper is back to himself again thank God.

Here's a peek on what I'm doing with my tri-fold journal entry:

I first used my Tim Holtz Distress pens and since I forgot to prepare my canvas sheet, it bled :(  So, I opted to use pearlescent acrylic liquid by Daler-Rowney.

The pearlescent acrylic paints works very well - no bleeding at all.  The midnight blue background I tried using the Adirondack Color Wash coz I know it's great for fabrics.  Well, I didn't like the effect so I grabbed my Glimmer Mist and paint brush instead =)

The Glimmer Mist was perfect to use.  Now, I have to be brave in coloring the woman using Pan-Pastel because I tried the Copic Markers but it bled.

I aim to finish this entry few hours from now so I can upload and submit.  Thanks to my Crock Pot which has been on since 11 am and by 6pm dinner is served =)


Blessed Are The Forgiven

Really worked hard this day in one of our stores but it's ok coz I really enjoy every minute of my responsibility.  Despite of the cold-biting weather and a little snow I managed to accomplish all my tasks for the day.  I got to read and reflect of the reading only after I was able to prepare our dinner.  Speaking of which, starting this day I will only eat vegetables for dinner with egg and mini slices of fish and little portion of fruit.  I don't normally eat dinner coz it bloats me when I eat at night then stomach ache.  But as I grow older I need to eat something at least before 6pm.

Anyway, going back to my bible reading this day, the verse that I got was from Psalms 32: 1-2 and it says "Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man whose sin in the Lord does not count against him and in whose spirit is no deceit."

 I love the butterfly and here's a closer look:

 If you are wondering how I did the main background, I simply played with strips of masking tape and painted the no masking tape area with acrylic paints.  I then took one of my favorite stencil and used a black craft spray paint.  Simple as that!


Thank You Lord!

What a snowy and cold-biting winter day!  It has been snowing 2 days in a row now and I don't know if I will survive going to work tomorrow (ha! ha!)  I have to look at it on a bright side so I will not be affected by the weather.  There is so much to thank for that a snowy cold-biting day is not an excuse to be depressed or sad.  Thank you Lord for the blessings you have given us this day =)

I am thankful that we are not sick especially our dog Kasper and my son Joseph.
I am thankful that I don't have to cook dinner this night because our son is craving for pizza.  Hubby will buy pizza later, yummy!
I am thankful that I have enough free time this day to read your words ... understand ... and express through art.
I am thankful that it is just snowing and no strong wind that oftentimes it comes with an eerie sound.
I am thankful that our home this day is filled with silence and at the same time laughter.
I am thankful that I bumped into a very sweet Thai friend at the grocery store and showed me the right flat noodles to buy and teach me the trick in cooking it.
I am thankful that both of my craft rooms are in a mess right now coz it means my mojo is back and that you give me strength and a little time to do arts and crafts.
I am thankful that you gave me an idea on how and what to do with all the photos at my hard drive and as well as hard copies in the drawer.

But most of all I am thankful Lord that inspite of my almost a year of absence at Facebook, my dear friends and relatives do still remember me.

Bless me more O Lord tomorrow coz I claim those unclaimed blessings in your warehouse, Amen.

 Today's reading that I received is Psalm 30: 11-12 and it says:
"You turned my wailing into dancing, you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing to you and not be silent.  Oh Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever."

See, that's the reason why I am so thankful not just today but everyday.

I spray painted the main background with bright colors before adhering clippets from magazines.  As for the Thank You word and the label I used my cricut =)


Metal Name Tag for Our Dog

Ha!  Finally I found the tools this morning that I need in order to make a nameplate for our dog Kasper.  With so much things in my main craft room I accidentally found what I was looking for in ages.  Well, I guess this will be my last post for the day.  I have done my art journal for the day, the metal name plate, then I was able to organize my DMC/Anchor threads, then  - I will be able to sleep with a smile tonight knowing that I spent time in my craft room, connecting with friends and relatives at Facebook, and of course updating my craft site.  Tomorrow I plan to post projects I made last December 2013.  Due to topsy-turvy daily schedule I literally had no time in FB and my craft site.

Anyway, here's the metal name tag for our baby Kasper.  For security reasons I kind'a digitally erased the phone number.


The Lord's Eye Is Upon the Good and Evil

I really try my best to read and understand the Bible everyday but I doubt if I can express it in art journaling everyday.  Anyway, the reading I got this day is from the book of Peter.

1 Peter 3: 12 -13

"For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayer. But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.

Now who is there to harm you if you are zealous for what is good?"


Organizing my Used/Unused DMC and Anchor Threads

It has been more than a decade since I just kept my unused and used threads for cross-stitching in freezer bags.  The only effort I did was to segregate it by color then shoved it in a plastic container.  Not good!  You can't blame coz I have stopped cross-stitching when I moved to Sweden year 2001.  While I was in the Philippines I have done a dozen or more of cross-stitching projects but my interest changed after giving birth to my son.  In my mind I have planned and planned to sort and organized those threads but no effort exerted BUT finally I have done it, yippie!!!!

 For the unused DMC and Anchor threads, I opted to use left-over negative sheets and it works just fine.  Hhhmmmm my DMIL told me that she will give a lot of such threads next Saturday.  Oh boy!  I guess I have to think of another way how to organized those threads.  For now or should I say for this week I will let it be just as it is =)


LOOPDEEDOO Bracelet Machine

During my window shopping last September 2013, I saw in a craft store a Loodeedoo bracelet machine and it was the last one.  I grab it without knowing how it works and paid for it.  I have no time in making bracelets and I notice that friendship bracelet is beginning to be popular at my son's school.  I tried to browse the internet and here's what I found out from Anne Williams .. it says
"Design your own friendship bracelets then make them in minutes with the Loopdedoo™ spinning loom. It's fast, easy and fun. Just wrap your threads around the Loopdedoo device, turn the knob, guide the thread and minutes later you’re done! You can even make necklaces, anklets, belts and more. There's no pattern to follow so each accessory is completely different and unique, just like you and your friends. You can use as many threads and color combinations as you like and you can make them thick, thin or anywhere in between. The design possibilities are endless, so let your creativity be your guide."

What it says is true!  In minutes one will be able to make bracelets =)  Oh yeah, I did made a lot  in one sitting less than an hour for my son and his close friends plus my step-daughter, too.

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