Pull The Brake, NOW!

That is literally the translation of the title in my art journal yesterday.  I started reading the Bible once again but this time I express what I feel on what I have read.  Yesterday the reading was 1Peter 5: 8-9 and oh my golly I was struck by the lightning indeed!

The message :
  • Be self-controlled and alert
  • Resist the Devil
  • You are not alone
Honestly on a day to day basis temptations surrounds me especially when I go around the main city.  How many bags do I really need?  Duh!  I am ashamed to say that I have 176 bags in different colors and in different brands.  I have given away a lot and I am proud of that plus with my chin up I can  say that it has been over 6 months now that I haven't bought any bags.  How many craft materials do I need just to create a project?  Geez!  Hubby says my main craft room is like a store but the truth is it is not ... hhhmmm ah ok maybe a little.  My other craft room is also filled with items and most from my 2 craft rooms the materials and tools I truly haven't tried - now that's a shame!!!!  Oh but since yesterday I reviewed what I have and decided to prioritize in using when I do arts and crafts.  I started NOT buying items which I know I have but honestly I just couldn't resist tools that will help me in my crafting.  Such vices and few more drowns me and I thank God that HE is helping me day to day and that I am NOT alone.  So it is not only me suffering in resisting temptations .... somewhere out there a soul like me is clinging to God's arms.

How about you?  Resisting a lot of temptations?


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