Finally I have a Typewriter

I'm just in Awe! Sometimes asking around really helps!

Just 20 minutes ago I bought a TYPEWRITER to an old lady and I paid her only for 100 kronor. My happiness is just too much right this moment because for years I really wanted to have a typewriter. Buying a new one which by the way one can only buy electric ones costs a lot of money. If ever you see ordinary typewriter for sale you have to go through bidding which I really hate.  Last December I bought 2 items at second hand market in Gottsunda and I told the old lady that I really wish for a typewriter. She asked for my home number and says she will check her dead husband's typewriter if it is still working. This morning I got a call from her and hurriedly went out to meet her. Amazingly the typewriter is just like a brand new one and all keys are working even the bag is in perfect condition. Now, as for the ribbon - it is still being sold in office supplies thru internet but I am not worried about that because my dad taught me how to re-ink old typewriter ribbons using india ink. Now, I can use the typewriter for my Project Life albums, yippee!! No measuring or waste of ink and cardstock using printer.



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