Week 2 (Journal 52) - Somewhere A Simple Place

Sleep, sleep, sleep!  That's what I NEED!  It's been almost a year now that I am deprived of goodnight sleep.  I'm so good in sleeping - leave me under the tree and I will fall asleep no matter how noisy it is.  It's one matter that a lot of people envy me about.  But then, when we adopted Kasper, a yorkshire terrier who turned 14 years old last Christmas, I can't get a good sleep like I used to.  The thing is he is very old and has stomach cancer.  Kasper is my parents-in-laws baby but they are very very old and my DFIl died a month after we took Kasper.  He would wake me up few times in the middle of the night just to make pee or poop at the garden OR he would wake me up because he ha to drink water.  Our bed is too high for him and considering his age, bones are definitely fragile.

For the second week of Journal 52, the prompt is as literally stated at the blog :" For this week’s prompt, think of places you love. Maybe it is the library, your home, the kitchen, a garden, the place where you create, a travel destination or being surrounded with family or friends. Maybe your place is imaginary. Think of things you enjoy that are related to places and spaces in your life – or maybe a place you wish existed."

Ha!  When I got the prompt I knew what my heart desire is as I have explained above.  For this entry I decided to make a tri-fold journal and the materials are:

Canvas Sheet
Let The Sun Shine Kit ( I used the black and white illustration)
Pan Pastel for the woman
Daler-Rowny Pearlescent Paints for the crown
Glimmer Mist - the blue area where I wrote "Simple Place I Dream Of"
Signo White Pen
Paper Flowers
Handmade Transparency Flowers which I made last 2010
Dragonfly Brads, Key Brads, and Tim Holtz Bingo pieces
Beads that I sew around

Let's start with the Cover:

For the cover I printed the image on a canvas sheet then experimented with coloring mediums.  I ended up using Pan Pastel, Pearlescent Paints, and Glimmer Mist

The next page is:
I also did scan a lovely door that says 2Welcome to the Green Room".  A door that when you open will lead you to my Simple (dream) place. 

Here's another angle for you to see the dimensions:

 Now, for the main journal page:

 and here's another angle for you to see where I added the beads:

 Haist!  If only I can be in such a place for me to sleep and regain my strength =)

Are you also a member of Journal 52?  Head on to their blog and join the weekly fun.  I guess it is not too late to join.  Who knows you might gain new friends.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Happy Crafting!


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