How To Achieve What You Want

How does one achieve what he wants in life?  The secret lies to POSITIVE THINKING!  I know it doesn't work all the time but it helps us to be happy everyday and when it fails, we don't need to be sad nor depressed but instead we stand up and move on and try or do our best to achieve again what we want..

My simple formula in achieving what I want in life is this:

DREAM what you want to achieve ...great or small, and when you dream HOPE with all your heart.  Don't let hope die but instead IMAGINE it clearly and continue WISHing that it will come true.  Side by side in wishing, BELIEVE that it is near to grasp ... never cease to believe for God can hear your plea.  But don't just stand there ... EXPLORE the possibilities in achieving what you want to achieve .... DISCOVER the possibilities and opportunities that come your way for if you don't care you will definitely WONDER why you didn't take the chance ... why you didn't care ... why oh why!  Regardless what the outcome would be just EMBRACE your mistakes for there is no one to blame but you.  REMEMBER that God hears and answers our prayers at the right time and if it is for the good of your soul and growth .... remember that God helps but you've got to help yourself, too.

This art journal page I have made at the end of winter wherein we kind'a felt that Spring is just around the corner. 


Thanksgiving Wine Glass Markers

Sweden does not celebrate Thanksgiving Day but with Glory Days digital kit by Tempusfigit, I was inspired to create wine glass markers useful for a family Thanksgiving gathering. Each wine glass is adorned with symbolic charm that is significant to what we all should be thankful for. 


Supplies Needed:
Digital Kit Glory Days by Tempusfugit
Shrink Film
Marvy Brush Marker – black
Just Rite Stamps
Memento Dye Ink Pad – tuxedo black
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads – Spiced Marmalade, Frayed Burlap, Tattered Rose
EK Success Scalloped Scallop Edge Punch
Color Box Pigment Ink – bronze
Royal Coat Dimensional Magic
Cardstock (left-over)
Charms (assorted)

  1. Open your editing software and choose the elements from the kit that you want to use and print on a sheet of shrink film, let dry.
  2. Cut each element not forgetting to punch holes on each.
  3. Set the oven according to the shrink film’s instruction as stated on the package.
  4. Let cool after “baking”.
  5. Stamp sentiments on distressed paper and cut according to the size of your preference.
  6. Punch the cardstock, adhere the sentiments, and cut.
  7. Apply dimensional magic on each sentiment and let dry at least 3 hours.
  8. Assemble the wine rings.
Symbolic Charms Meaning:

Bingo Card – Laughter: Thankful for the FUN in our lives for we have laughed and smiled alone or with our loved ones.

 Bird – Happiness: Thankful for the BLESSINGS we receive each day that brought happiness and inspiration in our lives.

 Butterfly – Adventure: Thankful for the FREEDOM for in it we are able to spread our wings and discover our possibilities.

 Clock – Life’s Journey: Thankful for the LIFE God has given us for it enables us to have a chance and admire everything around us.

 Hand with Flowers – Family: Thankful for the FAMILY we love and care everyday for without them life would be meaningless.

 Padlock – Traditions – Thankful for the traditions passed on from generations to generations providing SECURITY to our families - a security that one is sure of who he is and what his ancestors were.

 Playing Card – Memories: Thankful for the MEMORIES good or bad that will last a lifetime.

Postal Stamp – Friendship: Thankful for the FRIENDS we have gained all over the world that even though far from each other, we try our best to keep in touch for us to laugh, guide, cry, teach, dream, and create.

Puzzle – Reflections: Thankful for the TRIALS that come along the way for with those trials we have something to reflect about and make us a better and stronger person.

Red Rose – Miracles: Thankful for surviving this polluted world and still giving us good health and sanity.

 What are you thankful for?


Make Room For Personality

What is the most important quality you look for in a friend … boyfriend /girlfriend … wife/husband to be … or a group? Majority of people will say ”a good personality”. It is a such a broad word and I wonder what does it really mean? Hhhhmmm, In my opinion the meaning of a ”good personality” differs from everyone. I like happy, funny people, extravert, loving, creative, prayerful, etl.al people while others prefer quiet, studious, and serious people. I praise intellects and I value humor so I stay away from people who are so serious that you have to pay them just to smile or laugh hahahahhahahahahha. I hate when people are over the top sensitive that oftentimes it's OA – overacting! Well, these different factors are considered to be personality traits. Oh boy, now we're dealing with two words =) But let's define PERSONALITY and TRAITS ….

The dictionary defines PERSONALITY as:
  1. Habitual patterns and qualities of behavior of any individual as expressed by physical and mental activities and attitudes; distinctive individual qualities of a person, considered collectively
  2. The complex of qualities and characteristics seen as being distinctive to a group, nation, place, etc.
  3. The sum of such qualities seen as being capable of making, or likely to make, a favorable impression on other people
  4. Informal personal attractiveness; engaging manner or qualities
TRAITS are defined as "a distinguishing quality or characteristic, as of personality."

Hhhhmmmm, so In other words, this means that personality traits are the distinguishing characteristics that makes who you are. It is the unique set of characteristics and qualities that only an individual possess. While a lot of people might have similar personality traits, each person combines these traits in a different way, to create one unique, irreplaceable compact mass of traits that make up their individual personality.

But how does one achieve a ”successful personality”? We have to make room for our personality. We have to be open in experiencing new things and be not afraid of change. Everyone has the right to change but only for the best but how will you know which is best for you when you don't even try. We really have to examine ourselves. We all come from various religious backgrounds, culture, traditions, and beliefs but still we ALL know that we are responsible for our own actions. If we can assume responsibility for the things that have happened to our own lives, and when we can admit that the life we're living today was created as a result of our own actions, then that gives us extreme personal power to change the outcome of our individual life. We have to be open in experiencing new things and be not afraid of change. Everyone has the right to change but only for the best but how will you know which is best for you when you don't even try. When you try and fail just stand up and learn from own mistakes.


How To Make Acid-Free Paper

This project I have made July 2009 and was published at TDS Lifestyle October 2009.

 Every paper crafter knows that cardstock is the most important material needed to create cards, scrapbook layouts, in some cases printing digital kits plus we are also aware how expensive acid-free cardstock can be, right? During our paper crafting, we naturally have left-overs bits and pieces, right? I save all my left-overs and arrange it in ROYGBIV in an expandable envelop because I have plans of recycling those and make my own acid-free papers. One doesn’t have to spend money in acquiring all the materials needed to make your own paper coz we all have it in our very own kitchen. This recycling can be done anytime of the year especially if you are blessed with all-year round sunshine.  In my case I have to take the opportunity only on summer time.  

Supplies Needed::
  • Left-over acid-free papers/cardstocks
  • Blender/Food Processor
  • Plastic Basin that can totally immerse the size of your deckle and mold
  • Deckle – Hoop / Frame used for cross-stitching
  • Mold- Round flat Flour Strainer
  • Old Towels
  • Liquid starch (optional)
  • Craft White Glue (optional)
  • Sponge
If you have no wooden frame and screen available to use as your mold, you may use a flat flour sifter of any shape like what I did. 
If you have no basin large enough to immerse your mold and deckle, use your kitchen sink.

Summertime is the best coz you just hang all the handmade papers to dry quickly. During cold or rainy seasons, you may dry each handmade paper by sponging and inserting each on old towels with cookie sheets layer by layer until no more water dripping. This part is best to do in the bathroom or outside coz it can be very messy.

You may add glitters, flat beads or fresh flowers during the process.

Never throw the left-over tiny particles at the end of the process coz you may still patiently create small uneven shape of handmade papers.

Lastly, if you use ordinary papers then you will be creating a NON acid-free and if you will be using your left-over acid-free cardstock then naturally the output would be acid-free.


  1. First is to rip your papers into small pieces and let it soak on water for few minutes. This process will soften the paper fibers and saves time in blending. Place into the blender about half full and fill the blender with warm water and start blending. Usually it takes 30 to 45 seconds to have a smooth and well-blended consistency. If you notice that there are still big flakes, then blend again until you are satisfied. 

  2. Now, fill the basin about half way with water and add your pulp and stir the mixture. Remember that the more pulp you add the thicker the finished paper will be. If that happens, just add more water. 

  3. If you have plans of using your handmade paper for writing, it is best to add and stir 2 teaspoons of liquid starch. The ingredient will help prevent inks from soaking into the paper fibers. 
  4. To make your handmade paper sturdy meaning you can bend the papers, add and stir 2 or 3 teaspoons of white glue. 

  5. If you plan to add small objects like flat beads, glitters, or fresh flowers, now is the best time.
  6. Dip the mold into the pulp and then level it out gently by wiggling it side-to-side while submerged until the pulp on top of the screen looks even. 

  7. Slowly lift the mold and wait till the water has drained. If you think the paper is very thick, either you remove some pulp from the tub or add more water. If it is too thin, either you add more pulp and stir the mixture again not forgetting to add more liquid starch and glue or simply remove water. 

  8. When the mold stops dripping, gently place it on an old towel. Gently press the mold down flat, to drain more water. Then use sponge to press out as much water as possible. Wring the excess water from the sponge back into the large plastic basin. 

  9. Here comes the tricky part. – Turn upside down the mold fast to release the paper. If it doesn’t fall-off, gently tap the mold. If it sticks to the mold, you may have pulled to fast or not pressed out enough water. 


  10. Hang each on a clothesline when the sun is shining brightly or when you are sure that no more excess water from towels with cookie sheet lay down each on newspapers. 

  11. Repeat the steps above until you were able to recycle your acid-free left-over cardstocks.
  12. Viola! You just have recycled your left-over acid free papers and may now use as part of your embellishments.
 Here's a sample of handmade paper after adding fresh flowers in the process.

 As I've said tiny bits from the process should not be thrown immediately.  Try to make more papers out of it.

Happy crafting!

Happy Recycling!


Cutting Scraps for Project Life

Whew!  It will still take months before I get hold of all my Project Life Core Kit(s) :(  I'm really itchy to start doing this project.  Due to my "I can't wait any longer" and "I'' be resourceful" syndrome, I took out my left-over scraps both printed and plain last night.  But before I head on further, I remembered that I need to know the sizes of pockets from my 12 x 12 plastic sheets.  Good thing I did that because not all pockets are 4 x 6 and 3 x 4, I also have the 12 x 6, 8 x 6, and 4 x 4.

I did manage to make use all the left-over scraps and I'm so happy.  Thanks to the very bad movie I was watching while cutting, "Slithers".

So, if you're planning to make your own journaling cards for Project Life, check the sizes you'll be needing.


Sorry? Do You Really Mean It?

Sorry, sorry, sorry.  We hear that word a zillion times  and yet it's one of the most abused words by mankind.  Some think that as long as they say sorry they have to be forgiven and that they are relieved.  But what if saying such word by just merely saying it?  I don't think it's right.  When you say sorry to someone, you must know what it means.  It is not a way of escaping a situation nor just to end the situation.

I have witnessed a lot of circumstances when one says sorry but once you turn your back, you will hear from someone's mouth that the culprit says bad things about you.  Why can't just everyone say "SORRY" then cased closed?

I never say sorry when I know that I did not do anything wrong.

I can easily say sorry with all my heart on the spot when I know I offended someone.

In some situations I just keep my mouth shut while listening ... absorbing every word ... balancing the situation ... then I say sorry BUT only if it's my fault.

I never say "SORRY" just to give pleasure to the other party.

When I say sorry and it's not accepted, I let it be - simply because I said it with all my heart.  If the offended party still refuses then it's NOT my fault anymore.  I will never ever try to win you back and in my mind I feel that it's not my loss after all ... my life still goes on.

When someone says sorry to me, I accept but I prefer that the problem be discussed and see where the problem came from or what happened that both parties felt offended.  But in some cases, the word "sorry" changes everything ... no explanations nor discussions required then back to normal - I guess this applies to long time friends.

The bottom line is:  when we say "SORRY" we have to mean it and do our best not to do it again.  It's not right to say sorry but in one's body language, you can see that it's the opposite.  This happens when someone just want to say it because that person felt it's what wants to be heard.  Not good! ... for after all ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS".


Bloom Where You're Planted

I have been living in Sweden for 10 years now and looking back since my first day I can humbly say that I am blooming where I'm newly planted.  All my 35 years I lived and grew up in the Philippines.  Both my parents gave me a great and firm foundation until the day they gave me wings to soar high in life.  I struggled, I fell, I won, I cried, and I learned a lot.  But it doesn't end there because when I got married to a Swede, I had to live in Sweden.  Now, that I'm 45, I am still blooming.  Literally, I'm a late bloomer because I enjoyed every second of my day .... grasping and embracing my day to day.  Along the way I learn new things and still learning in life in a foreign land.  I don't complain from day one but instead I observed, compared, and applied without compromising my beliefs, values, and traditions.  I guess that's what makes me successful because I still have my original identity and at the same time balancing new ones upon applying in my life.

It disgust me and sometimes laugh so hard when I encounter fellow Filipinos who totally forgot the Filipino values in life.  They act as if they're not from Philippines.  The point is why renew yourself for the worst when you can be the best of both worlds?  Don't they ever realized that our nationality changed BY paper alone when one migrates to another country?

Enjoy where you are..... whatever you are doing ..... embrace the new and never forget the old for the old is who you became and the new is who you can be =)


I Love You Both!!!

What keeps you going in life?

The other day while I was alone at home, I felt the emptiness of our home.  My husband is at work ... my son is at school.  I tried to keep myself busy in my craft room but I kept on checking the window and the door if the two men in my life has arrived but of course it was too early :(  I went to my son's room and sat on his bed turned on his TV then hugged his pillow.  After 30 minutes, I went down the basement at the music room and strummed all the guitars of my hubby, played with his drum and sat on his chair.  That didn't satisfy me so I took on his morning robe and wore it for hours.  I called our office but our staff says he is busy with a patient :(

I love them both so much that I prayed that moment to give me longer years in life so I can be with them.  I prayed that hubby and I will live a healthy life for so long that we will witness and be part of my son's victory and sorrow, happiness and pain.  I prayed that no accidents and no harm will befall us as long as we live.  Yeah, I still pray for those things whether I'm in a bus or having lunch or even shopping.

I embrace small things that I see and feel ....  I capture the moments of our everyday life.  Darn!  Time goes so fast and if only there is a magical wand that I can freeze the time.  My son grows so fast that he is now more into tablet playing minecraft .... busy playing with his skylanders ... and sometimes just hanging out with a neighbor or a classmate.

I'm scared that the day will come my son does not need me anymore.
I' worried that one day he has to live on his own ... study abroad ... fall in love ... get married.
Hahahahahahahahahaha natural feelings for a mom indeed.

For now, I will shower both of them with love, patience, care, understanding, and time.  May God allow me to finish all the albums so that when I'm gone, my only child will get to read and see how I truly love him and his dad with all my heart ... with all my might.

They are the reason why I'm still alive.
They are the reason why I do my best to survive 4 seasons a year.

Thanks for viewing =)


Take the Plunge with Project Life!

Hhhmmm I'm so ashamed of myself :(  I have been out of touch in the world of paper crafting for  more than a year and last month I just came across  few items that has been the "in thing" in the world of crafting.   No regrets anyway  because I concentrated and devoted my time on my work, family, and most of all my son.  I should have balanced my life and applied time management, right?   Well,  I can honestly say that I have been creating a lot of projects but to upload and update my blog that was my negligence.  After our trip to Spain, I really promised myself to at least spend time in uploading and updating my craft site - and still trying I suppose.

Two weeks ago I came across Project Life and that made me think twice.  I had to sit down and REALLY think if it is the kind of project I can handle.  I really have no time to scrapbook ALL photos because it's been beyond my control now.  Photos are drowning me both hard copies and in my hard disk.  The problem for me to pursue Project Life is that the products are not available here in Sweden.  I can order in UK but all the items I like are still out of stock and maybe just maybe new stocks are available come latter part of October, darn!

This is where creativity comes along =)  I'm currently making use of my stash here and make my own.  At least I can start somewhere, right?  I've seen a lot of fellow crafters wherein they also make use of what they have so this is not new to anyone ... I'm pretty sure.

But what is project Life?  The way I understand it is that it is a simple way of documenting everyday life in preserving memories.  When I say simple it is really simple but of course one has the option to add anything on it =)  Here is Becky Higgins site - the master and inventor of Project Life.  You will definitely see lots of yummy goodies in connection with Project Life and don't miss out the animated video =)  It's up to you if you want to buy your own or make your own from your stash.  I've also included a video where Becky Higgins herself explained about her project Life.

Do you think this one project is for you?  If yes, then take the plunge and join us =)

Will post soon what I'm up to with my Project Life =)

Ska Vi Träffas Ute

Sometimes the sun is up shining so bright the whole afternoon and I know that soon Autumn is here.  One can feel it in the air .... it rains most of the time now.  Well, when the sun is up almost the whole day like Spring time, it's so nice to just be outside and hang around with friends.  Spring this year was beautiful indeed.  Rain would normally come at night only and everyone is happy the next day although the grass and some parts of the ground are wet.  My art journal that time depicts a question whether my friends and I would stay out in the garden or not.

It's still a long way for next Spring which means I have to deal with autumn and winter first.  Darn! I wonder if it will be a lot of snow this winter and whether we will be experiencing snow storm once again.

 I still used cut-outs from magazines, acrylic paints, my handmade flower using MS border punchers and a ribbon with leaves. 


Unleash Summer .... again please

Do you feel the autumn wind now?  Bbbbbrrrrr it's starting to be cold when it rains :(  Yesterday was a crazy weather day .... we have to put-on then take-off jackets several times .... it's windy then sun is shining so bright then with a blink of an eye here comes the rain then the sun then the wind then the rain, haist! 

I don't like cold weather and that's a fact.  I prefer the last part of Spring and of course the beginning of Summer weather - the temperature is just perfect for me.  As I look at my art journal, I saw one page that is a favorite of my friend.  I did the page at the end of winter when one can feel Spring in the air  =)  I was just too anxious for summer because we were going to Spain for 1 whole month.

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