Draw and Color on White Kiddie Shirts

This T-shirt project was done few days before our trip to Parga, Greece, of September 2008.  My son got a dozen of plain white shirts given by his Godmother from the Philippines but I only used 11 shirts for this project.  Instead of buying more shirts for the trip, I took the plunge of drawing cutie on every shirt then used fabric pens for coloring.  Of course my son has the say on what to draw =)

It turned out cute and just last week I'm trying my best to find all the shirts down the basement but sad to say I found only one piece.  Will find the rest of the shirts some other day coz I have another project in my mind on what to do with those cutie shirts.



 So next time you have plain white shirts try to doodle or draw then color =)

Thanks for viewing!


franzesjoi said...

drawing mo ate lahat yan??? wow ang galeng ah!! ang cute!!! :)

JEROSHA said...

Yes, i drew on every shirt then colored with fabric markers =) Thanks for viewing =)

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