ABC Book of All I Want for my Son

Nobody knows what will happen to me tomorrow or few minutes from now.  Everyday I cherish the moments I have with my family most especially with my son.  When he sleeps at night I look at him and pray to God to let me live and see my child grow up to manhood.  All I can do is pray, pray, pray.

I was inspired to do an ABC Album of the Things I Want my Son to Know and Learn by heart.  I always believe that aside from education, teachings of values are one of the most important of all.  I have learned the same values from my parents which I have documented for my son.  Having accomplished this album years ago, I somehow felt that I made a wonderful gift for my son.  It can be handed down from generation to generation.  I only pray that he will learn and remember it by heart.

Inside the album (inside front cover), I have  a letter for him dated April 2008 coz that was the day I finished making this book and I know he will be able to read it with full understanding years from now.  I also added ABC's of Bible verses that touches me as a person.

For the whole album, I made my own Alphabet chipboards, used left-over yarns from my mother-in-law, few shapes of eyelets, foam stars in different colors, left-over ribbons I have kept, and most of all I doodled - drew different things in every page.

Do you also have things you want your son to know and learn by heart?  I know you have :)  Maybe you can do an album, too.



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