Ska Vi Träffas Ute

Sometimes the sun is up shining so bright the whole afternoon and I know that soon Autumn is here.  One can feel it in the air .... it rains most of the time now.  Well, when the sun is up almost the whole day like Spring time, it's so nice to just be outside and hang around with friends.  Spring this year was beautiful indeed.  Rain would normally come at night only and everyone is happy the next day although the grass and some parts of the ground are wet.  My art journal that time depicts a question whether my friends and I would stay out in the garden or not.

It's still a long way for next Spring which means I have to deal with autumn and winter first.  Darn! I wonder if it will be a lot of snow this winter and whether we will be experiencing snow storm once again.

 I still used cut-outs from magazines, acrylic paints, my handmade flower using MS border punchers and a ribbon with leaves. 


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